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Magnolia Table, Volume 2 is Coming!

Joanna’s in the kitchen talking about her new cookbook, Magnolia Table Volume 2!
Click here to pre-order — https://shop.magnolia.com/collections/magnolia-publications/products/magnolia-table-cookbook-vol-2

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]so my hope with this cookbook is that itreally encourages and inspires people toexperiment in their kitchen and to getafter it you know for me I’ve failedmultiple times but in those failingsI’ve learned so much and it just kept mecoming back I never wanted to quit but Ihave fun in the kitchen now it’sdefinitely become something that feelsmore like a gift than a chore and what Iwould love is from people to get theserecipes and modify them for their ownfamily you can take them literally oryou can tweak the spices tweak theflavors but that’s the creative partthat I think becomes really fun and atthe end of the day it’s really aboutgathering your family and friends aroundthe table it’s those moments that makeworking in the kitchen worth it everytime[Music]

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