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Ultimate Beef Picadillo Empanadas Pie Crust Recipe

in this video i’ll be going over ultimate beef picadillo empanadas pie crust recipe

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(For the dough )
-180 grams/1 1/4 C flour
-82 grams/1/4 C cold water
-112 grams/8 Tbsp butter
-pinch salt

-toss the cubes butter with flour and salt in a chilled bowl
-pinch cubes into walnut sized halves
-slowly mix in cold water and gently knead
-wrap with plastic and chill for at least 30 minutes
-roll out on a liberally floured surface into 1/8th inch thick
-cut our desired shapes. (i used a round cutter for circles)
-fill each circle with picadillo and line the edge with a wet finger to seal
-cut vents on the top so steam can escape while baking
-chill for another thirty minutes in fridge
-brush with egg wash (egg+tbsp H2O)
And bake at 425°F for about 20 minutes till golden.

(Picadillo filling)
-1lbs ground beef
-1/2 yellow onion diced
-1 cup diced Yukon potato
-2 cups chix stock
[liquid Chile mix]
-2 dried ancho chiles
-4 cloves garlic
-1 cup rice wine vinegar
-1 tbsp oregano

-brown the meat in a pot
-remove from pot once browned and sauté the onions and potatoes in the same pot until colored
-add the beef back in and toss in the liquid chile mix
-for the chilé mix just blend the reconstituted ancho chilis with oregano, rice vinegar, garlic till smooth.
-add in the chix stock and reduce till thick.
-salt to taste

(For the chimichuri)
-1 cup extra virgin olive oil
-1/2 cup Garlic Herb Rub
-lime to taste

(For the Lemon Yogurt)
-1 cup Greek plain yogurt
-zest of a lemon
-juice of a lemon
-salt to taste

Spices found at Spiceology.com

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Video Transcription

hey in this video I’m going to be makingChilean style and bananas[Music]you[Music]all right so I’ve got my mixing bowl outof the freezer as well as my flour wasin the fridge butter was in the fridgeeverything needs to be cold as possiblefor this pie dough so just go ahead andtoss in your flour and butter together Ihaven’t cut into about half inch littlecubes here I first want to just toss theflour with the butter just to make surethat all the butter cubes are evenlycoated try not to break it up just giveit a little pinch until it turns intolike a half walnut size that’s whatwe’re looking for now what we’re gonnado is just slowly add in the waterI made a well in the bowl and slowlytossed it togethernot so much mixed it but just gave itlike a toss because we don’t want toactivate so much gluten in this we wantit to be a nice flaky crust of course sothen and then once it’s come togetherlike this just go ahead and wrap it uptoss it in the fridge for about thirtyminutes or so and then it’ll be ready toroll out okay so now we’re gonna startthe filling this is gonna be a picadilloand in my view could do all I do is someground beef some diced onion and somediced potato then we’re gonna add in aliquid of chile guajillo and garlic andsome other spices I’m just gonna goahead and sear off the ground beefokay once we’ve gotten a good amount ofcolor on our ground beef we’re justgonna go ahead and set it aside on aseparate pan and then in the same panI’m gonna go ahead and toss them theonions and the potatoes season thatgenerously you want to get some color onthis once it gets some color we’re gonnatoss the meat back in once you get agood amount of color on this just goahead and add the ground beef back inand then we’re just gonna add in ourChile ancho Pyrrhic all this is is somedried chili ancho mixed in with someoregano rice wine vinegar and garlicblend it till fine you can find theseChile’s in the Mexican aisle at mostgrocery stores just add in about twocups of chicken stock now we’re justgoing to continue to cook this and stiroccasionally until it reduces down anduntil thick put it on to a sheet traywith parchment or just any sort ofcontainer to cool it off really go aheadand refrigerate let it chill for atleast two hours we need this to becompletely cooled so we can fill theempanada alright it’s time to roll thisstuff out now I’m just gonna roll thisout to about an eighth of an inch thickgo ahead and turn it every time you rollit out just in my last video with thetortillas just so it doesn’t stick tothe boardnow once I got them hull cut out the wayI won them I just go ahead and roll themvery lightly into an oval shape thereason why I’d roll them into an ovalshape is so when you fold them it’s aperfect half circle instead of a littleCrescent just why I take an ice coldbaking sheet put some parchment paper onthere and then we could set our empanadadough on there no I’m just gonna take alittle spoonful of the peak of the oilfilling and set that on there now ofcourse if you want these to be dinnersighs go ahead this is a nice littleappetizer size than I’m making here allyou have to do is just make them alittle bigger bigger circles or maybe itwill just cut rectangles whatevershaping one is fine okay these guys areready to go I went ahead and just gotsome water dipped my finger in that andthen just worked my way around the rimjust like I did with the dumpling videothen I just went ahead and packed it intight tough the edges in and then madelittle vents on the outside just so thefilling doesn’t leak out when it’sbaking so we’re gonna go ahead and tossthis in the fridge for another 30minutes to an hour before we bake itokay about an hour laterthese have firmed up we’re about to tossthem into an oven that is at 425Fahrenheit go ahead and I brush themwith a little bit of egg wash just anegg and some water and then I’m justgonna let him go for about 15 minutesuntil deep dark golden okay so fresh outthe oven these look really good Ihaven’t been there for about 20 minutesnow you just wanna let these cool offfor about 10 minutes or so and there yougo you’re good to go I’m gonna serve itwith some of this chimichurri all thisis is that Derek Wolfe garlic herb rubwith some olive oil little bit of limemixed in pinch of salt delicious andthen of course I’m going to do it withsome whipped of lemon younow this is a Chilean style my grandmawas actually born in Chile and herfamily eats pretty much everything withGreek yogurt so I thought I’d throw thatin there all right I’m gonna go aheadand do the taste test heremmm that’s tasty I wouldn’t like you ohmy footyeah thank you so much for watching thevideogo ahead and like the video subscribe ifyou’re new here and I’ll see you in thenext one[Music]you

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