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How to make Pancake Cereal

Showing you how to make Pancake Cereal

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Video Transcription

hey guys so today I’m making pancakescereal which is basically a minipancakes with syrup and toppings I useone egg a cup of milk and pancake mix solets blend it[Applause]so then you take a little bit of butterand you just powder you’re the toolyou’re using so not this point you canpour it into a any container that I’vesqueezable that you’ll squeeze yourpancake mix out onto your grill so we’regonna do that it’s not the bottle andthen yeah so at this point you’re readyto start adding them to the grill[Music]so I’ll get back to you and the finishedproduct and it’s all in the bowl so yeahguys so these are the top good yeah wellthese are the top as you can put there’sblueberries strawberries and bananas andsome maple syrup go baby zero so we putthem on top and yes we’ll come back toyou when we put our toppings on so thisis our final product with the toppingson it if you couldn’t tell in the fastmode Sigma GT cuz I don’t really knowwhat’s called like oh we were sort ofdumping everything and they’re clear sothank you guys so much for watching ourvideo today don’t forget to subscribeand like bye[Music]

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