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How to bake your first PUMPKIN PIE like a pro

Hi!! Sorry for uploading this so late but I thought I still should))
I wish you all a great Thanksgiving !

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Video Transcription

hi this is actually a clip from the nextday of when actually cooked and I justwant to tell you that this was a successkeep watching if you want to see how Idid it because I actually didn’t failwhich some people might have thoughtthat I did but I did not so if you wantto see how it did it and actuallysucceed it then just keep on watchinghey guys welcome to my kitchenwhere you gonna bake a pumpkin pie andthis is actually the first time I’mgonna bake one and also I’m wearing myglasses because I don’t see anything andI just cannot be asked to put on likelenses right now I need to stop movingso we’re gonna welcome here I got myspices so I needed like a bunch ofspices for this recipe I’m here I’m notprepared let me just get my recipe soI’ve got my recipe I actually wrote itall down on my actual school notebookand my uni notebook because yeah whystudy when you can like bake you know soI need my pumpkin and I need to cut intosections let me just get my pumpkin thisis my pumpkin I know it’s not a sugarpumpkin yeah because usually like allrecipes the right to have a sugarpumpkin but I couldn’t find one so Ijust decided to take this one and Ifigured I’m just gonna like put likehalf of it into the pie and I would bekind of like a sugar pumpkin I’m out youknow so I’m gonna sword somehow this isgonna be a disaster like in this townshould I just use that one there’sprobably someone out there who might bewatching this and going like what the are you doingI swear I’m gonna break something okay Igot it I did itwhat now so apparently I’m supposed toput the seaso I’m just gonna put them here I don’tknow how that fit in the fridge but didso all good now this that might be toomuch actually I don’t even know but yeahI just have to steam it now I’m gonnacut it into pieces and then I’m gonnaput the cutting part is definitely likethe worst part gotta do what you gottado as long as I don’t cut a leg offI think we’ll be fine let me just get aboiling pan I don’t even know if that’swhat you call this I think like it’slike a saucepan or something I’m tryingto find that right now okay I got itokay I got my saucepan this is like areally big one and they say to be likeabout like four centimeters of waterthat’s what I’m gonna do throw in thepumpkin there and I’m gonna put it toboil it doesn’t fit into the saucepananymore I think I’m done now okay I haveyou doing to put this in the fridge likethere’s no more space in the fridge okayso my fridge was not ready for this muchso I put it on the fire I mean on thefire I put it on the stove that’s whatit looks like right now and it put likethe the thingy on top just so like itgives the heat faster so I’m just gonnaleave it there for now he’s gonna waitfor it to you readyalso the lighting is like horrendousbecause it goes like four oh hello ringlight okay wait how was the camera okaywe’re cookinghi I’m gonna stop being an idiotI’m gonna wait for this to boil and thenI’ll be back so now I basically took itout of the pan and yeah this is like thecooked water or whatever so I took itout and it’s like all like mushy likenow it’s like very soft and stuff so I’mjust gonna remove the skin and like putthe soft a bit and you know not thecontainer and then mash that basicallyso I’m back in a decided to change myhair and also change the lighting andI’m thinking this is actually betterthan the lighting like from the top andthe ring lines like right here so it’sgetting really hot here because of thecooking and the ring light but that’sokay so I’m just gonna like use this andlike finish here I’m basically justgonna like remove the skin like right inhere okay this isn’t as easy as it looksit’s like really hot as well I didn’tget the point like I’m basically justgonna remove the skin and I’ll come backwe’re like the mash stuff cuz I feellike there’s no point of filming thislike it’s pretty easy and then I’ll comeback when I have to mix all the stuff upbecause that’s like the bit that’s moreinteresting so I’ll be back in a minuteand I mashed it but then I decided touse the mixer and I basically I didn’tlike click on the bottom to record soyou didn’t see that but basically I kindof cheated because I used my mixer tolike mash them but this is actuallybetter cuz like then it’s like more likecreamy and stuff so it’s not like allbumpy and lumpy and I’m just gonnathis is honestly so much easier like Istarted like mashing them but it waslike so difficult and I have really weakarms so I would have just like yeah itwould have been not this good how I tookanother bowl and my eggs so you need twofull eggs and the yolk of a third eggoh wow actually did it I separated theyolk I don’t know if I’ve ever done likethe separating the two parts of the eggso now I’m I’m gonna have to beat theeggs so I’m gonna do thatso now it kind of looks like this so I’mtrying to show you without like spillingit everywhere so now I need to add thesugar so they say like brown sugar andwhite sugar both and I’m actually gonnause my protein like thingy to measurehow much I need so they said half a cupof brown sugar so a cup is like 250milliliters I’m guessing I’m gonna gofor about 125 and I tried to do thisright is this good enough so brown sugarhalf a cup and then white sugar 1/3 of acup now a third of a cup I’m gonna gofor like 75 60 yeah I’m thinking I’mgonna go with this now I need to addsalt salt where’s my salt it’s here so Ineed to add half a teaspoon okay so Igot my half a teaspoonthere then I need to put two teaspoonsof cinnamon then the teaspoon of gingerokay so my ginger I’m just gonna go likethis because it’s like coming out weirdokay not my one teaspoon of nutmeg andthat is worse than that make a quarterof a teaspoonokay I’m gonna smell like nutmeg nowthat’s fun so I guess that’s the fourthI’m not sure just go with this I need toadd so I’m not gonna add clothes becausethe ones I have they’re not like groundcloves I’m just gonna I’m going tocardomom this is an eighth of a teaspoonso a little tiny bit so I’m not gonnaadd the lemon zest because I don’t seehow it’s gonna like be inside so I’m notgonna add that and then I’m supposed toadd two cups of the puree it’s probablygonna be like all of it be honest I’m somessy with this focus someone watchingthis being like oh geez what is shedoing okay I don’t even know if I shouldhave like stirred there before or if I’mdoing this rightI have no idea okay and then add one anda half cup of heavy cream so I got myheavy cream so it’s basically half ofthis I guess so this is two cups it’sjust[Music]so now that we got everything I have tomix it all together okaynow wish me luck this might so I’m gonnacome back to you when this is like allmixed up and homogeneous because rightnow it’s really not so I’ll be back in abit so I finished mixing it all togethernow looks like just like one thing whichis nice I know I’m gonna put it in theshell I’m actually gonna use like trustthat I bought because I just don’t thinkI have the time to also make the crustcuz apparently that’s really hard to doI’m just gonna put it in here so it’sgonna be a very thin pumpkin pie butthat’s okay I hope I’ll be able to carrythis to the oven because it’s very verywatery it smells really really goodthough so you’re supposed to pre-heatyour oven but I’m using my microwave andmy microwave you can do the oven as wellso and I’ve used it before like it’sokay but I don’t want to preheat it likeI’m kind of scared to just leave it likeheating by itself so I’m gonna put thepie in and now basically I figured howI’m gonna put like for 200 degreesCelsius for 20 minutes and then I’mgonna have to lower it and leave it forlonger this is the hard partokay so I’m going to leave it for 20minutes in there and then I’ll be backand we’ll see how it looks so my ovenjust rang like basically that it wasdone and I haven’t opened it yet butsmells really good so I’m gonna open itnowI’m really glad then like squealeverywhere because that would have beenannoying but now I’m basically gonna putit like I’m gonna put on 170 degrees sonow we gotta wait for two more minutesand then it will be readyWow smells like really goodso a quick update it’s been about ohyeah by the way I came here to look atit and after the 41st minute and itwasn’t really like ready yet so I put itback for like 10 minutes and now it’sbeen a bit of time so I guess it’scooled down a bit so I’m gonna show youthat okay so this is what it looks likeI guess it got like a bit like morecooked than like then people wouldusually make it but but I don’t know itstill looks really really good Iactually put it back in because thecrust was like not completely likecooked inside so I decided to put in fora bit longer so it’s out of the ovenit’s like it looks really really goodand smells delicious and yeah now I cantell that’s good I’m so excited to eatit tomorrow look honestly it smellsreally really good and I’m gonna eat ittomorrow because I’m supposed to leaveit cool for like two hours and I need tomake my own whipped cream because Idon’t have any but yeah for today that’sit it looks really really good I thinkI’m gonna leave it for like an hour anhour and a half until I go to bed andI’ll just put in the fridge I’m not sureI’m gonna try it on camera because Iwant to bring it to my parents and kindof just like share with them but we’llsee how everything goes but it looksreally really good so it’s the next dayand so I love to pie in the fridgeovernight and it looks really good itsmells delicious so I’m actually gonnabring into my grandparents right now soI can like taste it with them what isthis let me know what you thought aboutmy cooking and if I did everything rightbecause honestly I have no idea I’m notsure like how well I did on this butit’s not pretty good and I’m right inthe description if it actually tastesgood but I feel like it does so that wasa successI guess thank you very much for watchingandsee you soon

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