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Video Transcription

[Music]hello everyone so today I am gonna beteaching you guys how to make somehealthy pink eggs you can use thisrecipe to make for your parents on theEaster boring that you want or just anyday I made it for my mom for things sheloved them so now you’re going to makethem too so what you need are using somerolled oats some milk of any sort I usealmond milk but you can use any type ofmilk baking powder vanilla 1 egg and 1banana alright before we start we’regoing to make sure you’re ready to gobabyso the first step we’re going to do iswe’re gonna make our oats into an oatflour and we don’t have oats you can useany type of fire that you have normalflour this is just kind of the healthierso you’re gonna need a cup and a half ofoats so that I put it into my blender- uses like mini single serve blenderbut you can use and then just get likehalf I’m not mentoring it perfectlybecause it really you don’t doingperfectly you can you can do a littlewiggle room so you’re gonna turn that onall anything gonna make a fartyou know blend up the oats into any kindof forms like a powder but like I saidyou can use normal flour to dispense ahealthier alternative so I put my flourand to the mixing blood values and thennext you need a banana so you can useone or two bananas I already open thisone up it’s kind of gross but it’ll worktrying to find one that’s right mine arekind of new so they might not work aswell you can either motion it up withlike a fork or something or I just putthem in the blender and since you’regoing to use milk anyways I like add alittle bit of milk to it to help it kindof like blend up and then you do thesame thing so you put it in the blenderand then once we’re done add it to thebowl good consistency of banana oh mygosh I know it’s gross but trust meit’ll be good all right back to thereand then and then you’re gonna add yourmilk and your eggs so 1 cup of milk wealready use a little bit for with thebanana so you can like add a little bitless than a cup and I’m not gonna use aliquid measuring cup just so you can seeit a little bit better you can see thatit has one on there and I’m just gonnado a little bit less than the line saysthose are throw it on into the mix andthen you’re gonna do one egg crack itbeautiful if you have a compost bin goesin the compost bin I don’t hear and thenyou’re also gonna add baking powder – 2teaspoons of baking powder so this helpsthe pancakes and rice so you don’t needit but it helpedthem kind of become fluffy like a normalpage so you add that I haven’t reallymixed it yet you can mix as you go byjust kind of mix it all at the end Idon’t I don’t really know if that’s theright way to do it or not[Applause]alright and then last thing you need issome vanilla so it says a teaspoon Ilike to add it a little bit more justbecause it makes it have more of itsflavor so I have a little bit more andthat is all you need it’s the next thingyou’re gonna do is you’re gonna cook thepancakes alright so after you mix it allup it’ll kind of look like this so youhave your pan ready for your pancakes togo on so you can either use like PM oryou can use butter or you can use anytype of like olive oil or coconut oil orsomething to grease your pan so that itdoesn’t stick spray that on there andthen you’re gonna take either like a 1/2cup or this is 1/3 cup use that goop upyour pancakes you just pour went onthere so then they’re all kind of equalsize I don’t know it doesn’t reallymatter and you just kind of wait sothey’ll start bubbling eventually so youjust kind of wait for it to bubble andonce they bubble that’s when you flip itover and then you just keep doing thatuntil you have all your pancakesalright everyone so these are my parentsthis is my dad he was the cameraman theentire time everyone caught 100 childrenthis is my mom she was not here butshe’s here picking and they’re gonnataste itI also madeso read it read it one to ten oh my god[Applause]ten is it a ten oh you also have triedto Europe I know the time that kind oftakes away from the healthy pancakes butthere it isthumbs up everyone

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