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How to make waffles (Tasty :))


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Video Transcription

hi guys today I’ll be showing you how tomake waffles first you’ll need one ifit’s if you’re gonna have donate 250milliliters of milk but I’m making me adouble everything so I will need doubleyou own it okay so now are theingredients you’ll need milk this isempty this is kind of empty in there inthis room and you’ll need some I’m alightweight so I won’t know how to justmelting or something I don’t know butI’ll be going to the store buying somemore you’ll need 5 eggs you’ll need 3the only 2 to 3 eggs if you’re making itone but you’ll need 5 X – 5 eggs ifyou’re gonna make a double you’ll needand you only five of you need 5 now 250mil Li Yi grams of this melted 504you’re making double but you will need250 grams if you’re gonna make it onceso ice if you’re making double you’llneed to double up these three spoonsthree spoons one first first spoon isjust to like throw it and sugar you need50 grams of sugar if you’re making awood once but you’re if you’re making ittwice you need 200 100 grams sugaryou’ll need first the only one – youneed first disperse small spoon -Perdition here with the second Cornishis for tasting the what have you createdafter the mixing and it’s the third onethere is already one so I don’t knowI’ll just take three this big thing bigball you’ll need to put the eggs in itsa sharp knife big be careful kids I’lltry to find you also be careful that’sone make your yoga broke when you’rebrokeyou want it’s a look jokeYoga joke be careful don’t cut yourselfbreak yeah it just looks like one yolkwith that has broken but not popped allthe way that’s just you do[Applause]so much I’m gonna be done you’re makinga double double yeah but I love to go tothe shop for this don’t do that ifsomething falls are always the Third’swanna do that if something falls in youcan take it out with a spoonyeah but you could take it was a bigfish so you took it out with your handsdid you wash your hands yeah that’s goodoh and be careful stay home and washyour handsyeah five eggs not just yours I forgotto say you have to put it on the bowl onturn you turn it even on and now it’sc0o what the milk sugar sugar coated reyou need to done juicenow and put it 100 in my cases it isn’tit’s 100 and 127 you should add I’dlucky number 27 yeah he just added moreon perfectly 107 27 not only not 102 Ialmost put it forward and then pour itin into the bowl you stir it up or putsomething else and then I start makingthe pancakes I don’t know I’ll just putsome milkokay and now you’ll need the mixer mixeryou’ll have to like ityou’ll have to make this upno splashing on the camera[Music]after you are mixed eggs and the sugartogether tonight and then add the milknow look you took three packs whybecause you are trying to empty thewhole entire thing and that’s enoughyou need happen 500 300 but it’s not$300 milk package it is 263 if I’m likeyep we’ll need this pack – if it’s not500 if you’re trying to make the wo makeanother packyeah look we’re making it double yeahfor gears a little bitand while jiggly you can just not stopitit is Japanese to be cheeky Oh 20 oilolives always looks like it’s gonnabecause in the first one there’s nothingand now you’ll need them no it’s threeagent if it’s over 0 or less than 0 andbe careful cuz there’s a hole in it gohole Oh your hand is in the lake pleasestand backwe stand by it is only God gosh and thenjust now redo this put put that againput met these but only do you have ifyou’re making a put in there and thenthe milk again in there in the otherpole but and then you have to put thismix it after you put that in and thenyou put in this and then you mix it andthen you’ll have to cook it and then youhave to cook it in here in the wafflesor on the pan I don’t know but and thenokay bye see you because I have no timeleft to film three two

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