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czech pancakes and strawbery sauce cooking with toasty

hi in this video i cook a plate of czech pancakes
ingredients: milk 750ml
eggs 3
flour 500g
yeast 1 packet

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Video Transcription

do you like pancakes of course you dotoday we’re going to be showing you howto cook Czech pancakes with strawberrysauce there are two types of Czechpancakesthere are pancakes where you will letthem arise and there are different oneswhich you don’t let rise and you in meand you cook them immediately almost I’mtelling you love this and the recipewill be really really simple and enjoyand here we see adding the milk into abowl where you I don’t know how manymuch exactly but I’m gonna put the exactmeasurements into the description herewe see adding the eggs my mother crieddose and then I try to crack one and itworked well better than I thought itwould work out and here we are addingthe yeast because like I said we aregoing to have these rise up so we’regoing to add some sugar and some salt alittle salt a little more sugar therethese are going to be sweet pancakeswith sweet sauce it’s all sweet sweetsweet and once you have set the dough torise oh yeah I forgot I forgot beforethat you need to add flour the doughneeds to be thick it needs to have anexact consistency and I am telling youfeel free to add as much flour as youneed I’m going to be showing how muchthe consistency should be it should belike a thick paste but it shouldn’t butyou shouldn’t add so much flour that itmakes a cohesive dough like for cake forexample but not for cake for other stuffhere you can see me showing the exactconsistency how it should be and we’regonna have to defrost some strawberriesbecause everybody loves strawberries andthese are pancakes with strawberry sauceand here you can see me getting a littletaste of itso now that the dough has written we aregoing to add it to our pan which hassome oil on it and it’s hot some peoplesay that the first pancakes turn outweird and it’s true but not for thesepancakes they all look a little weirdthey they don’t improve but they aregood but with these pancakes and I havetasted the american-style pancakes butyou’re similar and these and thepancakes that you don’t let rise theseones are really puffy and cloudy andthey’re really oily the oil stays inthem and doesn’t leave and yeah that’sjust it and here you can see me flippingit and it I think it worked better thenI expect it because I was holding acamera with one hand and trying to flipit with a second hand and it worked itworked it just worked you can see theywell they look good they look reallyappetizing and I love them I love themto bits here you can see we make a lotof them this is for three people lunchand dinnerso it would it takes a lot to eat all ofit and I taste it right now and it isreally goodonce the strawberries have defrostedyou’re gonna mash them up and whip somecream I forgot to film the whipping partbut you’re gonna whip some cream andthen add it in there it’s gonna be areally nice and sweet sauce the sauce isso really really sweet even though youdon’t add any sugar in it and I love itand I and I could basically eat a wholebowl of the soup of the sauce at its ownit’s really really goodlike I said but yeah I don’t know evenwhat to say because I’m remembering howgood it is now you gotta mix it upbecause you can just have strawberrieswith cream on top it’s strawberry creamsauce really good strawberry cream sauceyou gotta you gotta really mix thelayers blue you gotta do that and if youdon’t it won’t taste good so it aftersome time it will turn a nice pinkishcolor and you can see me tasting andwell off-camera I ate like five spoonsof it a lot it’s really good so rightnow it’s probably black because itdoesn’t fit in the video but I wanted totell you it was really good I forgot tofilm myself eating it and I’m sorry forthe angle for the tasting part of thesauce my phone did some weird stuff andflipped it and I want you to enjoy thisvideo leave a like subscribe and staytoasty

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