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Making Pancakes! With Jenna

Here is how you make pancakes!

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Video Transcription

hey guys for making blueberry pancakeswe had our blueberries and our pancakemix so so first yank it okuni the shoethirds 2/3 2/3 of water you need 1 cupof the mix about you I usually putmorning after when you’re mixing so youjust pour the stuff in Ohalso make sure you put your grill at umokay stir it 375 degreestiny stir it and see that over theremake sure that you um if it’s to putstuff on your pans Jack I mix it youtake the camera yeahall right mix it so that oh you get allthis stuff never made pancakes beforeminutes really annoyingall right how’s your watery yes so whatyou just just watery yeah but it’s okaynow what you do is you get like only alittle bit put that in therethere we go Behrman up let me see thatalright I’ll take the camera all rightso you’re gonna let this sit for likeabout a minute cuz yeah we will cut outthat part but yeah I like so we have ourblueberries over there you wash themall right let’s go show you the grillall right so we have it um if you have astove like this you kind of have itthere and we put some um like whateverthis stuff is coldum vegetable shortening yeah that we putthat on there so hopefully if you’regonna trying to pretty good all rightokay all right all right I need you tomove so what you do good all right sowhere’s leave what what me don’t you putthe blueberries in – no not yet I don’tthink you know I make them the first oneWow he’s beautifulall right those are kind of small Idon’t know if you realize that yeah wellyou’re gonna make a lot of these areprotein pancakes well they are they’renot no oh I guess they’re not[Music]you just want to like lopmon a littlemixer a blueberry okay you don’t likethat should be good all rightit’s so pretty down here over here we’remaking one on plain cuz we don’t knowhow this is our first time making onwith blueberries so we’ll find out howit is all right so when you see so youcan usually just like a check underneathand I don’t know those aren’t ready yeahJenna they’re not ready yeahgive me that give it I gotta fix thatone now doesn’t how does that go back tonormal[Music]you would never know those new barriersin them hey we’re not getting bit biggerthan you our babies mm-hmmso fries is that five minutes all rightI’m taking my blueberriesyeah really good no Jenna thoseblueberries are covered in batter thatone right there yeah I get thatblueberry guy out there he’s a mess upalright go pretty good should you getone mom I think I’m gonna we both loseon the crewthey overlooked in the real youbut these no um so this is the pancakemix that we use sadly they don’t sponsorabout a lady just add water completepancake mix I don’t think that’s how itactually turns out I’ve never seenpancakes turn out that good it wants todown something alright let’s see how thepancakes are doing higher right here noblueberriesalright in the video yeahalright thank you guys so much forwatching I hope you enjoy um subscribeand hit the bell thank you and subscribefor Jane the coma doing feet away umeverybody else death in the crew alrightbye

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