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Lauren making pancakes 2 Full Video

For this video I made a part 2 to “Lauren makes pancakes” but with crepes better camera quality and way better editing and an actual thumbnail.

💖Pancake Batter recipe:
500ml – Milk
3 – Eggs
225g – Flour
25g – sugar
2cl (1 Tbs) – Oil
Pinch of salt
Drop of vanilla extract
— Leave in Fridge for About 2H —

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]have one Lauren here and welcome topancakes video soon we’re makingpancakes so I’m gonna suffer from themilk right into the bowl because youknow it’s fast apps then I’m gonna grabmy flour sugar and salt looking cringeI’m just going to pull that right intothe bowlyou’re still still the cringe and thenI’m gonna grab three eggs you know threeeggs actually making absolute masterthen by the way get up soot all over thekitchen then I’m gonna grab a tablespoonfor my olive oil so you know thisactually goes quite well I don’t pourtoo much in I’ll do an actual tablespoonnot three and then this is the best partof the video by the way guys just gottawait for it it’s hilarious so I grab myvanilla extract it’s not vanilla that’sactually red dye so then I’ll have toactually go get the actual vanillaextract and I come back and lift them upso your head off because I was about toput red dye in the pancakes it’s notopen or extracts guys pour it in as youcan see you know one drop I’ll put likeway too much him but then I had Irealized I could have been putting for adie and said so it could be a lot worseclose the lid on it and then this is mesaying the recipes in the descriptionbut I can’t do that apparently so hereis three minutes of me mix in the butterI’m kidding I spread it open massage sothen this is the consistency of it quiteliquidy that’s good and then I grab myfacet and I walk over to the fridge Iopen the fridge door and I’ve realizedthere’s no room in the fridge so I putit right down here and I’ve got to closethe fridge door and it doesn’t closesimple um B I grab my butter again Iwalk over to the microwaveopen the microwave door put the butterin there and close againfridge would work a lot but that’s goodas welloh boy add quick quick quick oh waitfails you can see all the marks fromwhere I just completely fail see itlooks like it’s burning on this sideit’s just there mm-hmm all right allright that’s good enough to flip okaythis did not fail actually that’s quitegoes I thought that what she passed me abitch call it that I forgot right[Music]completely plain because we lost focusactually on sale actually I’ll get thatreally wellso ice crispy crab all right thank youI’m watching this video and don’t forgetto subscribe like the video bye[Music]

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