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Christmas Cookie Challenge Season 07 Episode 02 Watch Free Online

Christmas Cookie Challenge Season 07 Episode 02 Description


It’s redemption day in the workshop as hosts Ree Drummond and Eddie Jackson welcome back cookie makers who came up just short of winning their first time around. They’ll decorate cookies that call back to forgotten Christmas traditions and characters using a classic cookie that’s hard to master — snickerdoodle! Two cookie makers will experience the ultimate heartbreak, while one will gain an advantage for the second round. The three remaining cookie makers reveal what makes them tick as they construct massive 360-degree Christmas grandfather clocks featuring timely ingredients like instant coffee, instant pudding mix, sloe gin and thyme. The cookie maker who makes the most titanic timepiece will earn redemption and a $10,000 prize.

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Christmas Cookie Challenge Show Description

Flour clouds the air as a festive-yet-furious battle between bakers ensues to determine the best cookie baker in the country. Five bakers’ holiday treats are judged in three rounds of competition to determine which delectable treat will be the one that allows the baker to take home the prize for best treat. Each round of the competition focuses on a different theme, examples could be Christmas past and future, 3D art and ornaments. Judged on taste and creativity only one baker can take home the $10,000 prize.

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