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Attempting to make Banana Pancakes | a cooking vlog

a cooking vlog… cooking with kate yay !
So I attempted to try something new, cooking pancakes with only 2 ingredients….

All you need are 2 eggs and 1 banana… watch to find out how it turned out!

watch my latest video:

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys welcome back to my blog andvideo and today’s video is gonna be areally quick little video of me makingpancakes so usually when I make pancakesI make them on the weekend becausethat’s when I have more time because ofthe soul whole self-isolation thing Ihave more time to cook so I thought Iwould try something new and make twoingredient pancakes instead of my normalwhat you guys will need I’m stillholding the egg our eggs and a bananaokay so what you’re going to do is crackthe eggs so the next step you’re goingto do is take your banana and mush it[Music]okay so now what you’re going to do ismix it all together and it looks sogross does not look through best I don’tknow what I’m doing okay[Music]so what I’m realizing is I shouldprobably use an actual whisk and Iactually am making this more hard onmyself by just using a fork and maybe ifI used a whisk it might be better I justtry[Music]okay so we moved on to the stove top Idon’t know what I’m doing so excuse thedirtiness of here but like ya got thefire going and I’m gonna add some butteror some margarine or whatever to thesurface now my pancakes look like thisand they don’t really look like the onesin the picture so I don’t know here goesthe first test okay so small ones like ascoop maybe two scoops in some sensethis looks in some sense this looks morelike an omelet than a pancakeit’s him into me I don’t know a fewmoments later mmm I think this is acooking fail yeah yeah yesI mean if you look at it guys it lookslike a pancake but it’s not like eggs[Music][Music]hi guys so honey I don’t know how to bein the frame where you can also just seethis this is the final product honestlymy first my first reaction like look atthat uh two ingredients let’s just tastetest bisque because um I don’t know if Ilike it honestly I don’t like I don’tlike it yeahmmm no mm-hmm okay so if you wanted ahealthy alternative to making pancakesthose are the two ingredients eggs and abanana and it tastes I don’t like it andthat is my final review for this vlog orthis cooking video if you guys want togive it a tryleave a comment below that saying youtried it and what your thoughts were Iwould love to know but honestly oh mygoodness I am going to use the extrabatter that I have of this to makeactual pancakes with the actual andjamya box mmm so yeah thanks guys forwatching don’t forget to Like andsubscribeand I’m only eating the rest of thisbecause I haven’t eaten breakfast yetand I’m hungry[Music]

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