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How Fast Can 1 Man Cook 100 Pancakes?

This is definitely a speedrun that you are gonna tell your grand kids about.

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Video Transcription

so today because you know I’m just likea Content machine and I’m always comingup with new shit today we’re gonna bespeedrunning me cooking 100 pancakes andyeah it’s gonna be an interesting timenow the thing is if we go right overhereand my damn cameraman hurries up we’remaking a hundred pancakes we didn’t wantto just make them because so we gotseven different times first way to makeflame chocolate Jeff blueberry bananahoney nuts and apples all right the lastone was apple cinnamon so yes inappleson so yeah we’re gonna be makingall those pancakes and we’re gonna bespeedrunning it we’re gonna see how fastI can actually go ahead and do this withfraggin be like ten minutesso let me get ready the recipe that I’mgoing with in general we got flour sugarsalt baking powder and butter three twoone now first and most important thingis we need to get butter and we need toactually melt this before we like startmaking all those things we’re gonna needto put this in the microwave for like aminute or something oh god I don’t havea nice so we need 12 tablespoons ofbutter then sitting out for a little bitso it’s already a little bit again therebut first thing we had to do open theflower I guess is the second thing nowwe’re gonna open the flower cry weshould open this bag before and howwe’re going about this is doing twodifferent Baptists because I’m Beyonce Ihave the balls to do of them own onedifferent or one bath and goddammit I’vealready gotten it a little bit messyhere we’re gonna put six cups of flourand then we need 14 tablespoons ofbaking powder which there probably islike a cup measurement and like I couldhave just made it a cop instead ofdigging out 14 of these slices but wedon’t really think about that deadlyalright so next four teaspoons of saltplease open for meyou know he’s small time long citizen[Music]okay and then we’re gonna go with fourtablespoons of sugarall right then what we got is five cupsof milk all right we can finally getthis butter I have a whisk somewherethis is gonna be an interesting thing towaste together I’m gonna just try tomake this mixed enough but I guess wewant these to be tasty pancakesespecially because we’re gonna be eatinga thousand of them I hope to god we’renot eating a thousand but now I’m gonnaseparate this into about four differentthings hopefully kind of equal Nessthese are gonna be about 1/4 the cupI’ll be putting all of these into thereand then while these first ones aregonna be cooking we’re going to try toput some of the extra toppings in theother one or start getting into that Icould probably do more than any thoseare gonna be cooking for a secondchocolate chipsI’m gonna wash my end so I can get thiscrowd whooping good I realized I put thelast when I put down I’m gonna smushthem down a little bit I’ll take ourwhisk over here so now we have all thesemixes done broth hand cakes are just afigment of our imaginations first datedoneif they want to actually get up here nowwe’ll finish out these plain pancakesand get this batch done and these onesneed a little bit more to be a littlemore voluptuous all my roommates aresubtly crowding around alright now we’rejust gonna wait patiently I’m trying tothink of what I can double toast rightnow well we’re kind of kind of even nowbrought the autoscrollers part of thestudioso we might as well start on making theblueberry voice oh god I kind of work toindependent there they’re just bunniesdon’t worry about them Oh God okay theseblueberry ones are kind of like boys soI need to smash them down there allright first Khorkina done got to squirtokay I was able to fit some morepancakes onto here I think that’s theplay I kinda miss judge how much batterwould be in this one I’m gonna take somefrom the other batter so happy that Ilearned called it hope the blueberriesreach their blueberry nests oh god I wassupposed to do being this small prettyplease I should probably begin startingI’m making this second oh god my myskillets getting populated so it’sgetting harder to put them this parentthis guy is kind of dying on the insidebut that’s something because you knowaren’t we all when you really thinkabout it by the way these people I’mwith are my roommates so don’t worrywe’re not we’re not getting duringeverybody okay that’s blueberry now wecan keep going withwhat’s the world record on this I thinkyou’re walking the world record rightnow because I don’t think anyone who’sever done this 11 Oh God we’re kind ofgoing back on the amount we have I thinkI put extra in the chocolate chip onesthough I’m interested to see you knowhow old these pancakes are actuallygonna turn out I already just put anextra ingredient in me to them theyreally change much other than that soI’m gonna let these to finish them Pamthis up and then I’ll replace them afterthat oh god I’m actually losing count ofhow many pancakes I’ve done wellactually I’ve done 14 14 28 and thenthis is another set another 11 so I needto do all right so I’ll just keep goingwith white kind of generally how I’mdoing this let me pan this up that’shelped Hammond it up to some of thesepancakes are gonna have to be a littlesmaller because worried about batterconstraints for getting to the halfwaypoint we’ll be there soon big 14 4 5 Ipray we can fit five right here you’reright that’s actually a better idea soI’ve been doing are I’m gonna let thisentire batch finish together just forlike continuity sake I forgot to puteggs in those pancakes for Barca get thefuck out way I’m cooking[Music]the pancakes are getting stacked boys ohI should probably split someone ourdream I don’t know if we’re gonna getthe sub one hour right that also made aloving summer kind of like we’re belowon schedule right now okay[Music]the good things out there so how muchflour them back so I mean that’s atime-saver one hour it’s there it’s[Music][Music]but you know we have to be calm rightnow so we’re flip not burn we’re doingit boys we’re not burning them I wasdefinitely expecting more burned pancakeI’m not gonna lie it is hard to burnthem as fast as possible all right soall right there we go guys we have anextra batter this time more waiting forthis to finish don’t we gotta get ourducks boys in there you can try to makethe dirty hook back again I will beinterested to see what happens so realand garlic points would you guys eat aDorito garlic pancake we just have nutspancakes left and then a cup like twoextra pancakes done who knows what thefuck we’re gonna make now I’m gonna makea bunch of extra pancakes just so I knowit’s a hundredwhere were you when been obtained thesub-1 our pancake cooking recordhopefully you were here in the stream totwitch that TV slash Jesus PZ I amallowed to Floyd my stream on my ownstreamall right we aren’t less pancakes boyseverybody give me your PIN together toyou all your pancakeswait did you eat a pancake Ferb are gayhey can I talk to me if we can finishthese pancakes before 55 minutes this is100% the sub one hour this is history inthe making x’ where’s the Guinness worldrecord books when you need them now insomeone else how fast can someone make100 pancakesthey’ll know yeah all right but how fastcan you make it when you’re also likeyou know a college student all rightguys I need all your pancake I don’t dothis these are the last few we’re doingthis someone else do it all right andhere are a couple insurance pancakesright here Wowone of these pancakes is very puny youcan’t see this one but he’s doing hisbestlook at him guys look how cute he is oneof them is having trouble we don’t knowif I make it past infancy[Music]oh wait so thumbnail and then I’ll checkthat’s a quick[Music]

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