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Making Pancake

This time I want to share you about my activities during the school postphoned ’cause of corona virus. (hope it’s gonna pass soon).
Anyway I like to make a pancake, so my mum bought it for me and as usual, my dad help me to make this video happened ^_^

So enjoy this video, feel free to liked and subscribed, click the bell to get a notification, share as well if necessary ^_^

Thank you for stopping by and See you in my next video Youtubers ^__^

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

my god it’s burnt guys everybody welcomeback to my channel Irish Channel todaywe are going to make it’s really easy tomake so buy this at stores so this isthe ingredients we have pancake mix 2eggs and 175 cc of water in a bowl formixing and this is the whisk for mixingthe ingredients and this is the spoonfor grabbing the ingredient and put ontap and play this hopping let’s getcookingwhoa Green style now let’s start cookingwow it’s really hard guys[Music]whoa this is really cool guysoh wait there’s a bonus here sit up mapwell guys whoa now I need scissors let’sopen this ready set go and now we’regoing to crack the eggs[Applause]whoa[Applause][Applause]now we’re going to pour the water let’smix the ingredients for five to tenseconds[Applause][Music]I think we’re done now let’s cook giveit a little fling so you won’t get burntor even the pancake now let’s wait fortwo minutes until the pancake on the topis poor let’s flip it[Music]wellguys we have to make another one guysit’s bad we need a perfect one well notbad now we need just one more guys andwe’re done with this video and we’regoing to put the topic I’m so excitedoh now guys let’s put the toppingsI’ll try Mapple[Music][Applause][Music]mmm it’s really good I should save thisfor more I’m gonna put this here that’sit for today guys bye oh yeah guys ifyou like this video please subscribe andhit the notifications bye bye I’ll ahwanna try yeah okay let me guess both itis a goodgive it thumbs up yay yummy[Music]what more what morehere[Music]you’re welcome[Music]you

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