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Waffles with Roman

Check out how easy it is to make waffles in our Flexipat Waffle Tray! 16 waffles at once and easy cleanup. Recipe can be found at cookwithteresa.com and waffle tray can be ordered at teresa.boncook.com
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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

okay so today it’s no not myself so weknow my house today so I decided to makewaffles before I went on plays and stuffso the if you want the recipe it’s on mymom’s website I don’t know the websitecalled cook with Teresa calm coat withTeresa and calm I totally did not justdo that with the personal in the cameraso yeah or no the first thing we havethese are all ingredients they probablyhave in their kitchen already right sowe have in the dry ingredients we haveflour sugar baking powder and salt supersimple and then the wet ingredients wehave milk eggs vanilla extract andwhat’s in the mini case mom butter yesperfect for melting butter andespecially chocolate Laurel it’s betterfor a chocolate that cool support thatmelted butter in there and whisk that upthis makes mold is awesome you guysbecause as you can see easily handled bylittle hands are big hands it doesn’tget hot in the microwave when yourbutters melting and it really melts thebutter perfectly so everyone’s gonnalift up those liquid ingredients andthen we’re gonna add those to the dryingredient and get our waffle buttermade okayI’m just finishing laying out this lastwaffle joint is really good and after Ifinish this we’re gonna put them in theoven over there for 18 to 20 minutes at400 degrees 400 degrees and then I’mgoing to eat the water okay this waffleTori there’s internet strain this recipemakes 2 trays so how many waffles 2trays of a 16 16 okay so you can see ouralmonds gun filled there you want to seesome of the black flecks you Pat’s stillcoming through when you fill them to getthe perfect the thick waffles thataren’t too thick but aren’t too thin soall right let’s cook these up to it weget how’s that sound Romanoops I love itokay so the waffles just came out of theoven and also look how easily they comeout oh my god and look at all that it’sso nice and brown beautiful sorry theperson who’s gonna eat those wafflesokay so now I’m gonna go get my energyfrom my waffle and go play in the snowbut next upyou

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