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Hangry Cooking with NAOMI #2 // Vegan Apple Pie // Pi Day!

Back by no one’s request is another episode of Hangry Cooking with NAOMI!
Join me as I #RageBake a vegan apple pie as I celebrate Pi Day.

Here’s my recipe if you wanna rage bake your own.
You’re welcome:
If you don’t have ice – put some water in your freezer to get it icy cold.

Turn your oven on to 400 degrees

Apple slices – I don’t know how much. Make, like, a pan full
Vanilla. Maybe a teaspoon or two.
Cinnamon – maybe a tablespoon? I don’t know.
Agave nectar – enough to make them sweet.

Cook in a pan with vegan butter until soft.

Add a little bit of flour to thicken your filling up, or use a cornstarch slurry.

2 cups flour
1 teaspoon salt
Maybe put some sugar in it if you want to.
3/4 cups vegan butter – make sure it’s cold.
1/2 cup ice water

Mash it all together

Bake the bottom part of your crust for 15 min at 400 degrees.

Put the pie filling in after that.

Then put the top of the pie crust on top.

Bake for 15 min at 400 degrees.

Then take the pie out and cover the edges in tin foil so the edges don’t burn because…

You’re gonna put it back in the oven at 350 degrees now, for like, 20 or 30 minutes. Just watch it and take it out before it starts to burn. Duh.

– Naomi

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi friends welcome to the second episodeof hangry cooking with me onlyI’m your host today we’re going to ragewe’re going to Nicki apple pie whybecause these apples are about to gorocket also we’re making a coyotebecause it’s kinda high daily eventhough I’m not good at math I’m good atpie good at pieswe’re going to make you miss pie vegan Ithink it’s all vegan yep because I don’tbelieve in murdering baby cows andessentially raping female cows in orderto produce butter moving on first you’regonna need some place and if you don’thave ice not my problemstay tuned to see why we need ice tobake a pie the suspense is killing youI know put your oven on 400 degreesno next some people are going to tellyou to peel your apples but I’m not oneof those peopleearrings are my favorite part of Appleso don’t tell me to take that peelingsoff don’t tell me you’re in my favoritepart so what you’re gonna do is you’rejust gonna cut these skips obviously youdon’t put whole apples and apple piedon’t be an idiot turn about the rightsized piecesnow when you’re chopping these make sureyou make as much noise as you possiblycanwith the nuts just pinning put somebutter butter fist up in pants in hereit’s a drink now you’re gonna take theseapples and throw them in the pan missed- got it we’re doing great then we’regonna add this that’s agave nectar Idon’t know how much let’s make your owndecision the sweeter the apples the lessabout a nectar you’re gonna need there’smore sour the apples the more agavenectar you’re gonna need science maxyou’re gonna want to put some vanilla init I don’t know how much put it in andthen till it tastes goodthat’s what she said I don’t know howmuch of this either little extracinnamon never heard of nobody that Iknow of I wish you could smell this whenI turn the can clean this stove is anoverachiever next what you’re gonna needis some cornstarch why be patient I’lltell you I’m getting there okay here itis now make it so when you slice yourpine and I’ll come out in a perfectslice as you would see on a cover of amagazineprobably not but I’m trying to beencouraging Dan you can’t just throw aglob of cornstarch into your this stuffbecause it’ll just clump up in the bossso you have to make a slurry acornstarch slurry you add some water init and you mix it up so it’s likeliquidy so it evenly distributesdistribute distributes in the fillingbut since I didn’t plan ahead for thisvideo I don’t have any cornstarch herehave no fear you can use flour insteadmixing that like really quickly so youdon’t get fireballs person to meet uswearing that this team I don’t knownever done it with flour before yeahit’s thickening up see folks you justgot out doubt and gets thrown onyour face you just either wipe it off oryou adapt coronavirus perfect this isgoing perfectly once again I wish youcould smell thisyup hey tell the stove to calm down alittle bit calm down we’re gonna go makeour crust I am NOT going to creamunderneath Isha’s because who love likeMartha Stewartno we’re rage baking we’re not doingdishes together I’ve got better thingsto do wash my car in the rain change mynew guitar strings we’re rich baking wearen’t doing dishes a cup of flour we’regoing to make two batches folks I haveto grind this salt beforeI can measure it properly we’ll be rightbackwe’re getting there you know my fakechunks of salt can I pass cavity grossoops I overdid it with the salt ohthat’s fine we all make mistakes I don’thave mixing spoon cleanup yes I do nexthis next part is optional we’re going toadd some sugar to this but you don’thave to make your own decisions foundthe sugar I don’t know how much sugar toput in it maybe a tablespoon or two nodoesn’t matter what mix it all togethermix it all togethercalm down with the story we’re not gonnamake a gigantic mess just kidding me areabout to make a huge mess okay okay nextnext I mean we’re gonna add like 3/4 acup of butter that’s Al and I’m gonnaclog arteries up one two that’s a lot ofbirdssing it with me sing it with methat’s a lot of butter 3/4 cup moving onwith my life next ok we’re gonna takethis little smasher thingysmash it all together wait I forgotabout the water wait like 1/2 cup of icycold water in here that’s icy cold don’twant the ice cubes Oh get out there wego we’re gonna mash the hell out of thisso you’re gonna want be kind of aconsistency like this it’s alsoimportant to make two batches of doughbecause you might want to eat it as yougooh so the icy cold water the reason whyit’s icy cold is because if you use likelukewarm water held on be really reallygoopy I’ve done it beforedo what you want yeah it’s good it’stime for this crust to get crusty cutslike right ladder we’re gonna put flourall over this coat the counter nextwhat really helps this process if youthink about someone who have done youwrong picture their face like kind oflike well this makes like some eyedivots and build up a nose there we goand then put like a little lip thingmaybe some ears and then you go likethat to like release frustration andrage erase baking folks it works reallywellcoat it with flour I don’t really knowhow you’re supposed to make that I likethe crust I do what I want you can makeyour crust as thick as you wantnot my problem just put it in your panhowever you can do it that looks kind ofterrible squeeze together at the placetherethat hassles and it’s funny no one’sgonna getwhat’s that crusty thing in my crustthat’s not crust I don’t know what thatwas but I’m glad we found it I’m glad weaddressed it I’m glad we got it out ofour livesnice good it up yeah okay next we need afork so you guys can explore and you’regonna look at your progress okay welooked at it now I’d like to think abouta person who has done you wrong and thenwe’re gonna make a motion like this andwe’re gonna stab the out of thispie crust sometimes I like to put mythumb on top of the fork to give me moreleverage so it doesn’t like slip downyou know it’s up to you use your ownjudgment and what this does your bodynext we’re gonna make the top of thecrust I could enough I’m gonna need apizza cutter cross put this into thecross head whoa it’s gorgeous this ishow you lettuce upon lettuce must becriss cross it can’t just be laying ontop of each other like thisthat is incorrect incorrect folks I’mgonna show you how it’s done thereperfect[Music]beautiful perfect it’s beautiful foranything but friends this is the momentwe’ve been waiting forI just want to show you the pottery thatI made one second grab look it’sbeautifulit smells amazing I’m amazingit’s 1:20 in the afternoon and I startedthis at like 10:00 in the morning bakinga pie eggs all goddamn day some commentsin the comment section about how I canmake this time under next time onHalloween and I didn’t ask they’regenerally keep it to yourselflike if someone didn’t ask for your helpand probably don’t want your suggestionsI’ve released some of my rage today howabout you tune in next time wheneverthat might be for more rage me onfavorite cooking with megoodbye just keep squishing it reallyhard this picture that person’s ballsjust squeeze the out ofthem sighs above with brute force

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