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Russian Sour Cream Cherry Pie Recipe | Best Cherry Custard Pie

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This is the best Russian Sour Cream Cherry Pie you will ever make! It is so creamy, bursting with cherries, and crunchy. The pastry is incredible, the sour cream filling tastes like sweet custard and juicy cherries add sourness to the pie, balancing out all the flavors! It is a perfect slice of summer heaven!

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guysCMC via the Raffaello it’s welcome toour Channel I’m back today with anotheramazing dish that you’re gonna loveit’s a Russian sour cream cherry piethis pie is to die forit’s really really delicious it tasteslike custody filling vanilla custardfilling with sour cherries andshortcrust pastry it’s really actuallysimple to make it doesn’t take that longapart from the baking time and I sawamazingI love the spice so much I grew up in itand it tastes incredible so hopefullyyou’re gonna make this as well and yeahguys if you want to get access to all myrecipes I have left the links how to getaccess to all my recipes below thisvideo you can become a member today andget access to all my video recipes andobviously I upload new videos all thetime so you’ll never run out of ideasnow let’s get baking in the foodprocessor add your sugar your flourtogether with almond flour salt and yourcold and cubed and unsalted butter youdon’t want to blitz everything togetherliterally for a few seconds until themixture starts to come together into anice crumble like sothen you’re gonna add egg and listeverything again for a few seconds untilyou see that the mixture started to forminto thick sort of bowl and paste soI’ve been mixing this for 10 seconds orso just like this your mixture should benice and sticky I’m using 20 centimeterwhich is around 9-inch cake ring and I’madding my dough inside the ringspreading it all around you can use anyother pie crust offpans that you have where you can use thedough and spread it around if you’re notusing a glove make sure your hand is wetor a little bit sticky and what you wantto do you want to just evenly distributethe mixture all around the edges and thesize as evenly as you can you want tomake sure that your crust is nice andeven once you’ve done that you’re gonnaput your cake crust into your freezerfor about 30 minutes now we’re gonnamake our delicious fillings so I’m gonnaadd my egg yolks together with sugar andvanilla extract then add your cornstarch and your sour creamand you want to mix everything togetherwith a whisk until the mixture becomesnice and creamy and it completely has nolumps so keep mixing it until it’s niceand smooth just like so once you do hasrested in the freezer you want to addyour frozen cherries inside I like touse a lot of cherries and then you wantto add your sour cream custard mixtureinside I like to use my finger just tomake sure they’re nice and even thecherries are everywhere around the pieand it’s ready to be baked and I bakethis for about 80 to 90 minutes at 180degrees Celsius or 350 Fahrenheit so ittook a very very long time but it mightbe quicker in your oven so just keepchecking you want to make sure that thesides of the pastry are browned and themixture inside is just slightly wobblyit should look just like this leave itto cool down completely for about 1 hourso if not longer you want to make sureyour pie is nice and cold before takingit out of the mold then you want toplace your pie into the fridge foranother three to four hours and onceit’s set it’s ready to dig in it’s quitea delicious pie cherry sour cream pieand the hardest part is to wait for itto be ready you can add some icing sugarto decorate and then really enjoy itit’s absolutely amazing you’ve got thecrunchy pastry sour cream custard andthat delicious sour cherry filling and Ilove how all the cherries like pop inyour mouth they are so so amazing andyummy I really hope you try this piethank you so much

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