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In this video my husband and I will be attempting to bake an apple pie together for the first time. LOL.

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Video Transcription

what happened last time you playgroundin those kitchen babe[Music]okay hello hello hello everybody welcomeback to my channel my name is Kat and Iam a flagship for a major US airlineI’ve tried to film like a few differenttrips for you guys and hitches hasn’tworked out so instead my husband and Idecided over breakfast this morning thatwe are going to be baking a pie and welet y’all go ahead and decide what kindof pie so if you’re not following me oninstagram go over and follow myInstagram I’ll put it right here thatway sometimes I’ll give you suggestionsand questions or whatever and let youguys interact with me on what I shouldfilm so I asked you guys what kind ofpie should we make and by a landslideapple pie one so I have made a list helooks so sadthink I both see he’s over it okay so Iliterally put together like a list ofpie ingredients so I don’t know how wellthis is going to work my husband and Iare very we’re two chiefs and no Indiansso this is gonna be pretty interestingbut like google-searched world greatestapple pie and so I found a recipe andit’s by grandma opal on all recipes calmso we’re gonna be following hers for thefilling but she was gonna usestore-bought dough and we kind of wantedto too but then we thought that’s gonnabe cheating so then I had to go over toall recipes and find the world’sgreatest pie crust so combined we’reabout to make the world’s greatest applepie let’s go over to the grocery store[Music]okay so we just got to our local Krogerand now let’s go get everything[Music]Hey see the white one is our kitchenstuff is please don’t judge us we don’thave measuring okay we need white sugarand brown sugar oh good job oh I thinkthat’s enough it’s just us two who doyou think the eating all thisall right we’re done[Music]okay so as you can see we are back inour kitchen you don’t want to supersalty we’re gonna cut the butter that’sthe butter how many is in a stick okayone sticks huh so two of these are gonnabe for the dough alone but I think wealso needed butter for the fillingsalted butter maybe if it’s salted us bythese no butter we’re gonna have to goback to the store and get some eggs butlisten to little cuties[Music][Music]no you’re not wishing it slip littlecuties which is why would that be thatshould be cute sees it says cute look soyou can mix it in here into littlethings to make it flaky I can’t watchthis you’re stressing me out[Music]whoever made this recipe is probablyreally upset with that KP won’t botherme cold but I guess it was in the carttoo long I’m sure it will be fine okaythis is how it was supposed to be cutnow let’s see if she is the butter Queenthat’s grass yeah see but it was down[Music]okay so next you’re gonna want to addjust a little bit of water at a time andkind of mix that together until it getslike a dough consistency you don’t wantit to get like super watery[Music]okay babe it’s that little bit at a timea little bit of the time anytime youhaven’t even mixed it yet how manyChristmas cookies you didn’t a boy haveyou have you ever seen have you everseen gentlemen[Laughter]how many epilim egg books did you ruinin your life when all you wanted was tohave a nice apple pieI’m laughing or I’d be crying so here’sthe MacBook for nowso as of right now it’s pretty broke Idon’t even know if I’ll be able to editthis this doesn’t all apple pie thatsounds disgusting it sounds perfect howmuch water is too as opposed to beingthere I don’t know because I can’t readthe recipe for my left can you form aballno probably looks like the MacBook feelsokay let’s add a little bit more floursince it was an ideathey just stuff your doughy look at itI’m so stressed I’m now at like a 9 outof difference on the stress level andthat’s my laptop just know I’m aprofessional don’t do it I think thatlooks more right though because it’s notas I told you yeah but I told you tochip with the water in all seriousnessmy stress level is through the roofwatching it pick right now I don’t thinkI’ve ever been more strict right nowokay that looks pretty goodwhat’s wonderful yeah I think that’s allright I think we salvaged it okay wehave to put it in plastic wrap and nowyouI don’t know just what the recipe saysthat’s what world[Music]this is wrap in plastic wrap andrefrigerate for four hours or overnightfor four hours which basically means andwe will see you at 10:00 p.m. so alittle update while you guys are gonewent to bed five have them look at thisand she’s broken no more so basicallywent and had to buy myself a new onethis apple pie maybe business is seriousthis okay so basically I’m just gonna beusing my thumb’s the rest of this recipewe couldn’t actually use my iPhone andthe appearance will be super easy almostyeah I wouldn’t be bothered broken yourown stuff okay so this is going to nowbe grandma apples award-winning piefilling we’re gonna have to peel allthose instead you peel them so did thisand while he feels that I’m gonna gopreheat the oven to 425 degrees yeahokay so we went and got brand new butterso gonna be taking a whole stick of thisand melting it down and then havingthree tablespoons of all-purpose flourto it[Music]okay we’re gonna do three tablespoons offlour now fourth cup of water 1/2 cup ofwhite sugar now while my husband’seating the apples we’re gonna add in 1/2cup of dark brown[Music]okay so it says to bring this to a boiland let it simmer okay I need to go seeit yeah it gets poured on top on top andkind of mill it said do not let it leakon the side or coat okaythis is what we’ve got so faryou can’t need it no that stuff is hardlike you know yeah that’s gonna justdrip one over but it is what it is Iguess all right just throw it in theoven and let it leak that’s what happenswhen you let somebody else take controlof stuff yeah we don’t have that metalthing we can put it to you between andthen it’s like not dripping down thereyeah we do yeah that wait the drips it’son the sheepy unhonored 15 minutes whatcooking time yeah we don’t need it it’salready stopped you latestop oh babe you made me turn the wholething off oh my god Stuart oh it’sbetter not cook unevenly grandma opal islike rolling in her grave right now orshe might be alive I’m not sure but comeon heat what do you have to say foryourself it’s it’s canceled canceledyeah like this channel after this piedoesn’t come out well okay so timer justwent off so you just set it to 350 andnow it’s gonna go for 40 minutes okay sowe just pulled it out of the oven andthis is what she’s looking like okay sowe’re gonna let it cool for just aminute and then whip out the plates thecutter and the ice cream and the whippedcream it’s now 11 27[Music]because no I don’t play oh that’s reallygood what do you thinkI love lacrosse that’s good okay sosince it’s so lateand I have to fly back out around Texasto Charlotte smart to go work a flightwe’re gonna finish eating and get to bedand I will see you guys next time maybeyou didn’t like this video like videoslike this please press that loves upthere please subscribe my channelbecause not all right and I’ll see youguys next timegood high school[Music]

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