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Cooking Yummy Pancakes! | a cooking vlog

here’s a cooking vlog where I make pancakes that I actually cook during the weekends.
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last video link of that other 2 ingredient pancakes:

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music][Applause]good morning everybody welcome back tomy channel and did I just film a videoand then did I just go and change theshirt and maybe but yeah I figured thattoday I would show you how I make mypancakes the other video I failed or notfailed I didn’t like the two ingredientpancake mix that I made here with bananaand eggs I’ll leave a link down below tothat video yeah we’ll be down there tosee that my reaction see if I like itI’m gonna show you how I make my mypancakes and how I do it and such thingsI’m gonna put this right heremaybe right here to show you what we’remaking today so we’re gonna start offwith the ingredients that we need so weneed that box we need milkwhich i’m gonna be using almond milkthis almond milk right here usually ihave the vanilla one but today i’m usingthis so i’m gonna put that there andusually or you will use an egg but sincewe’re gonna be using the leftover batterof this there’s egg already it there’sto it yeah then let me just grab we’regonna add some cinnamon and some vanillaextract this mixture we’re gonna startwith measuring 1 cup of the flourmixture or the cake mix I have 1 cupgreat that’s about 1 cup I never reallylike fully measure it to be exacta little rough estimate of it yeah sothen you pour it in here that’s greatand then you’re gonna need your almondmilk or I’m using almond milk you canuse you can use whatever milk you wantwhatever and I usually measure aroundlike what half a cup pour that into herelike thatthis is also when I put in the vanillaextract just a little bit you don’t needtoo much of this and stuff and thenyou’re gonna take your whisk and whiskit together so you can add your thismixture to it maybe there you have itWow my pancake mix okay so now oh my godmy glasses I hate them now that they’reall mixed the reason why it looks kindof chunky is because of the banana butyeah now to make it extra extra yummythis is totally optional for you if youlike cinnamon like cinnamon pancakesjust add a little bit of cinnamon andyeah add a little bit of cinnamon onetwo three four five I’m adding a lotbecause I I like cinnamon in my pancakesand it gives it that little mmm thelittle extra taste to it so that’swhat’s happening here and it kind oflooks kind of cool when you mix in yourslike swirls I don’t know okay so let mecome on back over herewe’re looking at this turn the oven backon[Music]ay-ay-ayokay again add some butterI have margarine so we’re just gonna adda little bit and we can get started okaynormally I had two scoops of of thisinto here so that’s what we’re going todo one and two now that’s starting tolook like more like a pancake and youlet that goa few moments later moments laterhi-hi-hi ignore the background justfocus on me but pancakes are done yayokay so in my other video I tasted thepancakes and now these pancakes are muchbetter than the other pancakes but yeahyeah these look so much better yeahlet’s see these mental ones areobviously more fluffier and bigger I’mgonna totally destroy it by cutting itso bad yeah yeah yeah these are thepancakes that Kate is he used to eat aand having each weekend just with alittle bit of a dip different tastebecause there is the banana in it soyeah um so I’m gonna be making morepancakes during the day or for the restof the morning I guess while I’mwatching a Netflixbecause that’s usually what I do in themorning when I cook pancake I make thepancakes while watching like whateverI’m watching on Netflix so currentlyright now I’m watching Jane the virginI finished Grey’s Anatomy like two weeksago or so so I’ve been trying to findsomething else to watch so there’s thatum yeah hope you guys enjoyed that quicklittle video of me making pancakesmm-hmm and yeah happy quarantine makesure you’re washing your hands and yes Idid wash my hands I just haven’t figuredout a good angle how to like show thator record that uh-huhagain thanks for watching guys bye don’tforget to Like and subscribe okaybye bye adiosyou[Music]

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