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Heafie Waffles

Heafie’s best way to make waffles (not 21 pancakes!)

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hello my name is Heath and this is myfirst episode from my channel he’s gonnachef and we’re gonna have a great daytoday we are going to make today we’regoing to be making 21 pound cake it’stwo cups right there now we’re all rightnow[Music]use the whisk whisk it around or maybemaybe like well more than half probablynot good anybody think it looks good cuzI think it does next ingredient is Idon’t think a lot of people knows yeah Idon’t think a lot of people know thisit’s a cat full of them now we’re goingto pour this in don’t get it too hot I[Music]think that might be a little too much[Music]all we have to do is wait all right[Music]look at this it’s the best well that ispretty weird shape though right forwaffles mm-hmm I am so ready to eat thisdelicious waffle y’all click that littlesubscribe button below and I’m gonna seeyou latergood bye[Music]

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