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Are Baked Pancakes Just Cakes?

Is a hot dog a sandwich? Are cupcakes just frosted muffins? Most importantly if you bake a pancake is it just a cake? Well I guess you could say we certainly tried it! Try this awesome spin on pancakes at home and let me know what you thought in the comments below!

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Video Transcription

dude if pancakes are just cakes baked ona pan if you bake a pancake isn’t just acake dude alright so if we’re gonna dosome pancakes we need a good pancakebatter I’m pretty good at winging it butI’ll try to get back to yourmeasurements okay into a big boy Bowlyou’re gonna dump two cups of flour andthen the rest of the bag because yourealize it’s almost empty and we wantthree cups anyway two tablespoons ofbaking powder two teaspoons of salt atablespoon and a half of sugar then mixup the dry ingredients a lot like waymore than I didI definitely under did it here then makea well in the middle time for the wetstuff now add two cups of milk and maybea little more if we need it a couple ofeggs refrain from testicle jokes most ofa stick of butter maybe six ounces popthe egg and mix the wet stuff on topbefore combining it with the dry stuffunderneath be careful not to mix toomuch now because apparently that’s thething it needs to be combined with nodry clumps but just barelyalways tasted for quality unless you’reafraid of eggs after that just let ithang out in the fridge for 10 to 15minutes for good luck and we can heatthe oven up to I don’t know let’s go 375I’ve never baked a pancake beforeamazing what looks like a six inch pinbut it might actually be five inchesnobody knows where to measure fromanyway at the bottom top but whatever itis it doesn’t matter save a little bitof the mix for later so we can make apancake and have something to compare toand we’ll just dump this all into a wellsprayed cake and I’m gonna throw thisinto the oven for 30 minutes again I’venever done this before so it sounds goodanother pet for good luck now it’s timeto do the pancake up top medium-highheat your pancake will start to bubbleand have a nice firm edge when it’sready to flip dude you wanna see me flipthis without a spatulaok never mind him no Pat for good luck[Music]dude she can’t have a cake withoutfrosting you’re right dude you can’thave a cake without frosting gonna addsome butter and peanut butter and syrupinto a bowl and then microwave it so Ican dump it on top dude you’re gonnatake a nice baseline test this pancake[Music]drop the bedroom in up got the goodshere sticking out of thisall right as far as I can say it is justlike a pancake surprise right it’s kindof got the consistency cornbread like areally moist warm bread like it’s goodcornbread so you would eat a lot of itdefinitely not take so that kind ofblows the whole thing but I was goingfor here but I tried it all right likeit’s good good good yeah I would makethis if I can make a cake for like fivepeople I would do one pancake cake asopposed to five pancakes is it quickerand then maybe not but it’s better in myopinion that that frosting some goodstuff like I’m definitely gonna keepeating it I do have one note don’t dothe toothpick test and rely solely onthat hook the toothpick in it comes outclean oh it’s good right not this Ipoked it like five times came out cleanevery time and took it out of the panand it just collapsed dude imagine if ithad peanut butter in it already did Ijust have a three-way conversation withmyself Stone squared yes yes I did andall three of us at the subscribe andlike button and you should do the sameyou should comment too that’s actuallyjust as important but that’s all I’vegot for you this week I’ll catch younext time

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