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A video in which I show you how to bake an apple pie.

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Video Transcription

welcome to the first ever episode bakingwith Buzzelli for today we’re making theall-american classic apple piewhat you can take a look with me on theingredients over here so first thing Iwould see for the crust we’re gonna needsome flour sugar salt plum you butterand of course you have some water in thesink and then for the actual pie fillingreally all you need is more flour morebrown sugar this time and then cinnamonand these secret ingredients is nutmegwe’re started first thing to recordthough it’s important a temper alwayswhen you’re in the kitchen eithercooking or making is to simply cook withyour heart well now here we are makingthe crust and that’s what theingredients for you guys the first thingyou’ll need is 2 cups of flourI’ve already put 1 cup of flour in thebowl here so I’m just at second cupflour right here you’ve also need 2tablespoons of sugar that’s the big tthere this little bit here I’m againI’ve already put 1 tablespoon sugar inthe bowl so this is my second tablespoonright hereyou then need 1/2 teaspoon of salt thislittle smaller water here and what youactually want to mix all of the dryingredients first together sets thedragon nature things like the flour thesugar to solve those things and thenwhat you do is you mix the the wetingredients separately so that’s likethe well the butter the egg in a minutehereyou mix up separately and then combinethem at the end kind of stir balltogether so we’re now right now we justhave the dry ingredients flour sugarsalt now I will prepare some of the wetingredients so for this you needessentially you need one stick of butterplus two tablespoonsok so we’re to put in one stick ofbutter let’s get through those give tosoften it a little bit of it it’s kindof too hard to really mix in there soit’s fresh out of the fridge like mineis what you want to do is put it in amicrowavable safe you know glass bowl orglass jar whatever you have really I’musing this nice little glass measuringcup here just to put the microwave Ialso will cut off two extra tablespoonsof butter for this like I said so onestick plus two extra tablespoons youjust cut right through the paper therealright and just pop all this in themicrowave maybe I don’t know you know 30seconds and then see how it is you don’twant you don’t smell all the way ship soit should not come out the liquid but itshould be softened a little bit alrightso we’ll do that for about 30 secondssee how that works out all right so Ijust pulled the butter out of themicrowave actually only ended up forabout 15 seconds and you can see our teait’s very soft put again knots notliquid yet but still very soft softenough to mix around so what I’m gonnado is just I’m gonna add one egg to thisokay just crack it pop it in there toocrazy and then you also lastly needabout 2 or 3 tablespoons of water aswell this is this can be adjusteddepending on just the consistency ofyour dough as you mix it so we’ll startwith just 2 and then if we need to addmore water we can so I’ll just startreal quick here 2 tablespoons of waterfor this alright and I’m using a forkhere as well just kind of mix around alittle bit loose a little bit there andthen now I’m really just going to pourit in here with the flour with the restwill be dry ingredients right I’m justgoing in right there oh yeah deliciousokay alright now I like to use the forkactually then to just kind of mixing ittogether I think it helps kind of cutthe butter into the flour a little bitbetter than just like gonna be a woodenspoon might so you can just kind of workthis around a little while mix ittogether this might you know take a fewminutes here but this is kind of theprocess and you kind of see already howit’s starting to come together a littlebit as a dough mister just requireobviously a little bit more a littlemore work here so as you see the doughis still a little bit too dry so we’regonna have to add some water you can seelike the butter things are kind of kindof mixing in there but it’s still alittle bit kind of crumbly a little bitto drive so let’s add some water I wasgonna go ahead and use the sameobviously the same little cup here andsays we’re cooking with our heart I’mnot really measuring this you knowjust kind of putting a little bit in alittle bit of time and just kind of keepmixing them and see what happensand just you just kind of keep goinguntil it gets to be right consistencyand I will tell you what that is once Iget to it myselfsee it’s starting to come together alittle more well now we have a classicmistake here we went a little too far inthe other direction and maybe a littletoo much water because what you can seenow is it’s kind of a little bit toosticky so simple fix that was just add alittle bit of flour good to kind ofbalance out that extra water and thenwe’ll have our dough right at thatperfect the crust there all right sojust kind of over here just got a littleflour it’s a little pinch a handfulthere kinda sprinkle that in again alittle bit of time just then see howthat’s how that’s effects they do allright we’re back and now we have thedough just we wanted to so we you cancome here a little bit you can see it’sat a little flower and then this is kindof be consistent that you should end upwith so it’s a nice kind of ball ofdough here you can come move it aroundyour hands it doesn’t stick too muchit’s you know it’s still kind ofobviously it’s kind of gooey stretchybut it holds its shape nicely so that’sthat’s kind of consistency that you wantfor your pie crust all right not reallythe next step is simply to roll it outinto two to cross so you know one forthe bottom or for the top so all you dosimply really as you know just get yourball dough here divided math you know ifyou want to just wanna cut it now if youwant really just kind of like I said I’mall have to kind of just rip it in halfa little bit you know whatever howeveryou wanna do that is fineroughly half will be good leave you knowleave one of it in the bowl for now thenyou were just going to roll it out toform the bottom of the pie crust nowthese new dealers are something to do itright here on your countertopI’ll see you so first thing to make surethat your counter is clean you know youwash it you know dry it off and thenwhat you want to do is you want to putsome flour on the counter top to preventthe difference taking too much toencounter but I do see I got some sillywhite here that I got to wipe off realquick I don’t wanna contaminate my piecrust so I’m gonna clean up this realquick all rightand then like I said I’ll just sprinklea little bit of flour here on thecounter to prevent the dough fromsticking you can just kind of you knowget messy with it that’s fine nothing toworry about there all right and thenjust throwing down it’s also good thingsyou actually put some flour on yourhands to keep the difference into yourhands as well right just like this allover there and then also on your rollingpin you’re either rolling pin to rolloff this crust here definitely on 10even as much as you can’t put some flouron that as well okay and then he justkind of you know start working it out alittle bit here just nice easy back andforth motions a little side to sideyou want to crazy give you some nightitems as well that’s that’s not the wilddough to keep it straight back and forthall right you can see it’s a little bitartistic a little bit to the ruled in soit starts to stick again to the rollingpin then you can always just like I saidjust add a little more flour kind ofmove this around to make sure that theflowers kind of evenly spread throughoutand then just keep going just kind ofkeep working out a little bit you wantthe crust to you know it’s me to bebigger than your pie pan right so theaverage pie pan is I think eight or nineinches in diameter so you’re gonna wantyour crust to be obviously bigger thanso that it could overlap the sides let’shave a little bit of extras to work withjust in case okay keep going get alittle close to the edge here okayand I think we need to just keep going alittle bit it’s not quite big enough Idon’t think I also got a little beardShape tested out to see if it’s gonnafit in the pan so I got my nice pie panhere okay and I’m just gonna grab thecrust here I just laid on there to seeif it fits pretty well okay yes lookspretty good why don’t you come in herefor a second here Hannah mix yeah I kindof rolled it out into a weird shape soit’s not quite even all around but thiscould work if you want to keep rollingout you can but an easier solution is tojust kind of pull off this extra crusthere and then just to just to fill inthe gap where there was a little there’sa little gap here in the crust you justkind of fill that in right there and noone will ever know except you guys cuz Ijust told you okay all right now thenext step then will be to will leavethis low for now and actually you knowit might be easier actually to do thePython now and then roll out the secondsecond crust to put on top so why don’twe take a break with the crust and we’llthen get our pie filling ready right nowsound good all right all right so we ourpie crust ready just sitting out overthere so now we’re gonna move over herewe’re gonna talk about filling all rightfeeling as the perhaps most importantparts the delicious part of the pie Ithink a couple of things to mentionbefore we get started um I guess we’lluse later it kinda doubt that you wantedto the traditional baking apple is thosegreen cretin Smith’s there’s a littlemore sour of the apples we have this isall we had our fridge and says 14to get any more Apple as though we havein our fridge today these are calledPink Ladies I think they’re a little bitsweeter than the great abyss so which isfine really probably is use a little bitless sugar than it was really a lot ofdifference there but again any Apple youwant to is fine I typically try to gofor at least eight apples I tend tothink you know one apple per slice ofthe pie did you buy eight slices at thepile not quite you could use it as youknow as many as you want really and youknow don’t be afraid to put in moreapples because even if inside piled uphigh in the pie pan they when they cookthey do they shrink out they lose a lotof that moisture a lot of water insideso the Apple does actually kind ofshrink up and cook so even if it’spowered Lehigh it’ll it’ll come downthis in the oven so don’t be afraid toput in a lot of apples what I use toprep the apples simply is this nicelittle Apple slicer and then a paringknife there are some cool gadgets outthere where they you just pop the appalong this little device in like youcrank a handle and make it a little spinand it’ll cut and peel the up before youthose really nice food on one of thoseso we’re going to old school on this soevery simply right if you love Appleslicer here and you just kind of ghettofrom the top just push down slice theApple fellow drop it down pull out theslices of your Apple and of course youknow toss the core then up see you haveto peel the Apple so now I just take theapp on my hand nice very nice make sureyou’re careful with this step this isobviously the most dangerous part Iguess they’re really just kind of kindof peel back that Apple skin just likeso just you know just watch your thumbswatch your fingers there okay just golike that you can just do all these herenow I will say this this is the longestpart of the processcopy cutting and cooking apples thistakes much time so fortunately for me Ihave my lovely wife and sous-chef Fionashe’s also we’re gonna Kim right now youdon’t be peeled and cut these applesalready off off screen here so we’regood to goI also say well you know I’m just doingthis a little bit pretty much at thebeginning of thisa little clip here what one of thesupport things as well with bakinganything really is really right it’sgonna see here I got my nice Italianpasta apron on that is a criticalcomponent of any chef of any baker gottabe it but you got to keep your clothesclean kind of people lookin fresh youknow so before you start hopefullyalready got an apron on and yeah that’san important point the last thing Ipinched you in terms of prepping theapples themselves is after you peel themit’s all it’s also helpful I think toslice them in halfokay just because if they’re too thickit can sometimes take it will take along with them to bake in the oven so ifyou slice it a little bit that can speedup the baking time and it already takesobviously about an hour or so to bake soI think I just like doing this as wellcuz it just really just helps them kindof bacon soften a little bit fast fromthe oven alright alright so we got theapples sliced and peeled ready to go nowit’s time to actually make the fillingput it in and then roll out the secondcrust throw it on top but now of coursethis actually is a good time to preachRobin grab much that I’ve said by over350 so you guys know where we’re atwhatever kind of you got you know youhave just go ahead and set its to 350and then wait for it to preheat and thenwe’ll be good to go here in a fewminutes with that so back over here nowthis type of thing is very very simple Ikeep it simple I don’t measure you thinkI don’t think you’re crazy it’s sillyit’s just the Apple is it’s flour sugarI’m sorry flour brown sugar cinnamonnutmeg and butter alright you could useregular sugar if that’s what you havebrown sugar which would more or less thesame thing I just kind of like the Ithink that tastes a little more of brownsugar for this part okay first thing sothe fire and keep spring forward becausewhat that does is that actually helpsthe pike are becoming too soupy tooliquidy on the inside they right if youdon’t let me flour in as the apples cookthe moisture comes out and then it’sjust it’s gonna be a soup in there soyeah actually the flowers are bringforward for that purpose just for kindof keeping a little more salt a littlemore congealed as it days so I just putdown a nice layer of flour on the bottomof the pie crusts right here before westart anything else just kind of getthat nice little base okayI also pretendwe’ll put a layer of brown sugar as wellin the bottom just to sweeten up againreally with this you could put as muchor as little sugar as he wants dependingon you know think about trying to behealthy or whatever but you know I wasthinking about if you’re making piemeans I’ll make a pie the right way andjust enjoy you don’t think it tastesgoodso I usually I don’t skimp on the shippersonally okayI also put down a nice little layer ofcinnamon okay so you can just kind ofsprinkle it on there that’s just like soyou know feel free to go a little wildthere as well then like I said thesecret ingredient up Meg now the thingwhat that Meg is this is I think alittle more of a potent spice it’s alittle bit spicier in a sense so I wouldsay no coats don’t put too much ofnutmeg that night that can’t make thepie too spicy and so not everyone likesit that way so I would say just becareful gonna make but it is animportant part is what I think I thinkit’s a critical part I can tell if it’snot in there I can tell um you know thatthe pie for me at least I don’t thinkit’s as good but you don’t want to gotoo much with the Nutmeg all right Ialso like to again put a few littlepacks of butter in there as well or justor you know for the flavor becauseeveryone loves butter right okay justsomething like that just kind of youknow a few pieces around there againwherever you put them there’s fine Inever just kind of put it in the firstlittle layer apples and they’re reallywhat I do is I kind of just follow thisprocess if you talked I just kind oflayer it up you know you put the applesin and then a little more flour a littlebrown sugar cinnamon nutmeg etc right sowe put in our first layer of applesright here you kind of spread themaround a little bit and kind of layerthem in there a little bit here we gookay that’s good for I think the firstare then really except what I’ll do isI’ll just come backput a little more flour again so that itdoesn’t get too soupy you know just kindof sprinkle it around okay a littlebrown sugar again I will sit I said ifyou do use be green grimsby Beckles Ithink you will need more sugar becausethose are the more sour more tart appleokay here we goanother little layer of cinnamonI think the sediment is a very key partas well okay I’m gonna skip that makinga Mis layer because like I said it’s alittle bit more of a open space so I’llskip it for this layer but then I willput a little more on the top and finallayer of the filling all right I’ll comeback with a little more butter againjust like this so you can see I’m nottoo worried about calories here this isall about making a delicious tasting pieobviously probably shouldn’t be eatingyou know pie every day but I think ifwe’re quarantine for coronavirus it’salright okay yepand there really didn’t seem fingermister probably let’s do Bobby here I’lljust put this last apples here you coulddo three layers you do have friends ineverybody apples you have but for thenote that we have right now that’ll beokay alright just kind of arrange themin there nicely okay and then like Isaid one last little bit tier of flour[Music]okay yeah a little bit more brown sugaras wellsome little chunk of my brown sugargotta throw that away that’s not goodall right a little more here okay lookspretty goodthat’s it I bullet output again sit himin and then I will come back to theNutmeg for this last layer that’scinnamon and then here is okay one nicebit about it yes we think all right nowthat that’s done we got to move on thento our top crust okayso glad to kind of just get out of theway all right so we got our pie fillingthat’s ready to go and then from thissong see it’s just the same process asbefore so I might make second half ofthe crust we already made earliertogether so again I’ll just kind of puta little more flour on the counter tohelp with this the stickiness of thisI’ll put a little on my hands as welllike I said rolling pin a little hereand there sorry okaythese nice smooth back and forth motionshere you don’t even need to press toohard just kind of let the weight ofreally pin do the work for you mostlyshould be big enoughokay so what are you come in here alittle closer I’ll show you gotta putthe top crust on a little sticky allrightvery simple obviously just kind of justthrow it on really there you goso very nice you can see you got thatit’s good and of course now you can seewe have a lot of extra crust right hereit’s probably hopeful to kind of cut itoff a little bit of extra crust I’m sexyI might let me just grab some scissorsreal quick to do that just use yourhands about to tear it off but sometimesyou know people just get in there withthe scissors kind of cut it off likethis might be a little bit easier Iusually use my hands and of course youknow as we’re doing this you know feelfree to just saw it always bias you knowI store by crested oil I don’t thinkanything wrong with that you know ifyou’re short in time we’ll never gonnajust buy one whose premade crust in thegrocery store I know I’ve done that manytimes but he was hopefully pretty simplecrust recipe for you okay good goodenough okay okay so now to finish up thecross mmm she just for the beattherefore that the oven is ready to goit’s hot ready to go the last part nowwith the crust is kind of just for usthanks for her looks it’s always nice towith look whatever a little leftoverflat to crusty here is to just I guesskind of paint your fingers together takea little bit of alike a wavy wavy crust around the edgesso you can just kind of see use extraflaps of crust there get your fingerstogether like this I just kind of keepworking around just kind of makes itlook a little bit nicer and it takescare that extra extra crust as well allright we finished putting the crust onand it’s all gussied up around the edgesso the last couple steps here for thecross where we put in the oven is mediaand then actually you broke it onto thetop of the crust because what that doesis it really just kind of helps giveyour pie crust that nice except thisthis party’s optional but I was becauseit makes the pie I just look nicer whenit comes out of the oven so break simpleI have a little a little brush here youknow the brush I mean really you couldjust kind of like dip your fingers inthere and kind of rub it around I’vedone that before honestly but I do havethis nice little baking brush just gonnakind of you know slather it on thereit’s okay you know you can be veryliberal with this you know if you wantto all right just kind of all aroundhere you can see that nice golden browncrispeveryone loves make sure you get stoodactually on the like the edges of thecrust here as well I think it also I dothink it also kind of helps prevent thecrust from burning a little bit that’sanother good reason to do thisnow now we’ve got Dennis the very verylast step I promise is to actually justpoke a few holes in the top of the crustfor ventilation that actually is a veryimportant part as well um if you don’tI’ve never seen it happen but I thinkyou know there is it heats up at theinside they can actually the crust willkind of expanded and you kind of popopen so just go ahead just put a fewpoke a few holes in the top the crustjust for ventilation purposes andthere’s really no rhyme or reason tothis you just kind of do more if youwant to doesn t matter I kind of like tojust put them in like divide the pinequarters so I already know how big theslices should be you know when they comeout you can see that’s it got a fewventilation holes there so now we’regood to go to pop it in the oventhey said 350 degrees for your oven andit really takes about an hour if theyfor this to to bake all the way it isyou go to check on it if you have 45minutes for the full of the full onehour so I guess we’ll check back withyou guyslet’s show you sure the how the far partlooks but otherwise thanks and I’ll seeyou guys in a little bit so one thing Iforgot to mention actually this isalways was one of my favorite partsscrewed up cooking with my mom a littlebit was the leftover crust you have e tothe stuff that I cut off from theoutside of the pie there leftover youcan use that for some nice very easycrushed cookies they’re deliciousthey’re very easy just whatever kind oflooked over crusty I’ll just put it outof any kind of baking sheet baking panthat you have and they really all I dois just sprinkle on some sugar incinnamon right and that’s it he’s got tobring it onon each little piece here a little bit alittle bit and then you could just popthis ready up and with the pie on youknow if you have totally if you can tworacks in the oven I mean this is justthis takes like five or ten minutes tobake and these are always delicious likeI said this is always one of my fondestmemories of you know baking with my momgrowing up as well so hope you guys havesome upper-crust to do this and you guyscan enjoy that as well so we just pulledthe crisp exam yellow and actually itwas closer to 15 minutes if youdoing this as well I really just wannalook for just they should be a littlebit crispy a little bit kind of goldenbrown on the edges and actually some ofthem you can see here there’s a littlebit they kind of pop up as well helloit’s not gonna go over that’s a goodtime that they are done so you can seethey’re nice they’re kind of a littlebit crisp but firmly puffed up and we goahead and try one they should bedelicious hmm perfect all right so lastthing it would just pull the pie out ofthe ovenand we let it set for a little while tokind of cool off and set a little bitbut you can see the crust is beautifulgolden brown just like I said so that’sthat guy that’s the product of the eggwash it’s a nice little kind of crispykind of you can feel it it kind of seemslike little bit crispy as well justexact what you want to but now the lastyou know step is just just a Destin seehow it is right so kind of a couple forme and Hannah over to know if I couldn’tshow you you can see how it’s not it’snot too soupy Don said that’s kind of aperfect consistency right there insideit’s not falling apart it’s not soupy atall it’s that’s exactly what you want solet’s go ahead and give this a tryall right let’s dig in we’re good onceyou get perfect thank you to Hannahthank you guys for watching have a greatday hope you enjoy your pie

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