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chocolate TOFU pie? yeah, its tasty | BAKE WITH ME

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1/2 block firm tofu
2/3 cup vegan chocolate chips, melted
3-5 tbs cashew milk
3 tbs brown sugar
2 tbs cocoa powder
1-2 tbs tahini
1/2 tsp vanilla
pinch salt
2-3 cups graham cracker crumbs
1-2 tbs ground flax
1 tbs brown sugar
2-3 tbs water


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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back so I actually
didn’t record any audio to this fun
intro clip which is just a big bummer
but let me tell you what I was telling
you anyways hey by the way welcome back
I’m glad to have you
so I decided with this recipe I would
kill several birds with one stone and
make my friend a chocolate tofu pie for
her birthday
and also use the leftover tofu that was
from my previous video and also used the
leftover frozen chocolate from my Kido
vegan gluten free donut video and also
use the leftover crumbs from my keto
vegan donut video if you don’t know what
I’m talking about then go watch that
video I’ll leave a link in the
description ok yeah this is me just you
know trying to be fun and quirky I mean
I think I’m killing it to be completely
Frank with you yep woah she is she’s
killing it anyways that’s basically all
I said in this intro so let’s just get
on with the video I’m gonna start by
making myself some coffee
I mean it’s not great but it’ll do the
job yeah town and the drinkin zoo you
see I’m just procrastinating at this
let’s get on with the recipe oh my god
new angle who is she okay so first thing
we’re gonna do is melt our frozen
chocolate but we’re also gonna add some
vegan chocolate chips so back in the day
back in my hometown in South Carolina I
owned a vegan gluten-free treat business
I sold treats to local coffee shops and
grocery stores and
local vendors why was I telling you that
oh yeah obviously I don’t know in that
business anymore because I live in
Colorado but I still have some of the
products that I use so I would buy vegan
chocolate chips and Bowlby’s RV
enjoylife dark chocolate chips and
they’re literally life-changing they’re
so so so tasty very tasty that being
said we’re just gonna do about a half
cup of vegan chocolate chips we’re just
gonna melt that so let’s go ahead and we
get chocolate chips and the really tasty
so no real entice day YUM oh it’s
seizing on a normal day this would
really bother me that the chocolate is
seizing I hope you can tell but when it
gets really kind of like hard unmixable
like that that means your chocolate has
seized which is pretty not fun if you’re
trying to make chocolate candy yet but
since we’re just food processing this
with our addict Auto ingredients with
our other it’s fine so you just have
some seeds chocolate so our next step is
to put our greens in the food processor
honestly here is that leftover block of
truth there yes yes friends I will be
using my ziploc bag I stored my tofu in
don’t worry
so this is our to fear this is firm tofu
but I can almost guarantee that silken
tofu would work in this recipe too
here’s our food processor we’re just
gonna put that in it’s also put our
chocolaty and stuff in here ha yeah the
limit zeusie
microphone port if you don’t like me
randomly bursting into song you’ve
really come to the wrong channel you
just probably leave now I understand
that it annoys some people and to those
people I say I just go somewhere else I
ain’t gonna pull a jazz bug away is what
we have so far okay and then for a tiny
touch of sweetness we’re just gonna do
small 1 tablespoon 2 tablespoons of
brown shirt and then we’re gonna do
about a tablespoon of cocoa powder
because we just added brown sugar so now
we have to balance it out
and then about half a teaspoon of smidge
spoon vanilla and now that has many
culinary uses really mmm vanilla can
even be used in savory dishes add a
splash of coffee that’s kind of weird I
don’t think I’m should I try that no I’m
not gonna try that if you ever try that
so we’ll just do about a half a teaspoon
of vanilla and our thigh to bring out
all the flavors and if you’ve watched me
before I think you know what comes next
it’s our Himalayan salt and we’re just
gonna add a sprinkle as always I really
think that salt and chocolate are just a
divine combination they really bring out
the best in one another just like peanut
butter and jelly almond butter and apple
vanilla and cinnamon and it’s another
good common
Coffee and nut pods what’s your favorite
from the combination will let you be my
next video man
the ideas just don’t stop coming and
they don’t stop coming and they don’t
stop so now we’re gonna food processor
mix stir before
hello hi we’re gonna add just a little
bit of non-dairy milk to our mixture to
get it to blend a little bit quicker and
we’re switching things I want the pie to
be a little bit creamier rich sugar
daddy or more decadent so what I’m gonna
do is add about a tablespoon of tahini
which is gonna add that really nice
creamy flavor cream isn’t a flavor it’s
gonna really add that nice creamy
texture but also it’s going to assist in
the rich flavor of the chocolate I’m
also gonna be adding one more tablespoon
of cocoa powder so let’s do bad this is
all to him
that’s pretty insane isn’t it insane in
the membrane so he need that much and I
yeah that should be good classy real
oh hell yeah that is so perfect
baby yeah chica I would say I ended up
adding about 1/4 cup total of cashew
milk about 1 to 2 tablespoons of tahini
2 to 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder 1/2 a
cup of chocolate chips maybe 2/3 cup and
half a block of tofu and 2 tablespoons
of brown sugar a sprinkle of salt and a
half a teaspoon of vanilla and that’s
about it
so now let’s make our ghost eat crew
Krusty crew check it in here I am Krusty
what are you I am NOT I’m lotion eyes
that was stupid gonna keep this pretty
simple we have all these crumbles from
our doughnuts so that’s gonna make a
really nice crust for us they’re already
crumbly they’re already crunchy and
they’re basically just like graham
cracker crumbs so if you’re gonna make
this recipe I would just suggest using
maybe three cups four cups of graham
cracker crumbs gluten-free preferred if
you have celiac disease actually it’s
not even preferred it’s just an S assess
it II so really all we need to do is add
about a tablespoon of brown sugar and a
flax a so that we combined our crust and
then press it into the pan and keep
wiping my butt my hands and I’m sure I’m
gonna have just chocolate all over my
butt so I just sprinkled in a little bit
of brown sugar you just have to when
you’re making this crust you just really
have to then I will be adding about a
tablespoon of this golden flaxseed which
by the way tastes kind of weird well if
it’s roasted differently I don’t know
that I recommend getting the golden
flaxseed it tastes a little weird I’m
just gonna sprinkle that in here adding
about a tablespoon and a half i balling
that as usual I will leave a real recipe
in the description below because I care
about you Bert because this isn’t a nice
topping therapy
okay so now literally all we need to do
is that about two to three tablespoons
of water it smells good
I’m tempted to add a little bit of
cinnamon cinnamon goes really nice with
tahini and chocolate teaspoon this was
my mom’s crawfish etouffee container
kind of awkward so we just headed our
water and we’re just gonna kind of mix
it with our hands I decided that I want
my pie to crisp my pie crust to crisp up
a little bit so I’m gonna bake it in the
oven for eight minutes see you then all
right so I have a little bit left of the
pie crust and I do have these cute
little cups so with the leftover I’m
just gonna put the crust into these cute
little cups and then fill them with some
of the chocolate pie filling maybe just
give him some of my friends we’re
thinking about having a a launch party
for my vegan gluten-free cookbook let me
go grab it and I’ll show you oh ho isn’t
she lovely maybe I’ll bring those to the
launch party and just give him out as a
little snack wow what a beautiful recipe
book I wonder who made this who designed
it was it me if you want to buy it
there’s a link in the description so you
should get on that
fresh tech support your homegirl
they smell so good look at how cute they
so our pipe is out of the oven and it’s
cooled a little bit it hasn’t cooled as
much as I should let it cool but I don’t
have any patience so I’m gonna fill it
oh man i crisp it up to really nice it
smells really nice and heck yeah bro
focus on me focus on me come on focus
this is our final step is very
optional but I’m gonna do it because I
choose to opt in wherever possible you
pull up my pants you can see to it to my
little belly there we have this that
tofu ricotta that I made in the last
video I’m gonna just put that on top and
it’s still a little bit frozen because I
had it in the freezer
and that’s all folks
no I’m just kidding up and do that I’m
not silly not a silly goober do let me
give this to my friend for her birthday
and I will report back to you whether
she likes it or not and I’m sure she’ll
tell me she likes it even if she doesn’t
because that’s what good friends do hey
guys thanks for watching this video
seriously thanks for watching that’s
pretty cool of you that you took the
time to do that if you want to buy my
book then the link is in the description
and that would be super cool and thank
you for just just checking it out
also smash that like button smash it and
subscribe for more mediocre content in
my kitchen if you have a video request
leave it in the comments because I like
to take those it’s fun for me and maybe
it’s fun for you too little interactive
fun for the both of us
yay okay hi friends I’m hiking and I
just wanted to show you how pretty it is
such still my face no I knew that I knew
it was my face I was just joshing yeah
well ten first magical soups magical now
if that isn’t
like is possible to take an Instagram
photo then then I don’t know what is
okay that’s it
okay bunny oh my god okay bye

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