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Christmas Cookie Challenge Season 07 Episode 06 Watch Free Online

Christmas Cookie Challenge Season 07 Episode 06 Description

Christmas on the Road

Old-school picture postcards are making a comeback as a fun way to share the magic of Christmastime vacations with loved ones back home, so hosts Ree Drummond and Eddie Jackson challenge four festive cookie makers to create two-sided Christmas postcards. One cookie maker will have their postcard stamped “return to sender,” while the cookie maker who best pushes the envelope will win an advantage for the next round. Then, the merry trip continues as the three remaining cookie makers craft 360-degree Christmas camper vans while incorporate outdoorsy favorites like granola bars, fruit leather, almond butter packets or instant oatmeal. The cookie maker who makes the coolest camper will scamper home with $10,000 and the Golden Ornament.

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Christmas Cookie Challenge Show Description

Flour clouds the air as a festive-yet-furious battle between bakers ensues to determine the best cookie baker in the country. Five bakers’ holiday treats are judged in three rounds of competition to determine which delectable treat will be the one that allows the baker to take home the prize for best treat. Each round of the competition focuses on a different theme, examples could be Christmas past and future, 3D art and ornaments. Judged on taste and creativity only one baker can take home the $10,000 prize.

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