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Buttermilk Pancakes From Scratch — Cook With Jason & Marisa

Watch as Jason & Marisa make delicious buttermilk pancakes from scratch, the perfect way to start a weekend.

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Video Transcription

they were alivethe messagehello oh wait I got a turn on the chatso we can see it almost hello stillhellookay yeah okay I like it you got alreadyI know but like you clean the kitchenand I knowso we today want to make pancakes sowe’ve been what’s up everybody how youdoing what’s what’s newokay[Laughter][Music]okay so well let’s get our ingredientstogether so we’ve got all this over heremaybe so you can read okay so we needall purpose flour yeah we need bakingpowder baking soda we need saltbuttermilk sour cream that’s that’s atwist two large eggs here threetablespoons of unsalted butter that’swhat you put in there yep and vegetableoilwhat’s up Jack how’s your Sunday alreadythere what y’all doing have you been howwas your week anybody okay so we’ve gothow do we do this so we’re going towe’re doing something new which is thatwe’re doing a recipe that neither one ofus knows how to make and we don’t reallyknow how this is gonna function but myguess is we’re gonna argue a lot sostrap in let’s see we’ve done thesewe’ve done have cakes before Jesus spraywater rag inside rimmed baking sheetwith vegetable spray no no I need thebutter want the butter melts I want tohelp all right oh yeahhey what’s up Tony good to see you haveyou been okay so maybe we should readthis I know this is why I can’t puttogether anything so we have thisproblem where Marissa is frequentlycaught in these like super frustratingsituation where she’s like I can’t workthis thing is terrible it doesn’t workat allI just can’t figure this thing out youdo it and then I come over and I lookand I read the directions and I push onebutton it works and she’s like how didyou do that I’m like I’ve read thedirect it says right here what’s I justsaw the line how you doing you don’twant me to report your bad habit sowe’re making buttermilk pancakeswe made pancakes we make pancakes everyonce in a while but would not make thesethis specific recipe Jason really likesto read through the recipe before we dothings which is smart I just want to getI got all the ingredients out I feellike I’ve got all the front work we arefirst preheating the oven to 200 degreeswe’re not exactly sure why it prettysure that’s just to keep things hotwe’re making some assumptions it’s atwist so we’re gonna whisk together theflour the sugar almost all the dry stuffokay so flour sugar all the dry stuffyes I read it out and I’ll get the wispquick basically what I’m thinking isthat we can get all the pieces in snapsit’s normally when I make actually withbaking I do this pretty wellI read the recipe twice before I startedtwo cups so I swear a lot less two cupsyeah to those okay and then twotablespoons of sugar we’ve got we’ve gota period where we have to let these thisdough rest so we’re gonna make a littlesmoothie too so that we have like somevegetables and fruit in here ratioswrong these are gonna be terrible notbaking fine as long as we get the bakingpowder and baking soda right it’s fine Ican’t read that by the way I can’t dothis I checked I tried to get my eyeschecked and then we have to stay at homecan you read it Kokichi glassesokay tables two tablespoons of sugarthere are going to be some baking powderand baking okay 1/2 teaspoon 1 teaspoonof baking powder all right so here’s myteaspoon yeah okay so that’s my bakingpowder then we need 1/2 2 or 1/2teaspoon of baking soda and salt youhave the 1/2 teaspoonyou’ll notice from Jason made coffee inadvance todayyeah values his life and so we’ve talkedabout this before but you know we shouldactually do some research and figurewhat is the difference putting in myhalf tbsp salt 1/2 teaspoon 1/2 teaspoonI’m using didn’t know I didn’t alreadydo this what are you doing what are yougonna have to you spoon of salt you justsaid no I didn’t would you okay so nowwe’ve got our flour sugar baking powderbaking soda and salt all in this yeahI mean you want me to turn it up hot wecan also put it in a hand for a secondthey put it in a saucepan[Music]so we’re kind of rushing that so thatmight go poorly for us I guess you havelike just look in here it’s like nothingis groot there’s no rhyme or reason ifanything gets further back than the veryfront row you forget that it exists andwe’ll never use it I mean we want to getit redone so that it’s a little easierto organize I think what we’re gonna dois get little wire racks that we canpull out like drawers yeah so that it’skind of contextually grouped like here’sof making a rack full of baking stuff arack full of oils rack full of vinegarsso that when we need stuff we can kindof pull out the rack and go through itthe whole pantry is a great design alsowatch so this is the pantry door youcan’t open the drawer all the way evenlike when we when we moved in you wereso excited about this pantry so also Iwant to point out something else okay socheck this out this isn’t it this is anamazing thing where the spices fit intothis door okay so great we came in wesaw this in thekitchen we were like oh my god it’sbuilt for us we’re cooks and then werealize this this piece of woodperfectly covers the labels yeah it’sthe label of so many sizeable the onlyway we can figure out what these urns isreally so you can only scan the onesthat are written on the top and then youcan’t see you can’t even see enough ofthe spice to know what it is that’s allright we can identify some of the spicesif we were able to see them well enoughapparently Tony’s spice room in hiscabinet that sounds okay so now we’vegot we’ve got a preheated oven oh weneed to preheat the wire rack in thatsheet so what I’m pretty sure this isfor is that as we make pancakes we’regonna put them into the oven to keepwarm because you can only do one sothat’s going to help us keep thesepancakes one probably or we’re makingpancakes yeah yeah when we call thisbatter a hold of our wire that[Music]we move my coffee further and furtheraway from okay so then I just figured wecould do it in that hole we could whiskwith a buttermilk sour cream let’s do myguess is that is exactly a porterokayboom baby pretty close pretty closepretty close back go aheadI’m not wait for gravity to do its thingit’ll settledon’t know look this is we need two cupsof buttermilk i I don’t know what I wasthinking well this this is just two cupsof buttermilk so we don’t need tomeasure[Music]oh yeah thanks oh Jesus16 4h pancakes whoops wait hold on46 what that serves sort of thing Ohprobably great question what do youthink Jack can you freeze pancake batterI mean I guess we’re gonna find out inmy defense it was above the rest of therecipe and I just didn’t see it it’sokay all right so we’ve got our sourcream and our our buttermilkwe need our eggsso yeah compost bins are a wonderfulthing so then we need the butter but itso it’s it’s cold slightly do youbelieve this is cooled slightly enoughif you can put your finger in it youdon’t want to cook the egg and then I’mpushing this as well[Music]oh and then we’re gonna okay okay thenwe’re gonna make a well in the flourwe’re gonna make a well in the flour allright so we’re gonna taste it taste itdid you ever taste the butter melt likeyou son you’re gonna Ohsour okay make well and center of dryingredients for it in wet ingredientsstir gently until just combined powershould remain lumpy with a few streaksof flour okay where can use the bakingspecial a little bit a julep there’s nobig shelf parts in here no I am I amcertain that I did not do thator you know like save some for laterlike say that you accidentally started arecipe that’s supposed to serve four tosix people and there’s only two of youbecause you can’t have anybody over Ithink we just try right like we can justtake it we just take the batter andfreeze it and if we matter oh we canjust put three people to support sixbabies okay now we wait wait we may knowwell oh yeah we’ve made a well so Ithink this is visible so we basicallyjust mounted all the dry ingredients onthat outside and that gives us sobasically what we’re trying to do I’mgonna I’m going to tell you what I thinkis happening then you can tell me if I’mwrong so wrongokay so if we put the wet ingredients onthe outside then we have to do a lotmore stirring so what we’re trying to dois we’re trying to get the liquid intolike a pocket of dry ingredients so thatwhen we start everything in we’re tryingto do the minimum starting to get thingscombined am I correctokay but I’ve seen this done with pastaas well like when you make pasta fromyeah yeah so so yeah so we soak whatI’ve seen this some of the pasta whirlyyou you literally just start on thetable top you make a pile of flour andthen you put a well it and then gin seeya our friend gins II just did she justdid hand pulled an old so like you getthe you make the dough and then you kindof like pull them out like this reallylong and then you fold them in half andindeed they’re really good we’ve had onthere’s a Korean spot near us that doesthey call it do Kuby I don’t probablypronouncing mats but do could be noodlesand it’s kind of like it’s like theycall me beef with these hand-pullednoodles and then a bunch of vegetablesand sauces absolutely delicious if youcan find it like at a Korean barbecuespot check it out hey what’s up Nikkiyeah okay so we have our dry ingredientsor wet ingredients and we are I believeready to roll right yeah so this isgonna have to rest for 10 minutes afterwe yeah so we are gonna maketogether and then it it tells you toleave a little bit of flour in it likeyeah and then the this recipe and all ofthe pancake recipes that we’ve used hereyou let them stick for 10 minutes andthat is so that they combined so you’vegot the baking stone in the bakingpowder and you want it and in this casebuttermilk as well you want those to sitin combine and like kind of work on eachother and it changes the texture of thebatter which will should be able to showactually yeah so why would you do thatlike I have some theories but I’mcurious if you read why yeah I haven’tread why it works my assumption is thatyou’ve got a bunch of acid and fat mixedtogether and you’re trying to get someof the like gluten from the flour tostart to form a little bit and so youlet it rest in order for it to like sitand be able to form those structures andwe don’t do that by stirring because wedon’t want chewy right because the moreyou stir a flour make sure the moreLewton develops make it it gets likeshoot you so late yeah late that’s whyI’m trying to think of a really shittything like like ciabatta bread yeah youneed the hell out yeah and it turns intosomething really like really chewy andthat’s good like that’s what you wantand she bought it it’s not what you wantto pancake so you basically want to likenot stir yeah I think so so we’reletting the acid where work ofdeveloping this versus kneading correctI think okay we may have made all ofthat this is all done Jason science ourexperiments okay here we gomake a well in the center pour in wetingredients I mean don’t splash itstirring so I just you’re kind ofholding it in so we’re gonna come upfrom the bottom and just bring thespatula Oh Derek actually has has somesome information here so acid bakingsoda makes carbon dioxide ah so we’retrying to get air make sense now wouldthat would explain what these are superflipping pancakes well we don’t know forsure we think so yeah the other recipethat we follow the superflous TV I thinknext week we might try and still lovethese freaks floor so check us outso what we’ve got here is like thisdoesn’t look done right I don’t I thinkyou can see this so there’s like somedry flour here it’s pretty lumpy myinstinct would be to keep stirring thisa whole lot more and bad instinct iswrong because like we said the more youstir these the tougher the pancakes aregonna be and we want like we want bigfluffy pancakes so yeah this is this isgoing to be real good so yeah so we’regonna let that sit for 10 minutes do youhave a timer or something so well that’sit for 10 minutes in the meantimemeanwhile we’re going to medium heat sowe’ve got this griddle thing that we’regoing to use so this griddle is reallygood for pancakes it just sits acrosstwo burners on our stowaway positionthis so that you can see it and soactually it gave me just one secondchecked it I don’t need to repositionthe camera here can y’all see thenothing not making a big mess let’s goover this waywe can do whatever whatever you wantyeah cool all right I’m just trying toget our camera lighting is just one ofthe I don’t actually know what thecompanies call I’ve always been sayingfotodiox and then chef Brian made fun ofme for that yesterday so I might bewrong but it’s just one of the 18-inchflapjacksturns it all the way up to try to givethe kitchen some brightness but no Milanwe’re not doing that where we’refollowing the recipe where we’retrusting the process okay so the otherthing that I want to do is I want tomake some breakfast sausage so we’ve gotthis this breakfast sausage here andthis is a from tales and trotters inlocal butcher butcher in Portland and itis a Lincoln whiskey maple so they putsome maple syrup bourbon little brownsugar other stuff and this is a reallygood practice awesome so the way that Ilike to cook breakfast sausage is I takecan you get me a glass of water likethat Charlotte just just like full sowhat I like to do with this is I willtake a better big burner here so thenI’m going to add some waterlike a quarter inch or so in the bottomof the pan all right and I’m just goingto put the sausage right into itgive it a little bit of breathing roomso that the sausages aren’t touchingeach other and then I’m gonna cover itonce I can find my lid and so the reasonfor covering it is that we will thatwater to boil and steam and then thatthat steam will actually cook the centerof the sausage and then once we get alittle bit closer to pancake time I’lltake the lid off we’ll let the waterboil out and then we’ll get a sear onboth sides of the sausages so that theyhave they’ve got that caramel tation onas welllet’s see so Nikki’s asking are webaking all of the pancakes and storingthem in the fridgeonly baking the ones we eat I’m sorrywhat’s your I think we should make themwhole and then put them in the fridge Idon’t know I don’t know I don’t knowwhat the batter is gonna do if it stickslonger than the ten minutes that’s myonly concern if anyone has a suggestionI’ll try it because I do we wouldn’tmake all of them but I don’t know whatit’s gonna happen to the batter I feellike I had a suggestion you ignored yoursuggestion my what happened yeah no I Ithink I think what so we can do it twowaysI think it will keep overnight what’s inthe fridge so we can just make pancakesfor breakfast tomorrow and I think thatwould be okay I think if we cook themall and freeze them they might be okaythey’re also the waffles are completelythe waffles are probably differenthow do they come power they they are youmake them and then you freeze thepancakesyeah I mean I think fresh is alwaysgonna be be the top of where we’re thebatter would settle and lose air we’lljust like throwingone one time we can show is not theanswer to everything I think you’rewrong for everythingwe’ll have to do yeasted waffles onetime because those let’s do that nextwork amazing if you can freeze them nextweek we will do waffles and we will wewill show you it’s gonna be a littletricky because you have to make thebatter the night before so what we’regonna do is probably what we did withthe cookies where we do like a batchtoday before and abashed the day afterso we’ll make a batch and then pull outthe H batch to the foot but thosewaffles are so good and they’re so funand then we got we got a good wafflemaker kind of on a whim we it was likebefore the quarantine and stuff happenedbut we’ve been kind of creating wafflesand like people aren’t very good therelike one or two places where you can geta good waffle but it’s never like heyhere’s a great wafflehere’s a waffle covered in cheese withsome whipped cream and you know it’slike just maybe I just want wafflethough and so we decided we would figureout how to make our own and it turns outthat was the right call because ourwaffles are better than yeah the onlyballs I’ve had that I like more werewhen I was in Belgium and I got likefresh made Belgian waffles[Music]all right so we another three minutesleft to go on the I feel like sosometimes we have smoothies tosupplement our it’s a good way to spenda lot of veggies yeah like you can put atape you can put a huge amount ofspinach into a smoothie and you don’teven taste the spinach and it’s greatlike we just it’s such a good way tolike sneak veggies in okay so I’m gonnastart creating this the good thing aboutthis recipe is that we can clean whilewe wait I’m always a fan of that so I’mjust getting my the our oven isn’t greatso we can tell like the the dials don’tmatch the the burners so we just kindahave to eyeball when the burners are thesame oh is that what you were doingyeah so then I’ve got some vegetable oilhere you go we don’t have a toaster ovenso that’s that’s kind of like I kind ofsee the the oven and the broiler asbeing catch-all for all of them yeahthere’s an exposed element that sitsright on top of the thing and so youknow it’s it’s effectively a miniaturestandalone brotherno comment kosher bomb you can’t reallyyeahyou can’t step ours it’s either omen islike a convection out of the way I don’tknow I don’t I don’t I’ve actually neverhummed it toaster oven I’ve only usedother people’s I don’t never have atoaster oven or well there are likenormal ovens can have convection sothese sausages are starting to lookreally goodthe water’s boiling up provide us withthe device to receive the smell one ofthe ways that we’ve been passing time inwarranting as we’ve been watching a tonof videos on YouTube on how to cook sowe we’ve had a really good time with theAmerica’s Test Kitchen is great we’velearned how to make this is America’sTest Kitchen there’s some really goodstuff we learned how to do tortillas howto do there was a sourdough recipe thatwe were just kinda watching to see whatthey did differently we learned likedifferent fish recipes there’s there’s alot of cool stuff on that and I wouldhave paid good money to be able to smellwhatever we watch one guy make carnitasmmm corn masa tortillas that was anotherAmerica’s Test Kitchen I want to trythat I’m gonna try those the tortillaswith the masa because then we can getmasa from rubber yeah yeah I wanna so welearned so I learned that tortillas aremade with lardso youyou are you’re not actually usinglike the lard is your binding agentwhich is fascinating and explains whyelectric I made tortillasare all right yeah so this is this feelslike medium to me so I’m gonna get thisbatter I don’t know I kind of trouble sosorry you can hopefully see there is alot of air in there now it’s so you’reright all that carbon dioxide beingcreated from sitting there’s still somestreaking of flour but that’s okay whatwe’ll mix it one more time before westart using anything okay so I’m justgetting some oil on our griddle so thethings don’t stick and we’re ready torock and roll whatever you are there’s aquarter so it says to use that quartercup measuring cup I’ve used that beforeand it’s very hardI don’t need a big spoon I would say totwo of these is a quarter cup scooplet’s scoop into a quarter cup for thefirst one it’s just waterI always have trouble putting these onthe journal so so let’s let’s figure outI mean have mounted is this ready to golike can I do the first one so I’m goingto do one scoop two scoops and it’sabout a quarter cup so I’m gonna do I’mgonna do I’m using the fish yeah getdown and then should I spread these outI’m gonna give them a little spread Ibelieve oh yeah if you can meet up withcrepes how do you kind of do thatyeah I would try this all right let metry this oneyou you make fun but remember last nightwhen we were or the other night when youwere cooking and you did the rightamount of everything I gave you a bunchof sound effects to try and it works Ifeel like we should mix these a littlebit more because there’s definitely likewell there’s like legit on mixed flourthe other the other recipe that we usefor this that doesn’t have thebuttermilk it tells us to mix it rightbefore me right before we put includethat or we didn’t mix enough butI yeah a little excitement okay so theselook like they are getting closer[Music][Music][Music][Applause]sorry no no this set the house on fireokay all right so this is close theseare are these[Music][Music][Music][Music]we yeah so our arms are the the nextones which are really nice and yeah youknow I mean what we’ve learned aboutcooking on cast iron is it a lot oftimes when you sear anything it’s gonnasmoke up like if we do steak and stuffso we’ve kind of taken to cooking oursteaks and stuff outside on the grillwhich oh you know what we can do nowthat it’s sunny out we can do the showsoutside I mean we’ll see if ago this wasraining today but we go do[Music][Music]No[Music]so I was just giving a shot like it’sit’s lower now – yeah[Music]huh you told me to stop stirring yeahEco had people Apollo make sure whatwe’re gonna do I was looking at I waslooking at like what the easiest setupwould be to to keep experimenting withthis format without having to go likefull production studio and so that isthe thought that we have is if we dolapel mics well we think we needwireless ones or else we’re gonna tripall over so so wireless lapel mics andthen I want to get a better qualitywebcams that’s actually cooked to thecomputer so that we can see plate we canmonitor is that weight on to crawl linedit to figure out if I’m in Z or whateverand then I’d also like to get one that’smounted like facing down at the cuttingboards you can see our hands I looked atwhat it would take to move my rig aroundand it’s I think it’s doable but I justit doesn’t feel practical like it feelslike it would be so much of a hasslethat I stopped doing it so I’m trying tofigure out how to how to lower thatbarrier a little bitwell that one’s right maybe just use thefront[Music][Music][Music]all right first try this is our firstlittle sad pancake let’s see if it evencooked all the way through oh it didoh it’s beautiful but the inside looksgood the flavors good we get the cookright these are gonna be great pancakesPlaygirl ray lahoodokay so we can cook these oh so this isgreat because it’s like it’s fluffy it’sgot that tang in the acidity it’sbecause of cook too fast so if we getthe if we get the temperature of thegrill right feel like this happens everytime widows are hard especially the cashanimals because they take along the wildokay I think maybe not that might beperfectyou know I need your okay I think thisis right I think that one’s still wrongin the middle because when you hold itit was it was so try another one at thatsuper here yeahI meaneven a little bit burnt a so like thatmake it yeah I just I’ll take minemedium rareanybody got tips I’ll take them I’m notgreat at pancakeshey there weird weird cooking and bakingMarissa is a very good Baker becausewhen things have rules and they alwayswork the same way drives right I am agood cook because I really like chaos iI really struggle when I have to doeverything exactly the same way andMarissa really struggles when if there’snot I know I it’s we got a good tip fromTony the edges are gonna dry out andthat’s what I’ve seen to is like it willsee right here though is that by thetime that happens Melbourne so I don’tknow but that’s why we turned it down soI think it’s gonna work out really otherthing impatience is not my strong suityeah this is this is our ongoing fightis I’m like willing put something on theon the grill or on the griddle and she’slike I’m gonna blow going like stop thatdon’t you touch that you think it needsto be done like just wait[Music]oh the word of dumbness like blue bluesand nah think we I don’t know I reallyI can’t remember itmy French is not great but yeah I knowI’m not great immunes non-existent no Ispeak like I speak like jeez he speakscheese yeah that countslet’s eat look I think you know it’s solike now that son of a biscuit risingyeah we’re still okay so we’ll touch itdown a little bitit’s rising though okay so now when weflipped it it’s like very clearly risingup yeah that’s cool yeah these are gonnabe really fluffy pancakes which isawesome luckily we have many attempts totry because this is not a really greatokaywe’re learningthe nice thing about cooking especiallywhen you’re doing a shop like this is ifsomething goes wrong you just cut itopen look at your mistakes see this onethis one’s this one’s not done so youcan see that the inside it didn’t fluffit’s still doughy right so I don’t Idon’t even think I’m not good withpatience feels like they take a longtimewell I meanwell it seems like they should cook bestbecause they can weigh different eventsfor I think the bake without touching soI already turned the griddle down waylower than I thought I went the butterthe butter is you get to do that solet’s do that I’m gonna get where’s thatcold butter so I went through like nottoo burnt and maybe that’s the maybethat’s the one so let’s uh let’s usewe’ve got some cold butter well let thissoak up some of the heatit’s pretty day longyeah blame the equipment there’s a tadbit hotter on one side yeah there’s aappointment problem we’ll see how thatgoesall right so let’s try that let’s seelet’s see if we can get herself oneviable pancake for the end of the nightI will say that normally we don’t havethis much Tony what is the what’s theelasticity test I’m not familiar withthat this is not a programming stream ohyeah I tried that the problem so theserise up like juice and wanna show howthick those are like they’re rising upnow which is good but the top doesn’ttell us as much of the side and theproblem is the top is cooking fasterthan the mill because the griddle is toohot obviously yeah so these are gettinglike really really done on top butthey’re not cooking through and sothey’re still like this one is betterthan the last one we’re getting whatwe’re getting closerwe’ll get one viable pancake that’s thegoal today I think we should we shouldget enough so we can eata little bit this one’s gonna be alittle misleading – because water on thegriddle I know but we’ll still be ableto tell him I’m watching the side likeover here like higher up yeah drying outlike you said I think we didn’t mix itenough to begin with you Minimum Viablepancake I knowwe need a pancake expert like Derrick tocome in and keep helping uscast iron pan that’s a good idea it’sjust a big those are those are good so Ihave my the challenge that I have withlike everything in the kitchen is that Ihate buying things that only do onething because like like we got a waffleiron right and and we got that becausewe have we talked to we we spent twoyears saying we’re never in a viableiron it’s silly a silly purchase asingle-purpose kitchen gadget and likework that’s correct it is asingle-purpose gadget and when we likewe use it and if we ever get sick ofwaffles we will literally never use thatagain there’s no other purpose for itbut like a cast iron pan a duck job inan instant pot like those are the sortsof things that you will use over andover and over again give it a flip let’ssee what that is looking way betterit’s that looks butter fries with thatlook but so it’s you know it’s a it’sgot a lake that’s a good point thoughthat a crepe pan could be used for likepizza or cookies and stuff – that’sthat’s not it that’s not a bad see thatone’s pretty good it’s not I mean it’snot done again but like once we once weget it quit eating the mistakessausageI want these to cook rightyeah I don’t know about that would makeyet on what like the putting bread in awaffle maker like I’ve seen okay sothere’s nothing that whole thing aboutall of the ways you can use your wafflemaker yeah but have you seen what peoplewho like put hash browns in like I’m notsaying you can’t you know you can do itbut it just is lovelike maybe it’s because they’re toothick I mean you could give them alittle spoon well I tried and then itwould give it more of a scoophow’re your pancakes sirTony what’s the what’s the perfectpancake size yeah he was a help dear godhelp us he says a hot bath pic nah okaywell the batter’s thickwell yeah but I think we got a stupidhere let me try oneI’m gonna do the next one when it’sgonna be perfect and you’re gonna be sohappy I hope it was really bad I have achameleon bush that is due for somepruning but it keeps raining and itkeeps avoiding it’s pruning okay so herewe go I’m gonna do Oh a Dutch baby bigscoop let’s see how that goesit’s super thick batterwhat is the Dutch baby approach I’venever actually made one I haven’t eitherthey just baked pancake that using thesides of the pan to rise oh so they canfill one of our skillet TV yeah I thinkthey make it you it’s real it’s sweeterthough right even than a normal pancakeI thought and it like rises up and haveall that air in it I’ve never eaten itI’ve just seen them yeah I heard thatHelzer is on Alberta Kazem but not onthe weekendswhat a silly baby yeah they have it ontheir menu and you can’t get them lotsof egg in a Dutch babyI think everybody’s lost the threatthat’s okay looks a lot bettergood now I see learned helplessness nowwe’ll just do pancakes all the time nowwaitingoh my gosh they take so longokay so I mean this looks this looksbetter yeah it still got kind of a funkycooking pattern I don’t know if that’sno it’s because the it’s because it’snot all incorporated I think we didn’tstir okay well let’s let’s reincorporateright yeah let’s let’s see what happenslike this pancake versus the next onethat I’m going to stir more there’s theflour in there yeah okay so I think Ithink the lesson that we learned herethat takeaway for next time is that whenthey say streets of flour they don’tmean a lot of it so we’ve won this samerecipe but without butter and it tellsyou to have the streaks of flour in itand we left about that many when I didthat last time I left about that manystreaks and it reincorporated sosomething when there’s either like I didit slightly different today or thebuttermilk makes it slower or somethingbut the streaks were the same amountthat I’ve youso mmm something else went sidewaysTony’s having a good time I’m having agood timewell I’m glad you’re joining this makesme nervous because none of them arereally working yeah Iko Iko thinks we’veunder mix it a little bit to what yeahwhich seems reasonable this okay so thislooks like yeah that looks like apancake I mean this that the top of thematter dudeit seems better right like it doesn’tfeel like if you feel the outside whereit’s going to be more cooked I rememberlike well I’m looking at this I do youwant got this yeah let’s cut this andsee oh my god well okay we don’t eatthat I guess can still look at it that’sgo through yeahokay so this is our floor pancake floorpan is is goodalright so she’ll carry like a spoonfulof something across the whole damnkitchen yes I did indeed flip thatpancake grant to the floor so secondroll but it’s been a couple days sincewe cleaning the floor Tony and Tonywould eat bad last pancake except forthe floor event or maybe because maybeincluding the floor thing what do youthink so neither flip our floor pancakes[Laughter]Oh Oh see we didn’t stop her own make itmessage telling you there’s probably onthe floors gross we made fried rice lastnight which is always a or we made friedrice for breakfast which dammitsurprisingly underrated breakfast foodfried rice we we use eggs and asparaguswhich was deliciousyeah Jason so we got a bunch ofasparagus cuz it’s in season here nowand we do that milk run every week andso that’s kind of seeillegible even they’ve been pushing Ilike asparagus Jason is very skepticaloh no I try to use I don’t know well Ilike experiment but asparagus has areally distinct texture and if you cookit wrongit gets stringy and it like I feel likestringy asparagus ruins anything so notknowing super well like I know how toget asparagus to taste good when I roastit that’s like the only way I know howto cook it Oh fire yeah like you coverit in a little bit of oil and salt youroast it until it blackens a little bitand it’s delicious every single timeI’ve never been disappointed by roastedasparagus or on the grill same thingwith butter or what let’s all say put itover the fire go until it blackens alittle bit it’s always delicious trypushing the Z approach it to see how itfeels he was saying when you did to seewhat the wrong one feels like and thennow I wonder if it’s maybe not this isthis is the game that I always play withthe grid always only you can kind offeel the the glue penis of it still soyou just you just caught three times ifyou need to go to the hospital all rightso we’re getting we’re getting a littlebit closer here these are starting tolook a little pancake here it looksslightly more done you know and when youdo the push test it feels a little morelike substantial I want to get a littlemorewe’re going to get a good pancake out ofthis batch all right let’s just let’sjust do it all right so I don’t know canyou see that this feels so funnyit seems done it’s very fluffy Tony sayshe thinks it’s done let’s go back itcomplicates time yeah this is so when weused to live a little closer a littlecloser just hold it right next to thecameramom they’re not working well he likesthe medium rare I like him a little moredone Tony someone’s got to tell me ifthis is working I’m just gonna leave ituntil somebody says yes yeah you’rewelcome[Music]I like him a little bit more than I likeI like that color on this one but I wanta little bit more done in the middlebecause this was like raw yeahthank you I mean he I think you wereright thank youall right so I’m gonna give it just atiny so I think I think we turned it ontoo high to begin with and then I haveit cool all the way back down yeah soall right so note we really just attacklike I touch about three are oh yeah howdo we top we I made a blueberry compoteso he had some leftover blueberries thatI was afraid was gonna go bad so when wemade we made waffles the other day Annathe blueberry compote just like I don’tknow ten minutes maybe Max and I putthat on with the butter oh it was sogood that’s that’s one of my favorites Ilove blueberry thoughbutter honey that’s a nice one you’vegot some good maple syrup in here thisis Bunker farm wood-fired maple syruptown it’s really nice I’ve enjoyed thisone a lot I’m also like I’m prettysimple about pancakes like I don’t likebig fancy pancakes with a bunch of stuffI know learning in public yes Robertthose are those are built-in storagedoors but they’re a lielook look these these built-in storagecabinets are perfect for spices untilyou need to read the label because Ican’t see the label without pulling itout so when you go spy something youhave to pull up every single walkway tofigure out which one you’re after andit’s terrible so where eventually whenwe we have plans like big plans to redothe kitchen and when we redo the kitchenthat’s something that we’re going toaddress is like how do we make thatactually useful as opposed to it looksuseful you know I feel like this is oneof those classically to unit tests 0integration test jokes looks bouncy doesit feel when you press it like does itfeel stilling it’s wet this to mehi[Music]because it seems like too soft I don’tknow it depends on howokay I I I don’t know that I have strongpreferences I think there’s there’s apretty big range between like birds andraw for me where I would consider it anacceptable pancake Jason actuallydoesn’t normally like pancakes becauseof the baking so the problem iseverybody to puts too much in right soyou end up with too much baking soda orbaking powder one it whichever one is abaking soda I think gives it that reallyoutlined taste and there’s always toomuch and it ends up like making thewhole pancake tastes like baking sodaand I really don’t like that question[Music]alright okay that was I guess it’sreally hot I’ll show you in a second Idon’t think that’s all the way done sotrying to give this one this yeah spreadthat one spreading and he’s gonna spreadit out a little more yeah so here’s thelast one so you can see it’s againbasically done in the middle and if youneed me to change looking go let me knowbecause Iand it’s pretty well donelet’s try one done alright so we’regonna put a little bit of butter on thisright Chris let’s see if we’veeffectively pancaked jason’s beencooking pancakes and I am house whatwe’re fighting I don’t think that welearned that I think we knew that whoaOh pancake masteroh what’s that now pancake master niceyes yeah yeahwill do curbside pickup in Portland yeahyou want to head this way yeah pancakemaster jason says clearly humorous yeahflew too close to the side then youchoke a kuris so that one’s too thinno look it cooked too much from thebottom so it didn’t happen Jesus justmade a pancake 40 okay so I’m gonna flipthis back side absolutely show what whatno let me try I’m not going to show thatlet me try againI don’t show off all right let’s trythisokay there’s honestly there might be anargument for why are you even a sandwichit’s a tortilla yeah I think it will beor something I will show you this assoon as it’s not super hot yesparticularly look here so what happenedwas it cooked from the bottom so when weflipped it there wasn’t any any batterto get in contact it was already cookedsolid so it basically just it yeah itdidn’t go it also hurt on this side it’sa little bitokay no fine wait that’s just my heartreaction yeah exactly it’s exactly thatwe’re still looking I do want to say acouple things one we made pancakesbefore and it’s never gone this bad I’mtrying to decide if it’s if it’s becausewe like change the rules well like wedid different patterns that’s the onlything we changed like week we made ncakes three or four times and the firstpancakes are always like okay well youknow they kind of get thrown awaythey’re not great but we’ve never hadthis much trouble I don’t know what’sgoing yeah I can’t tell like there’s apart of it that kind of makes me thinkthat I used too much butter and thebutter is it’s kind of burning andthat’s why we’re getting smoked becausebutter has a lower smoke point once itgoes past round goes to burn right howmany houses are gonna fight what it’stwo cups to applynow we did recipe right we got ouryeah these are not going well this oneis definitely looking better no it’s notit is this this looks burnt this side isdefinitely overdone this side is alittle overdone but it’s getting thatmore even coloring is not really wantsto the middle of it looks good thatwould help us what is happening I mean Ithink what is going on there is to acertain extent like the heat on this isjust someone else said that the griddleis too hot yeah the middle is too hotbut then we turned it way there rightnow and waterlook at you coming in for the wind rightwe walked around the kitchen like I hadthat just water on it yeah so this willbe a spray bottle of water good[Music]this is just so we’ve just suckedsomething out of this which is goodthat’s it good tip thank you yeah we’resorry about this mobile arm that happensto do much more than I’d like to admitwhich is why don’t you have the nest sowe can turn it off yeah it’s neverbecause something’s actually on fireit’s always because we’re not we startin one part I’ve started one fire bakingbread I was making that yet and you haveto get a lot of steam in the oven inorder to do that and so otherwise theydon’t crust properly and they’re notreally bad yet and so I was like how canI create more steam so I’ve done themtwice now and both times I tried to killmyselfthe first I was like okay I’ll createsteam by putting a dish in the oven andfilling into the water that seems allfine I put in the pyrex dish and youknow when you go to do something andyour brain like your brain tells you tostop but your body is already going andso that’s like it just can’t catch up Igot a pot full of cold water went topour it in and as my brain said oh godno my hand was already tipping it intothe dish and the dish explodedeverywhere I still to this day don’tknow how it didn’t cut my faceand we still to this day find pieces ofthat yeah in the airport there werethere were shards around me I don’t knowhow I didn’t cut my face so that was thefirst time and I was like well I’m notgonna do that again and so Steve thatmuch like it’s only when I bake breadand so it’s done to get some towels andput them on the bottom of a or put themon a baking tray and then wet it down soI did that I didn’t read any more thanwhat the recipe said to do I didn’t likelook how to do it properlyand so I lay this towel on the bottomyeah Tony there bubbles on this pancakeyeah I think this is this is almost so Ilay the the wet towels down and Jasoncomes in okay a little too early that’sokay I mean we can we can always cook ita little bit yeah the bubbles arepopping yeah and so we might have we nowlike I just heard a bunch of heat thegriddle and pour that water on so whatI’m not gonna do is turn the griddleback up so what I think may havehappened is when we pulled the heat outI thought it had come backbut actually so so anyway I put thosetalismans Jason comes in about 20minutes later and says I smell smoke itsmells like something’s on fire yeahwhat I said yeah and I said no no it’sthe steam from the baguette and I saidno that smells like fire yeah and shesaid absolutely not yeah don’tmicromanage me to get out of my kitchenI open the oven and all this black smokewalks out the alarm goes off you can’tturn it offbecause there’s so much smoke in thekitchen there’s a threshold for thatalarm where when there’s enough smoke itwon’t allow you to turn it off anymoredid that I take this the towel wasliterally on fire so we have a bakingsheet full of burning towel whilesitting in our backyard Marissa hasevery door and window in the house openit is like baking she’s like save thebaking sheet and I had that money and Itook the towel with the other and likethrew it out the door and then wipe thestamps on to put it out anyway that getsour turkey with steam is gonna be achallenge so I have my my third thingthat I haven’t tried yet this would workI read that you can get longer rocks andput water in a bowl with the lava rocksand lava rocks are gonna light on firebecause they were literally on fire tobe created in the first place I can’tcreate that Hawk of stuff so like whenit’s away like we didn’t have a firedepartment so that was good at leastwater in a cast iron is actually notoh the when I needed help the lava rockis is to keep the steam from boiling outall the water and so like cast-iron thewater would evaporate within that first20 or so but they are doing how do youput the water in a dish remember thatwas the first one it was so this onecooked a lot slower I’m going to give ita little more time on that first sidebecause it came out to blonde but theone thing that I did the first time saidto just put it in the dish yeah so Ithink if this one works we have likeenough batter to make maybe two morepancakes so hopefully we do get a fullbreakfast worth of pancakesthe lid is not a perfect the the lid onthe cast iron is not a perfect seal soso you could do that that would actuallykind of work if we got one of thosethose our next cast irons to the thoseare the ones that have they’re likehexagons I think so you can turn the lidoh yeah yeah that could be good toowell don’t ever come to warehouse forpancakestill we disappoint it now you got somuch practice next time it’s gonna begreatwe never we never do these these arenever super smooth for us to this islike every time that we cook on agriddle is Tony saying you know it’sit’s hard to ever eat I’m that we try tocontrol the heat honor every time thedry cook on this I get more and moreevents that I want to get an actual likeflattop griddle installed in the housewhen we do the remodel because I use itall yeah I like I’m so looking forwardto getting rid of this yeah it’s youknow it’s it’s kind of it’s uneven it’seven the the settings like the gas isjust not great so I think what we’reprobably going to switch over to is a Ithink an electric flattop is what I wantto get a deduction yeah get away fromthose all right so I’m going to callthis one a win this one well this wasvery slow right so it’s not perfect butit is cooked through and the bottom iskind of similar yeah this is this one’sperfectso it’s really nicely done all the waythrough really really it’s still steamyit’s[Music]that’s because we’re not good I’m likeI’m trying to I’m trying to findsomething to blame That’s not me no Ireally do think that this this is a caseof us having a new a new type of batterthat we’ve never worked with before andnot getting our griddle I think weassuming this one works we did get wellagainbut edible pancakes which is all wereally wanted so I’m really glad wedidn’t have his recipe yeah what did youget electric outdoor grill yeah easy tocleanyeah the induction burner is it’s reallyso like in a perfect world what I wantbecause I want the induction burnershere with a prep and a prep sink and alike a butcher block workspace so thatwe can kind of do all the stuff righthere and then I want to have we want todo double ovens back here so we want wewant this to be a double oven so in aperfect world length this would be wherewe cook on a stove top and prep thiswould be a double oven set up and thenwe if we wanted to get really ambitiouswe start rearrangements but that’s athat’s a whole other yeah whole otherball of Ballah nightmares that willhappenyeah we host Thanksgiving every year andyes that’s exactly my dance chartyeah Thanksgiving which is kind of funfor me but it’s it’s a lot of prep likeI gotta take off two days and then wehave to like figure out the ratio ofstove to oven prep time for likereheating you’re acting like you don’tdeeply enjoy this no no that wasn’tJason’s nan chart was my shirt yeah thatwas definitely Marissa’s Gantt chartthat is that is that is not how I thinksgiving 100% would have been you loadthat yeah I wrote a blog post onorganizing yeah I totally gave MarissaCarly yeah but I like yeah the Ganttchart is great it works it keeps youhonest yeah I’m wondering aboutThanksgiving this year I don’t know whatit’s gonna look like I hope that’s not avirtual Thanksgiving it’d be kind of youknow like this as much as it was subjectwith it as much as it would suck to havea virtual Thanksgiving okay finallygetting this at the very end here sothank you for all the tips did you seecredit for my pancakemaster charity drive if we do a virtualThanksgiving just stream it and make itfriends that’s actually a really goodideano it’s kind of what I was thinking islike as much as it sucks to be stuckinside and to not be able to see peoplesomething that I have really beenenjoying is the the creative ways peoplehave been planning to come togetherwrist action on the flip was a ninepoint eight pancake Olympics gold medalthe game charmMickey is a it’s just like a way tochart timetables so that you can see youuse them in project planning a lottimetables and dependencies yeah so likeif this thing is in the oven I can’thave anything else in the oven and thenyou would have that dependency and seehow long but they needed to be in theoven and based on when it could be takenout then you can start the next thingand it’s like a visual it shows you kindof a visual hierarchy of how things needto go it’s really useful for projectplanning dinner planningit’s useful for any kind of man youreally like view if you have multiplethings that are competing for the sameresources like if you’re if you’re ifyou think of your brain as a resourceand you say like okay right if you thinkabout like okay I have all of my sideprojects right and so I only have somuch attention to give in a good daythen it might not make sense to justwrite the whole list of like I’m goingto do all my side projects it mightinstead make sense to start stackranking and think about them as likeokay this is the project that I want tofinish first then you can Gantt chart itonce I finished this project I havebandwidth to take on the next thing sowhat’s the next most important thing andyou start to get this dependency chainof like I’m gonna do this first so thenyou know when you’re sitting down with aclass overwhelmed by all mypossibilities when you’re not anymorenow you’ve got the one thing you decidethat this is the most important thingeven work I don’t know why is directingall of this at me because well no Iusually I’m looking at my guestyes Jam stack Jimmy Jam stack jammiesthis is my crowning achievement I gotfully dressed so I’m gonna get mentionedthe bear weighs like this tensionbetween us at the beginning and I thinkit was cuz he cleaned the entire kitchenwhile I got ready she’s up she’s like doto make it pretty I’m like scrubbingfloors I don’t know why you think thisshow happens yes I didI did take out the compost one shorterone George Jason will not do not takeout the compost and trash they don’t helike physically and mentally can’thandle the transition of going on theinside to the outside it’s just too muchWow Marissa show thanks Chris betweenthe sausage are you trying to build alesson because it’s not happening Ididn’t I wasn’t even trying to do thatbut I’m glad that you’re self-awareenough to see yourself reflected alittle montage here okay last a littlebaby pancake this one’s gonna be perfectflawless pancake start dude why wouldyou give yourself that it’s gonna workbecause I believe I believe in a nunside I’m beginning to doubt yourcommitment spiral motion[Music]and Robin who’s Robin oh and thesidekick oh you’re very funny my turn Iremember like one second this is anexpectation management that you’realways helping me work on which is younow raise your expectations really highfor that pancake it’s going to beperfect I mean if it’s not this is verythe most flawless pancake oh don’t don’tdon’t be me it’s ever pancake and thenI’m devastated when it’s not don’t dothat you know where you should say ourexpectations love always keep to backwhat I’m learning is like an older can’tbe disappointed if you have no okay sothis perfect pancake no yeah bubbles arepopping see I’m walking my hands in thesituation I believe I know I willrejoice in your my successes as if itworksoh yeah it’s a beautiful pancakemy god it’s not about to see you gottaseparate yourself from your work it’snot about you we’re just learning lifelessons with Marissa yeah I’m the lastperson you want to teach lessons it wasall for like half a second Ohactually technically Jason I’m Derekhowever my wrist flip was quite goodyes yes all style no substance allsizzle no steak do you want to get upanother place yeah okay so but out of abatch of 16 and it’s worth the batterthis is one we managed to come away withthree viable papers and I will saya very first pancake by the way look atthis sad little dudesad little pancake man you’re like flouron it still this was also a tortillapancake this is what happens when youeat as you cook that is correctyeah and also this pancake was nottotally done in the middle either man nothis was a I’m proud of this now I’mgonna name this pancake I’m gonna sendto college yes that sounds like a greatplace to be yeah okayso I think like if we do if we do takeaways from this the batter itself isdelicious the pancakes are good likethey have a good rice to them they’refluffy they taste good what we thedownside is we learned that our griddleis not very consistent and we don’t havea good feel for like how to get thetemperature right yeah because like Isaid this is the third or fourth timewe’ve doneyes I think it was a combination of notmixing it enough it was a combo notmixing it enough and the griddle beingjus hot and then not hot enough like toomuch fluctuation how many do you wantwe don’t eat pancakeslook I’m just saying expectations weresaid that was that was supposed to bemaybe we made those cookies last weekyou know I will say I have only eatenthree of those large cookies since we’vedone so in a week I’ve had three cookiesso it’s not like he’s going to pick outthere has been a lot of me getting intothe freezer and her tackling me before Iget to be done so that’s you know whatI’m gonna count that as my own selfcontrol because she’s putting in mypancakes so I’m gonna claim her sisterconsciously he always says that I am hisconscience because aroundyeah that’s he’d be dead honestly that’swhy we have such a contentiousrelationshipno syrup for you all right so this ishow the sausage came out now it’s beensitting in the oven for a little bit soit’s dried out a tab but so they cookedall the way through with the steam andthen using the fat and the heat from thegriddle from the cast iron can yourepeat ah yes okay so the sausagetechnique basically you take your castiron and you put you put like a quarterinch of water in the bottom then you putyour sausages in put the lid on and putit on high heat the water will boil thesteam cooks the sausage through and thenonce the steam boils off you you’re ableto what’s the word I’m looking for youkind of like sear the sausageonce the water is gone and so you allyou end up left is this is back from thesausage all the water is gone and thenyou you just let the sausages Brown upget a nice good crispy sear on bothsides and then you’re done it’s it’sdelicious so it’s really really goodit’s a great way to make sure that youget delicious and on soggy sausage inthe casing and with that I think we justsay goodbye yeah sign off all right sonow we just eaten from you so let’s trythis sausageI like to eat everything at once – theydown so he’s just going to eat this hereI guess the world wants to knowperfect best pancake event was the bestpaying gig ever Gordon Ramsay tried thathe would give me a hug and a big ol kisson the cheekthat was a good pancake with that thanksfor hanging out that’s that’s breakfastall right John yeah so go go out cookyour breakfast enjoy yourselvesdoes your tang out we’ll see you nexttime

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