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Dutch-Filipina Couple, Cooking pancakes

Funny cooking with my palangga. I was thinking of baking cookies but suddenly we don’t have an oven. So I cooked pancake😁. Masarap siya, my husband like it😉. More cooking vlogs pa ang gagawin nmin ni hubby guys. Keep on watching on our channel.

I hope you like it guys!

Thank you for watching!😘

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CTTO for the background music that I use in this Vlog.

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Video Transcription

[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause]hi guys welcome to my channel and todayI’m going to bake Jenna see my new gun :engine vv6 about hi yeah she was homeand blocking the view yes cool I’m notblocking wrong direction[Music][Music]that’s already this itself just need towell you know there’s no veggies it’ssupposed to be[Music][Music]make it a cake I relied more flour youguys the man will be focusing mydissertation behind moon so CarminaBuranaa little[Music][Music]did you know guysnyan nyan sonic Umaga house tour videocastle in deep and I collect Yamaha bassor Ursula Bosca say on my hairy weekendllama Ponte BtoB connection my time am Iin : tobias casa andina money have beencut for anything it’s just finewhy do you say my name Carmichael I[Music]think it’s still wethe little about my little guys I amasawa ho I’m Keeley Gianni’s come on inoil-based nice alibi Charmin boy leejoon young son already spring here withyour money on sonthis morning I was cleaning outside Iput some chairs and table so if we havea visit or they could sit outside ifthey want to enjoy the Sun it’s a goodspot I’ll show you later guys after thisyou’re going to wash my handsmaking a cookies guys but I’ll just cookit in a pan because we didn’t have a bigoven here I don’t know if it worksbecause that’s not oursit’s from the owner this house does itstill workreally catches Akamai guys I’m going toput a digital beer it’s a nonstick panguys but I just want to put oil becausestick Karina let’s find outcocina padam in my own milk bottom pieceit looks like a pancake[Music][Music]he’s cleaning the stockroomit’s god sake guys this is what I didthis morning[Music]Jinshan I mean in a minute there’s theSun it’s so bright so goodleave my shadow mahogany and guys feelnow feel my shoulder you son love it FoxAmerica’s Mohini pimple Agha Husseinivillage camisa era Ocasio Navajo GastonGaston you will be dead sorrowSasha washes a winter Casey Machadomelamine a epic summerSarang Sonia Google Bachchan and AmitShah cannibal and Sarahand upon our nothing guy pass but itoutside[Music]they repair new young Alona my syllabusMelissa I saw our guys Natasha behind mema make a Seiko Ponte you mother-in-lawJody to my own she’s going to have adinner hereLulu taco guys I am thank you forwatching I hope you like it guys that’sall for today’s vlog if you’re new inthis channel please like and subscribeso you will be updated for more videosnext time

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