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Bake With Me – Caribbean Macaroni Pie

Hey guys! Welcome back to our channel. Since it’s quarantine and we’re all eating 24/7 I thought i’d share my macaroni pie recipe with you guys! I hope you enjoy!

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1 pack of macaroni



1 Egg


A few celery leaves

1 Carrot

Salt to taste

All purpose seasoning

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys welcome back to a channel sotoday I’m gonna do a pic with moon so Idecided that I will do some bakedmacaroniso macaroni cheese and butter so whilethe macaron is boiling I’m gonna gratethe cheese I’m gonna do my carrot andprepare for when the macaroni isfinishedso I’m gonna with my cheese now[Music]she’s a little bit hot a great sandwichis so goodmy hands getting tired already she didsome milk I just had this can wait tofinish biggest macaroni just hungry butI’m a circle host oh boy damn like noshe woulda just had me cracking up inlove about something what IG just finishdon’t need this talk of the salary Ijust need the leaf this is my salary andthis is my carrot so when I’m bakingmacaroni I just like to I like colors Ijust don’t like this one boring coloryou know so I just like to put a littlecarrot and a little celery insidesprinkle tight so macaroni finishboiling so this is the macaroni so I’mgonna put a little butterI’m gonna true my egg already smellygood sprinkle my parentsmy celery I’m gonna add my cheese likeyou do this macaronijust like this gotta be this is what itlooks like so I’m gonna pretend it’s anadditional a little butter dish[Music]but still a dishWow this looking at this definitelylooks good so what I like to doI’m this is the macaron inside the dishhalf of it then I will put some cheeselike in the center we will see it sothis is how it looks and then I will addsome more macaroni to the topgosh I tell you the truth I feel a realreal real real hungry with what I’mdoing here I just can’t quit making itjust can read right so you know cover itupwith macaroni with cheese sorry on onAstrid Aeneas who they call a study inthe landfill itOh despise finally finish so this iswhat it looks like so this is my bakedmacaroni pieso let’s testit’s still what that so not sure how howsquare is gonna come out because it’sstill hotand like I said – you’re like hungry godit’s breaking up but because I can Ijust can’t wait for it to cool to cut itI’m hungrystill very hot oh thank you guys forwatching please like subscribe commentand share and I wish I could share apiece of pie with you all but next timebye

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