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Gluten Free Keto No Bake Chocolate Cream Pie

This video is designed to teach everyone how to make delicious, easy no bake chocolate cream pie that is low carb, sugar free, gluten free, keto friendly and diabetic friendly

Written recipe: http://janetsdeliciouslowcarbkitchen.com/gluten-free-keto-friendly-no-bake-chocolate-cream-pie/

Keto Whipped Cream: http://janetsdeliciouslowcarbkitchen.com/how-to-make-sugar-free-whipped-cream/

Keto Cool Whip Substitute: http://janetsdeliciouslowcarbkitchen.com/how-to-make-keto-cool-whip-substitute/

Keto Chocolate: http://janetsdeliciouslowcarbkitchen.com/how-to-make-low-carb-chocolate/

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]are you wanting to make a dessert that’sguaranteed to impress even the mostcritical food critic today our recipe isfor gluten-free keto friendly chocolatecream pie this is so light so fluffyit’s like eating a chocolate cloud YUMif you want a printable version of thisyou can check out my website at Janet’sdelicious low-carb kitchen comp you canfind a printable version of this recipeand other goodies look for you and ifyou’re new to the channel make sure youslide that Mouse down underneath thisscreen hit that big fat subscribe buttonand also hit the little notificationthough that’s next to it that way youcould be notified every time I put outyour new video and allow you to do thatlet’s get cooking[Music]in a nine inch pie pan combine 1 and 3/4cup of almond flour or almond mealI actually prefer almond meal for thisrecipe cuz it gives it more texture tothe crust but if all you have is almondflour you can use almond flour eitherone works add 1/3 cup Brown swerve youcan use regular granulated swerve if youwant to I just prefer the brown swerveit gives it a brown sugary taste so Ireally like that my crust but if youdon’t have brown swerve you can alwaysjust use granulated sweetener of yourchoice add 1/8 TSP of salt and 1 TSP ofvanilla extract use a fork and mix theseall together until they’re fullycombined and there’s no lumps left inthe mixture now you might have to get inthere and get your fingers in there andget all the lumps out because sometimesthe brown swerve likes to stick togetherso if you can’t get all the lumps outwith the fork thing just get yourfingers in there and just make sure allthe lumps from the brown swerve arecompletely out you want a nice grainytexture[Music]once that’s all stirred together add ahalf cup of butter that’s been meltedand cooled make sure it’s cooledcompletely then again use your fork oryour fingers then stir the butter intothe almond meal mixture until all theingredients are nice and wet once allthe ingredients are wetthen use your fingertips or your fork orthe back of the measuring cup and pressthe crust evenly across the bottom andup the sides of the pie pan make sureit’s nice and firm you want it to have agood firm texture that way when you goto cut your pie it doesn’t fall apart somake sure it’s pressed nice and firm[Music]once the crust is all evenly pressedthen place it in the fridge until you’reready to use itto make the pipe in a small bowl combine3/4 cup of cocoa powder and threetablespoons of butter that have beenfully melted and cooled and use a forkblend the cocoa powder and the meltedbutter together until all the cocoapowder is moist it’s not going tosaturate the cocoa but all the cocoapowder should have some type of moistureon it is not going to form a liquid butyou do want the cocoa powder moist oncethe butter and cocoa powder are combinedand then set it aside and in a largemixer bowl add one cup of softenedbutter make sure it is nice and soft youdon’t want it melted but you want itsoft enough to where it will mix intothe mixture nice and smooth withoutcreating chunks so make sure it is softbut not melted add one and a half cupsof powdered swerve or powdered sweetenerof your choicebeat on medium speed for about oneminute or until the butter and powderedswerve our creamy scrape down the sidesif needed[Music]then add the cocoa powder and buttermixture to the powdered swerve mixtureand add one teaspoon of vanilla extractbeat these all together on medium forabout 30 seconds or just untileverything is completely combined scrapedown the sides again if you need to thenchange your paddle attachment out to awhisk attachment on your standing mixeradd two large eggs whisk them togetheron medium speed for about five minutesor until they’re fully combined andsmooth scrape down the sides again ifyou need to and add two more large eggsand beat again on medium speed for fivemore minutes or until it is completelycombined and again nice and smoothscrape down the sides again if you needto[Music]then whisk it again on medium speed forfive more minutesyou’re wanting this mixture to expandand get nice and fluffy but still befirm enough to be able to hold its shape[Music]then one more time if you need to scrapedown the sides again and whisk it onemore time on medium speed for five moreminutes until everything is 100% smoothand light and fluffy and textureremove your pie pan from therefrigerator and gently scoop thefilling into the prepared pie crustuse a spatula and evenly spread thefilling throughout the entire pie pan[Music]once the fillings evenly spread place itin the refrigerator and chill it for atleast two hours or until it’s nice andfirm once it’s done firming up you caneither eat it as it is or you can top itwith whipped cream or whipped topping ofyour choice and sprinkle on somechocolate shavings or chocolate curlsand if you want recipes for some ketowhipped cream and some judo chocolateI’ll leave those links in thedescription for my keto whipped creamand my keto chocolate now I have twodifferent types of whipped cream recipesthat you can use on this the one is justregular keto whipped cream that I makeand again I’ll put that link in thedescription if you’re going to use thatparticular recipe then you don’t want toput it on until you’re ready to serve itbecause that is not a stabilized whippedcream it is it’s one that you make andthen use it right away you can’t put itin your refrigerator because it willdeflate and then you’ll have to readwhat Ari whip it to make it fluffy againso the poquito whipped cream if you usethat recipe make sure you don’t put iton until you are ready to use itimmediately the other recipe that I’mgoing to put in here is the stabilizedtaquito whipped cream this whipped creamyou can make in advance and you can keepit in to you in your refrigerator for upto a week and it stays nice and fluffedthat’s the one I use most of the timeyou can spread the whipped cream on theentire pie or you can do what I doand I just let people cut theirindividual slices and put their desiredamount of whipped topping on it that waycan have however much topping they wantand there you go Lewton free judofriendly chocolate cream pie eat andenjoy and that’s a recipe of the day Ihope you enjoyed it if you did hit thatbig fat thumbs up like button and hitthat big fat subscribe button leave me acomment if you want to let me know ifthere’s any recipes day you’d like tolearn how to make and I’ll do what I canto get those out there for you and asalways keep cookin[Music]

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