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2019 Holiday Peanut Butter Pie, No Bake, Southern Cooking Tutorials

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Title of Video; 2019 Holiday Peanut Butter Pie, No Bake, Southern Cooking Tutorials

link to YouTube URL of Vidio; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmUSvPBLN7Y
8oz Cream Cheese Room Temperature
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup Creamy Peanut Butter
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 16 oz. cool whip
1 oreo pie crust

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Video Transcription

hey no it’s t me with colored bellycooks and today we’re putting togethersomething really simple one of myfavorites and that is peanut butter pieand I’m gonna let Chris show you theingredients while I go around and get apile for my mixer I didn’t get a paddleout so we’re going to be using whippedcream which is just cream cheese andOreo pie crusts peanut butter and thisis also some hot fudge to decorate thetop with this is one of my very veryfavorite desserts it is so simple and soeasy no baking required this is a greatsummertime dessert because of that sothe first thing you do is you open an 8ounce package of cream cheese and youput it in your mixer or your mixing bowlwhichever one you’re using so if youdon’t have a stand mixer so I’m gonnause the whip the the actual up whippingLaura anything today helping out babythe whisk attachmentso there we have the eight ounces ofcream cheese now we’re going to put in apassive cup of peanut butter let’s addthe sugar first we’re gonna put in ahalf a cup of sugarand with the brain team[Applause]rightthey do that familywhenever we’re gonna fit in a half a cupof peanut butter I’m using creamy GS youcan use a creamy or crunchy whicheverone you want to use but I prefer creamywith cream cheese because it makes justa good creamy pieso we’re gonna put in this half cup ofyummy Jeff peanut butter[Music]I’m gonna go ahead and throw my peanutbutterall right turn it up[Music]okay I’m going to scrape the edges ofthis since I used this whisk I know thatwe’ve got some cream cheese in thebottom that’s not getting mixed up sojust make sure you clean the sides ofthe bowl so that all of it will be mixedgood may even have a little sugar leftin the bottom of it all right you’regonnaa hot-fudge from taking the swearingand I’m using arriving herethis is burial but it’s not quietanymorewe’re gonna place a vitamin tip down inthe bottom of this poem aid we’re gonnaopen up some hot fudge and this is notgonna be a whole lot I’m just gonnadecorate the top with it so that’s morethan enough there’s a put it in my bagtwist it tear the end off so now that’sready this is such a fast and deliciouspie well my goodness I’m gonna have toget scissors clip off the endyeah B I’m gonna eat this shell becauseI can why waste hot fudge right okaylet’s throw in about a large containerof Puglia or whipping cream or whateverthis is froegers and i put about half ofit in the mid or the pricefeelingwhat’s they want my recipe says yo thisrecipe is enhance first point is itand it saysso that have to sayhalf of the goal with Wesleyand you’re using a big container ofKolya heyso we’re going to have to scrape thesides once again and when I scrape thesides you can see that you know there’speanut butter and stuff that’s notgetting mixed in now you can use thepaddle that has the silicone if you wantto but I like using the whisk because itmakes it fluffier I just got that allover my handwho me anyway you don’t have to do thispart of course you can do it you knowjust bring it on the top of the pot butI like to make it free and so I’m gonnaput my Cool Whip in my bag we’re gonnasting a simpler favorite hiy’all she was the best Baker in theworld and she liked the snow baked piebetter than any pie could make her it isso good okayyou don’t really have to use all thecool whip either[Music]so then you place it in an Oreo crustnow let me say this Keebler has achocolate crust and it’s not even closeto as good as an Oreo crust so if youbuy the Keebler chocolate crust you’regonna not get the full effect than thistime this is a very rich peanut butterpie it needs to be in a really goodchocolate crust if you cannot find anOreo crust you usually can get them atWalmart if you can’t find one because alot of the grocery stores don’t carry itbut like I said Walmart does and if youcan’t find one and then buy some Oreosthat are you know barely have thefilling in between them the thin onescrush them and make your own crust ifyou don’t you’ll be disappointed becauseit needs to be a darker chocolate forthe crust for it to be even better I canjust eat that stuff just like it is okayso the next thing we’re going to do andthis part of course you don’t have to doyou can sprinkle it with those tinychocolate chips you can sprinkle it withOreo cookies you can do anything youwant to dobut I like to take hot fudge smokers hotfudge and go back and forth with myriding to you okay it then I take atoothpick or and you can do a cake thingthat you take the cake with or you canuse that something that like you’d usefor shish kebab I guess that’s how yousay that is that right Chris yes yes andso what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna gothis wayand we’re gonna skip room go about twoinches I guess do another one on bothsides then you turn it around and you gothe opposite directionlook how pretty that is in a matter ofminutes we’re making a beautiful piethen if you’re taking this somewhere youcould take your Cool Whip and put acircle around it pull itand yes you don’t have to go all outlike this but look how fast we make thatpie y’all just look at how pretty it ishow yummy it looks and all in a matterof minutes and honey when this thinggets the refrigerator you pull it outand you cut you a piece it is so goodnow you can make it as rich as you wantto or it’s you know lighter if you wantto it and what I mean by that is firstof cream cheese goes if you put a littleless Cool Whip in it it’s gonna have alot more rich cream cheesy flavor thanif you put a lot of Cool Whip in it okaybut it’s so good and rich to me you canuse that much kawin but to each his ownyou know if you just want to use a fewcups then go right ahead but I like toput about close to 8 ounces in there ofCool Whip and I always buy the bigcontainer and that way see I still gotplenty of Cool Whip left and that way wecan use it for something else but if youjust get the 8 ounce it’s not going tobe quite enough to put it in the pie andput some on the top I hope y’all enjoythis cake I mean this pie and rememberthis is one of my family’s favoritesometime we eat all the time so ofcourse it is in my volume 1 could bey’all I hope you have a good day pleasewatch us on ABC Family food fighttonightThursday night 9:00 p.m. this is todayis July the 17th so it airs live tonightEastern 9 o’clockciao to watch the Nichols family channel2 in Georgia that is your local ABC andyou can always watch it on demand orwith Hulu or whatever if you haven’tseen itcatch up we’re doing pretty good yeahall these little southern cooks aredoing pretty good have a great day andthanks for watching color valley cookswhere we could like mom and dad

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