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How to Make: Sugar Cream Pie

Preheat oven 325. Cook pie shells 12 minutes.

4 tbsp cornstarch
4 tbsp melted butter
2 1/4 cup heavy cream
3/4 cup white granulated sugar
1 tbsp vanilla extract

Cook filling on low heat, do not burn. Then, bake at 325.

2 tsp sugar
1 tsp cinnamon


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Video Transcription

[Music]hi welcome to Chris cope for you totonight I’m going to bring you anold-school favorite I was going to bringit to you last night but I ended upeating it all up so tonight I’m gonnamake two of them but I guarantee youthis is the best old-school pie recipeyou’re going to ever get and even thoughit’s a not a lot of ingredients you’regoing to love this pad I’m telling youyou’re gonna love it now I know that alot of my recipes have been tried andtested and a lot of you trust me when itcomes to recipes but when I tell youthis one is really really a good onethis is about the best old-school pieyou will ever make and it goes back atleast 70 80 years but it’s really reallya great recipe we’re going to be makinga sugar cream pie this is real simplereal easy we’re not gonna use any flourwe’re not gonna use any eggs but Iguarantee you once you taste this pieyou will fall in love with it’s only onetricky step in it and I’m gonna walk youthrough that so let’s get started withthe ingredients first you’re going toneed a pie shell what I would suggest isthat you take your oven put it on 325degrees and then you take this pie shelland you cook it for 10 to 12 minutesthat’s if you’re gonna use a ready-madepie shell which is exactly what I havenow if you want to use a pie shell thatyou want to bake go ahead and do thatI’m not stopping you from doing it butcook it for 10 to 12 minutes inside yourstove before you put your filling inthen you’re going to need sugarcornstarch whipping cream heavy whippingcream vanilla extract butter andcinnamon and you’re gonna also need alittle cinnamon sugar to go on the topnow I can tell you about that becausethe ratio for cinnamon sugar it’s goingto be two parts to one part so that’sone part cinnamon to two parts of sugarand you just mix it togetherand you have your cinnamon sugar so letme go away get all my ingredientstogether put my past shells in the ovenso that they can bake off and I’ll beright back to show you how to puttogether this quick pie but I guaranteeyou once you try it you’re gonna fall inlove with it be right backokay now I’m back in my pie shells havealready baked off and all I have to dois make my filling so I’m going to goahead and mix together my sugar nowremember you will not but the amountthat we use will be different and that’sonly because I’m making two paths I’mgoing to add to my sugar I’m going toadd my cornstarch okay now I’m going toblend this together 25 to 30 minutes nolonger than 30 minutes we’re still gonnabe shaky when you get it out but then Iwant you to let it sit for two hoursbefore you cut it why am i letting itsit Chris you’re letting it sit becauseyou need it to mold together if you cuta pie and it’s not set yet it will fallapart on so you don’t want that tohappen so you’re gonna let it sit forabout two hours and then you’re gonnacut it and I’ll show you every bit ofthat now once you mix together yourcornstarch and your flour then you’regonna add your liquid ingredients and Iknow what you’re probably thinking howare you gonna make a pass and you’re notgonna put any eggs in it and you’re notgonna put any flowers how in the worldcan that Pat be good trust me on thisokay you trusted my cooking before andit’s came out just like I said he wasgonna cometrust me on this I know what I’m talkingabout when it comes to this path andthis pie is excellent I set up here lastnight baked the path ate some of thepath wanted to eat it all went upstairscame back down this morning from no pileof ok pad was done so I said that Iwould make one for my son-in-law becausehe’s a lover of anything that I preparedthis it’s hard so I’m making one for himand I’m gonna make one for my family aswell ok now these little paintcontainers here they only hold two cupsokay and we needed a little bit morethan two cups if I leave a drop in me Iwant to get it out okayso the only thing I’m going to do isblend this up now here’s the tricky partthis when I get to mixing this up we’regonna take it to the stove and we’regonna cook this on a very very low heatbecause you do not want to scorch it youdo not want it to stick you don’t wantthat because that cornstarch will stickand if it sticks your pads gonna bemessy so you don’t have to sit therewith it now it’s only gonna take thisabout four or five minutes in order forit to thicken up as thick as you meet itand then you put it in your pastels putit in the oven allowed to cook for 25-30minutes and this pie is ready but Iguarantee you if you put this on yourholiday table or if you put it on anytable it’s gonna be the first thing togo this is an extremely good pack it’srich in flavor you can taste it butpeople will ask you how in thereyou able to do that so back in the daypeople didn’t have a lot of money theyhad large families and they want to feedtheir large families but they didn’thave a lot of money to spend on gettingextra food so if they didn’t grow itpick it and like your peaches anddifferent fruits that you may have hadand make a sweet pie or something theyhave to make it out of what they had intheir cabinets or in their refrigeratorsfor those that had refrigerators andnormally that was a little bit ofnothing that’s why you can see this hasa little bit of nothing but this pie isvery good and normally old-school cooksyou hear a lot of people say old-schoolcooks can make up me a lot of nothingwell that’s exactly what this is this isa dessert out of nothing because Iguarantee you probably all of theingredients with the exception of thewhipping cream you probably had it inyour kitchen because you use it forother things now I’m melting my butterbecause I have to put the butter in hereand I have to put the flavor in here butI’ll put that in at the stove and I’llshow you not only part that’s realtricky we’re getting ready to do itright now and that’s gonna be to take itto the stove and just stir it until thisthickens up when if it ends up we put itin the past shell and that’s itit’s done but I guarantee you you willenjoy this one this is the best recipeto be nothing that you’re going to runacross now if you can see this is alittle bit thick it’s just a little bitthick there’s not as thick as it shouldbe is just a little bit of thick andit’s about as thick as you gonna get ityou know without cooking it okay but itdoes not if you know you put cornstarchin the dish it does not take long forthat cornstarch to actually thicken upwell that’s the same thing with this sothis is already mixed I’m gonna put thisin a pan or a pot I don’t meet you at myskullsokay now I’m at the stove and as you cansee my butter has meltedso now I’m going to add my mixture inand I’m on an electric stove and thiselectric stove it’s one of these newerkind of stoves and what they did what itis your heat comes on one stays on for alittle while and then it goes off andthat when it goes off that’s supposed tobe enough heat to cook whatever it isthat you’re cooking until it comes backon again it only stays off for X amountof minutes and then it comes not minutesbut seconds and then it comes back onbut because of this particular mixmixture when the heat comes on I removemy pan from the heat from the actualelements and you’ll see what I’m talkingabout in a minute and then when it goesoff then I put it back on the stirrerbecause what you don’t want to do you donot want to scorch or burn this mixtureokay now see my heat element is comingon so I would move to keep on the sternsee when it goes off then I put it backthat way I can be assured that I am NOTgoing to burn or scorch the bottom ofthis because if you do that it’s notgonna taste right so I don’t want to dothat so I’ve already put in my butter mylast ingredient is gonna be my flavor soyou put that in on the heat and then Ijust stir so this one on a regular gasstove this will probably take fiveminutes on my stove probably gonna takeme about eight minutes but that’s noworries I’m not gonna keep you here foreight minutes what I’m going to do isI’ll just go ahead take it off and putit back on and then once it gets cookedthen I will bring you back pour it upput it in the oven and we’ll be fineI want you to look at this though beforeyou go okay that is the cinnamonremember I told you to cinnamon sugar Itold you that the cinnamon sugar is onepart cinnamon to two parts of sugar whatthat actually means is whatever you putin the cinnamon if you using a teaspoonand you put a teaspoon of cinnamon inthere then you got to put in twoteaspoons of sugar that’s what it meanswhatever you put in for one of yoursentiments put in that times two foryour sugar that’s all you do so I’mgonna stir this and you need butter cuzyou got to put butter on the top andI’ve melted a little bit of butter rightthereso the only thing I have to do is justput that on the top once I get this doneso what I’m going to do is I’m going togo ahead and wait here and stir this andonce it thickens up I’ll bring it backand I’ll show you what it looks likeit’ll be about eight minutes on my stovefive minutes on yours if you using a gasstove so I’ll be right back okay now Iwant you to look at this okayI’ve said here and it’s been about 12 13minutes that’s because the type stovethat I’m using but this is theconsistency that you want okay and ifyou stir it the hotter it gets thethicker it’s going to get okay so nowwhat you’re going to do and youdefinitely do not want to burn this orscorching so now you’re gonna put it inyour passionnow look at the bottom I want you tolook at the bottom of my pan see I didnot scorch it I did not burn it you haveto sit on top of this oneI want to keep on putting a pie fillingin a DESit’s a lot of now what you’re gonna dois you’re gonna take your better yourmelted butter and you’re gonna drizzleit over the topnow you can you can’t kind of touch itwith itwait a minute and then you know kind oftouch it to make sure that you get allof your butter down on your pan if youpull a little bit up that’s okayokay Dan the cinnamon and the sugar thatyou made doing this with my oppositehandI’m going to put this cinnamon all overthe top of your path okay now you I putthis pie in your oven 325 degrees andyou’re gonna put it in there for roughly25 to 30 minutes so when this gets doneI’ll bring you right back and show youwhat it looks like I’ll be right backall right now I’m back and the pies areready so I’m going to take them outand don’t you see see how it jigglesthat’s fine because it has to sit for anhour and a half and it’s what you’redealing with you’re dealing with cornstarch you don’t have anything otherthan cornstarch and sugar in the piealong with the you know the butter andof course the whipping cream but youhave nothing to really stabilize it solet it go ahead and do that that’s finethat’s why you give it an hour and ahalf to cool because once it cools downyou will be able to cut it you don’twant to cut it right now because it hasnot set and what it will do if you cutit’ll just mess up so you want to giveit at least an hour and a half to cut itso I’ll come back and I’ll cut this infront of you and show you what it lookslike but that’s the way you make yoursugar cream pack and I’m telling you ifI’ve never told you anything else that’smore truthful this is the best pieyou’re ever gonna eat it so rich and socreamy and so good so I’ll bring youback once it cools be back okay nowwe’re back in the pie has cooled and asyou can see I’ve already taken a pieceout of it but I want you to look no eggsno flour but see how good that passed itup all you got to do is make sure thatthis pad cools it needs that hourass maybe even a little bit longer inorder to cool so let me just cut a sliceand I don’t really want to cut a bigslice cuz I set in and I mean last nightI’ll did myself so I don’t want to dothat again and the past shale I boughtit from the store so you know it’sreally not the greatest but there it isokay there it is that pack came outperfectyours will do the same thing you know ifyou follow my instructions you’re gonnaget the same results that I get and Iwant to tell you I’ve made the butterroll I’ve made the chest path I’ve madeso many old-school paths but this onereally takes the cake and you probablyhave everything that you need in orderto make this path in your house I’mtelling you last night we killed itnow we got to sending one to myson-in-law and I’m gonna keep the otherok that’s what Chris is doing Peter dayI’m gonna try to get in a couple morerecipes then try to get in some cookiesbefore Christmas so put this on yourChristmas table I guarantee you that yougonna get plenty of raves about it andas always thank you for watching Chriscook for you – happy holidays[Music]

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