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How to bake your CRUMB topped pie with The Flaky Apple Pie Co.

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Tips and tricks on how to bake your Crumb Topped Pie with The Flaky Apple Pie Co.

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Video Transcription

hi friends I’m Brook with the flakeyapple pie company we’re grateful you’rehere because that means you bought a piefrom us today I’m going to be showingyou how to bake a crumb pienow these instructions work for any kindof crumb pie except for the pumpkincreme you’ll see that in a later videobut today for our demonstration I’mgoing to be showing you how to bake atriple berry crumb it’s our most popularso this will be helpful for a lot of youso first thing when you get your pietake you home and put it in your freezeruntil you’re ready to bake it onceyou’re ready to bake it take it out andopen up your box and you’ll see insidethere’s the baking instructions it’staped on there so it’s easy just to takeoff and refer to then take your pie outand you’ll see on the bottom there’s apiece of parchment so take thatparchment and line your cookie sheetjust like that and then you’re going tounwrap your pie as you’re unwrapping itsome of the crumb might fall offincluding your cute little decal not abig deal if it does just go ahead andsprinkle that crumb back on or just goahead and put that decal right back ontopnow take your pie and put it on yourcookie sheet and you’re set make sureyour oven is preheated before you takeyour pie out pre-heat your oven to 375again that will all be on your bakinginstructions so all ovens ready to go sowe’re going to pop it in[Music]okay it’s been about 50 minutes we’regonna check on our triple berry and seehow it’s doing and this is what it lookslike at about 15 minutes now don’t befooled in the baking instructions itsays wait until it’s toasty golden-brownand a lot of people will think that butthe secret of telling is how it’s usingon the side this is just from the crumbusing we want to wait until the juicesof the berries inside are really usingout and that this part is a little bitmore of this color if you don’t wantthis to get any darker then you could goahead and wrap some foil around it butI’m going to go ahead and put this backin for at least five minutes and it’sprobably going to need a little bitlonger than that after okay it’s been inhere for ten more minutes and now youcan see what I was talking about some ofthe juices are starting to ooze out andyou can see this middle part is startingto look a little bit more Brown this isgetting browner too but it’s still niceand toasty not quite done yet don’t befooled give it another five minutes orso and we’ll check it again but it’sgetting really closeokay our pie is ready to come out if youtake notice this has crystallized a bitand the top is really nice and brown alittle soft right here but the rest ofits looking good if you wanted you couldleave it in for a few more minutes butwe’re hungry so we’re gonna take it out[Music]okay so now our pie is done and out ofthe oven I’m gonna give you a little tipon how to transport it if you leave iton the cookie sheet that’s fine it’lljust be a little bit harder to take yourpie off the parchment later it getsreally sticky and then this way it alsomakes the cleanup a little bit easier ifyou have any extra parchment go aheadand cut it doesn’t need to be big andplace it on the plate or the traywherever you want to serve your pie onnow take note that your cookie sheet isstill really really hot so be very verycareful and your best friend in thissituation is going to be a largebarbecue spatula so very carefully holdon to your tray and then try to scoopyour little pie on there as best as youcan it gets really really heavy youmight need some help holding that otherpiece of parchment down and then goahead and shake him up on there and thenhe’s all set and then let this cool oncethis is cooled go ahead and just crumplethat up throw it in the trash your tresstill might need to be wiped a littlebit but overall it makes cleanup so mucheasier and then your presentation ofyour pie will be a lot nicer too so thisis our pie that just came out of theoven it’s gonna sit here and cool thispie has already been cooled I cooked itthe night before and it’s ready to becut if you want your pie served warmthat’s great go ahead and let it sit forabout 30 to 45 minutes before you cutinto it though and just as a reminderthese don’t need to be refrigerated sojust leave them out on your counter nowif you notice this pie is a little bitdarker over here and that’s totally fineis stilltowstee and golden and it’s nice becauseit helps the crumb stay nice and firmand not get really soggy which you knowit will tend to dohere’s another indication that your pieis done you can see where the juiceshave been using out so we’re gonna goahead and cut this guy and take a biteso I like to use a bigger knife I canhear that nice crunch it is gonna getmessy so go ahead and slice it until youcan feel the bottom of that tin if youhave a PI server go ahead and lift up inthe back get deep down in there untilyou hit the bottom and then kick it upif you feel like it’s snagging somewherego ahead and take your knife againgo turn this so you can see there if youcut into your pie and you notice that’sreally juicy and oozing over here that’stotally normal and fine that’s becausewe don’t use any precooked pie fillingsand we don’t even pre cook our own fruitwe also don’t add any preservatives toit any of it so it’s raw fruit and thejuicier the better it’s perfect with icecream just scoop that juice up and pourit over top well I hope that you enjoybaking your pie as much as we havemaking it for you enjoy[Music]

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