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ESB Cooking: Pancakes

Ingredients – makes half dozen

1/2 egg
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp vanilla protein (optional)
1/8 tsp salt
1/8 tsp cinnamon powder
1 tbsp canola oil (or vegetable)

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Video Transcription

all right in this video I’m gonna giveyou a recipe for pancakes the firstthing we want to say is if you wereusing a boxed mix for pancakes whateverbrand it is stop doing it that stuff isdisgusting and never really cooks thatthe way that you want it to all right sofirst what I’m going to do is just takeyou through the ingredients that I usewhen I make pancakes I’m making likesmall batch which is like maybe half adozen is all I’m gonna end up makingthere so anything to do here you canjust double up the recipe in fact theweirdest part here is like as far as theegg I only use half of the egg when Imake this alright so your ingredientsyou’re gonna have half of an egg you’regonna do half of the cup of milk you’regonna do a half of a cup of flour you’regonna do a tablespoon of sugar I do atablespoon of protein powder and givesit a little bit more flavor and you knowprotein is pretty good for you so dothat you’re gonna do a teaspoon ofbaking powder don’t mistake that forbaking soda it’s got to be a bakingpowder so one teaspoon of that salt andthe cinnamon these I just have like alittle bit of a shake of each one ofthose you use pink salt when I’m cookinghere which I think tastes a little bitbetterall right so at this point in that mostof the stuff to make slept here the onlything that I’m gonna have added in isthe salt and the cinnamon so you couldget an idea of about how much I actuallyput in that so all right salt see thisactually shows up and it’s just yeahit’s just a couple shakes like what willbe all its gonna do is enhance flavorthat you have with all the sweet stufflike this sugar and the protein powderall right cinnamon this one you shouldbe able to see here all right so aboutthat much there’s a couple shades yeahand that’s just gonna have a little bitof flavor coming in things just a littlebit all right yeah one additionalingredient I forgot to include in theoriginal part here was oil when I couldpay use canola or because there’s anapple flavor to italthough we often don’t use that you canuse vegetable oil definitely don’t useolive oil because you know just like allthose alright for this I do about atablespoon and maybe a little bit lessusually what you can do is you can seeabout how much it fills in that spot soyou know you can estimate about atablespoon you don’t need to do too muchone minute all right at this point I geteverything mixed up texture wise you dowant to be a little bit of running onhere so yeah if you mix like everythingup and for some reason that comes out alittle bit thicker than what you seehere what I would do is just adding alittle bit of milk then add more oil butjust added a teeny bit of milk doesn’ttake that much to strive to thin it outalright pan oh by the way I know my panlooks disgusting there don’t ever buythese color fans or stick to stainlesssteel or just get like the black Teflonones because these things as soon as youcook something with oil that’s all thatstuff is is stuck on it alright I’ve gotthis heater too can’t really tell herebut I gotta heat it to medium sometimesI go just a little bit under there youdon’t want it too hot otherwise it’sgonna cook the outside too fast so youcan hear there that it’s ready to gommm the main thing is you don’t want tocook the outside light too fast becausein the insides gonna end up being andrunning in there okay what we’re gonnado with the pancake I don’t know fill so- all in the video here but most peoplewithin you as they wait for the bubbleswhich I basically do wait for thebubbles but but in addition to that whatI’m doing is I’m watching the kind ofthe sheen of the pancake once it startsto lose that that real shininess littlebit more of a dole or matte fit likematch nothing to look to it once it getsto that point that’s gonna be a bettertime to to flip this overokay so you can see there we get in thebubbles still a bit shiny and shouldn’ttake much longer there that’s probablythe right time usually the first pancakeis oil enough the pan so want to becareful with that one you need to flipit alright so if you wait the rightamount of time there wait for thebubbles wait for that Sheen to go youdidn’t get that nice kind of goldencolor if you start getting pancakes alittle bit darker than thatthis is good your pans getting a bithotter just turn it down a tiny bitmm-hmm I think kind of go through thesame process and you’ll try to see themnot get so dark on the outside that asfar as when it is time to actually takeit off where you kind of use your watchthe edges when you start to see a littlebit of browning happening at the endyou’re not gonna see them to film herbut when she starts seeing a little bitof browning on the edges that’s aboutright you’d also think like roughlyabout the same amount of time that theother side is a safe bet for this guyall right all right there you go you canget that nice color to the bottom ofthis alright that is how you makepancakes from scratch it’s a whole lotcheaper the grits are usually in yourhouse already and and they’re gonna beconsistently good in your little worriedabout like the mixture to it okay enjoyyouha

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