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We tried making fluffy Japanese Souffle Pancakes

Hi everyone! Quarantine and chill with us while my boyfriend and I attempt to make Japanese Souffle Pancakes. I hope everyone is having a great week and staying safe and healthy! Have you ever made souffle pancakes? Did they turn out better than ours?

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Video Transcription

hello people of YouTube welcome back tomy channel my name is Minnie May alsoknown as your favorite Lego headed bitchas you can see we have many things onthe counter here because today we’redoing a cooking video we’re inquarantine right now Michigan just wentinto lockdown we’re trying the best thatwe can to keep ourselves occupied I’vebeen seeing a bunch of memes on Twitterabout people that really want to eatJapanese souffle pancakes and I alsoreally want to eat Japanese soufflépancake I have a recipe from just onecookbook calm I’ll leave a link to thatin the description neither one of usknow how to cook or bake really so getout of our comfort zone during this lockdown find something new to do I’m reallyhoping that we’re successful at makingthis recipe I have a quick question haveyou ever smelled just an egg you goahead smell just an egg are you surethat’s not your hand wash your hand younot eat wash your hand get anegg from your refrigerator and inhalingput it in your entire nostrils oh mycountry so I have the recipe on my phoneright now I’m just gonna read it offBen’s gonna make sure that we haveeverything that we need to a large eggsone and a half tablespoons of whole milk1/4 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract notthe real thing because we’re cheap inthis house 1/4 of a cup of cake flour1/2 a teaspoon of baking powder 2tablespoons of sugar oil for greasingthe pan and 2 tablespoons of water forsteaming before the fresh whipped creamthat you put on the top we need 1/2 cupof heavy whipping cream and one of the1/2 tablespoon of sugar all right sowhere do we start step number one gatherall the ingredients you will also need a12-inch nonstick frying pan large enoughto cook 3 pancakes at the same time witha lid oh we don’t have a lid for thatbig babyyeah yes we do watch this so we do havethis rough looking bad boy that we’reusing to cook our souffle pancakes todaythis is the lid it’s a piece of pan butsecond step is we need to separate eggwhites and egg yolks into two differentbowls put the bowl with egg whites inthe freezer for 15 minutes so I get tothe little bowls are you gonna try toget egg whites in one see how it goessure trying to crack it slowly just kindof wish it wash it back forth until thatyolk oh you completely fail it’s not thegun yeah yeah you want to keep that yolkintact kind of like that do I need toget a dip eggoh yeah big time we’ve already wastedtwo eggs and it hasn’t even been fiveminutes mine was delicious I feel likeI’m going against the laws of nature nowgo ahead and slowly flop it over to theother side oh there you go you’veprobably got as much egg white aspossible out of that boom was thataesthetic for you I didn’t know therewas actually like a certain way toseparate an egg way from an egg yolk Iwas just gonna crack the egg into thebowl and then try to separate it likewith this food so we’ve got a timergoing through the egg whites in thefreezer we’re gonna see what else we cando up to this pointin the meantime add milk and vanilla tothe egg yolks and whisk until thick andfrothy I was just gonna say I don’t likethat word like for a milk we need oneand a half tablespoons I always gettablespoons and teaspoons mix up one anda half table yeahTBS P and then 1/4 of a teaspoon of purevanilla extract they smell sodo you add in the milk into the egg yolkyep Mika Sturridge ever see this man westir it like this it doesn’t have to bea manlyit’s about being macho man I want to bejust like him when I grow up what can Isay how do you hold it way down theretypically like that and maybe even tiltthe bowl under stand the directionsbefore you startthat’s probably key number one no that’snot how we do things here that’s wayless fun like the recipe in thedescription and read it yourself so youdon’t it up like we’re probablygoing to what else are you gonna do inthe Florentine can you see it maybe seeitno don’t things out that would be awhole step for sit the cake flour andbaking powder into the bowl here’s ourshifter oh yeah this is a sifter rightso I went and I bought this sisterspecifically for this video specificallyfor the souffle pancakes and these boysthese men for some ungodly reason areover here using it as a strainer forlike macaroni noodles and I waslike oh my god a strainer ever please nono noodles fell through no noodle leftbehind yeah because it’s not made fornoodles it works if it works and workswe need 1/4 of a cup of cake flour and1/2 teaspoon of baking powder anotherteaspoon we gotta taste balloon we got ateaspoon we gotthis is what the TSP looks like that’sabout perfect Thanks ain’t no way Oh[Music]mistake number one what happens if youdon’t shift it what’s is this much welike ship and then you’re supposed tosift it like put it in here and thenlike sift it why what’s the difference[Applause][Music]do you breathe starter do we just go wealready managed to screw something up soagain learn the instructions before youattempt whisk to combine thoroughly butdo not over mix maybe it’s so you knowyou don’t get big clumps and you don’thave to it probably is cuz I mean noholes in the sifter are so so fine thatmaybe it just kind of makes your powdereven finer I thought he’s not taste goodat all it has no sugar in it why is itmy faultit just says wish to combine thoroughlybut do not over mix and set asideafter 15 minutes take out the bowl withegg whites from the freezer the eggwhites should be half frozen now startkneading the egg whites about threeminutesso three minutes 31 seconds we’re goingto tell you how to live your life bitchI know we mentioned in the beginning ofthe video are states on lockdown orquarantine we’re supposed to be selfisolating and practicing socialdistancing that’s because of kovin 19 inthe United States it just seems to begetting worse and worse because peopledon’t like to listen to the governmentthey don’t like to be told what to doand they’re really just not taking itseriously I just want to take a minuteright now and say anybody who isaffected by kovin 19 or has a loved oneby it our hearts go out to you I’m sosorry for the situation and I’m so sorrythat more people aren’t taking it moreseriously I just don’t understand wheresome people’s heads are at with thiswhole situation because it’s honestlyscary I don’t know you feel sister blackgoing on it’s not just here in the USall around the world or States not on afull lockdown at the moment by the timethis comes out it might actually be it’sserious and people just want to keeppartying and gathering in big groups andtheir racism stop stop with your racistjokes they’re not funny I’m not lookinghere for it if I hear you say someracist I’m gonna back me and you withone of these probably maybe not becauseof what I’ve heard enoughyou deserve more than that stay homedon’t be racist stop being a littlebitch with PR half-truths oh yeah thenit’s like the recipe knew what I wastalking about it’s like a egg yolkslushy when the egg whites turn frothyand kill white gradually add in sugarroughly one third at a time continue towhip the egg whites turn over at a timelast little bit I’m healthy continue towhip the egg whites egg whites willbecome glossy and firmer stop beatingwhen you lift up the hand mixer and theegg whites stand right up with stiffpeaksthey stand up stiff peaks so apparentlywe needed a hand mixer basically this ismy meringue mmm ending up at allI see no people on game timeNo yours are I’ve been using my armor Iwas 12 when I learned and you can fromhere there’s literally no how is theliquid gonna get stick maybe I will trythe whisk again maybe that’s the trick Idon’t have an electric mixer for youguys ready for this fanfiction 18minutes later put it on screen what it’sa given a tremendous arm strength goodthing we’re just gonna cut to the 18minutes later thousands of deals madethe peaks are staying I would sayliterally if you pull up the peak stayis that the peaks are supposed to bestiff and slightly bending over at thetop so I would say that pretty rightright there like that looks correct yesbending at the top yeahheat a large nonstick frying pan to 300over the lowest heat brush with cookingoil and lightly remove any visible oilso we’re supposed to take one third ofthe egg whites put them in therejust put it right in and then whisk howdo I go about one third just likeguesstimate is that yes probably likeone third ish next take half of the eggwhites and add to the egg yolk mixtureusing a whisk gently fold in withoutbreaking the air bubbles in the eggwhites so I kind of think I know whatI’m saying so you got half take abouthalf of the meringue mixand then don’t like whisk kind of justOh kind of like moving around up andover oh that looks so weird it lookslike we’re making really fluffyscrambled eggs still have about a thirdof our egg whites left in this bowl andnow we’re just transferring it using awhisk you can’t use anything else andyou don’t want to get rid of the airbubbles because you don’t want to getrid of the fluffiness each pancake getsroughly four scoops of batter so that’sa total of 12 scoops for three pancakesnow scoop the batter and place thefrying pan is this the batteror is that the topic this is batterthat’s that’s the batter yes scoop thebatter in place in the frying pan myrecommendation is to use a small ladleor serving spoon make a tall pancake itdefinitely looks and smells like pancakemix like just regular old king cake mixfrom a box but it’s gonna be better I’mso confident and optimistic about theway that this recipe is gonna turn out Iwon’t accept a failure I just want it isquite hard to tell by these little tinyphotos what they mean but I guess we’regonna make the pancakes more tall ratherthan fat I’ll make three tall littlepancakes now it says add one more scooponto each pancake oh god did I make themtoo close together I really hope not bythe time all three pancakes have twoscoops the surface of the batter isslightly dry already so you can stackone more scoop on top keeping it up highI’m trying to keep them tall and notthick oh I’m afraid they’re gonna runinto each otherit says when two minutes have passed Ineed to add one tbsp water in the threeempty spaces inside the pan and thencover with the lid oh but it’s like wellwe don’t have a flat panand then what does it say cover cover itand then wait two more minutes and thenadd another scoop to each pancake youguys like my eyebrows today I spent somuch time on them I need a compliment Ineed validation from strangers on theInternet they look like dogyou look like dog what doyou know about eyebrows bitch okay wellthey don’t look horrible I’m supposed toadd one more scoop for each pancake Idon’t want them to be getting fat I wantthem to stay hall boys like they’re alittle bit thick E and that’s okay butwe want them to be little giraffe babiesyou knowoh no oh they’re all running into eachother now I’m gonna cover it with thelid and cook it for the remainder of thetime which should be two minutes oh mygod they look so fluffy you should putone here there so it says after the sixto seven minutes has passed using theoffset spatula lifts the pancakes verygently if you feel that the pancake isstuckdo not touch until it firms up a littleif you force it the pancake will crackin the middle when the pancake is readyyou can easily move the pancake oh yeahthat’s not yeah I don’t think that’sready right I think we should give itanother minute all right it’s been onemore minute ten these boys handle aflippety-flip now oh no big they werenonstick enough very strategic about itboom so close together[Music]yeah if it’s ready oh it’s not the bestbut for a first attempt I feel likethat’s a wall oh no should I have abetter non-stick pan here we goflipped skills they’re not gonna bebeautiful but maybe a little taste goodso now we’re adding some water in theempty spaces again plate we didn’t do aterrible job they’re like a little bitcrusty ish like these little darkerspots and with that the pancakes aredone that was the entirety of the mix itonly makes three of these littlepancakes they’re not as sticky as I mayhave liked but you know for our firstattempt never really baking or cookinganything especially anything like this Ireally don’t think that this is too badof a result what we’re gonna do now iswe’re gonna go ahead and make thewhipping cream to go on top put somesyrup on top of that and see how thesetaste so the first step is to prepare anice bath by putting ice cubes and waterin a large bowl and placing a clean anddry mixing bowl over cream and sugar totake to half of a cup of heavy whippingcream and one and a half tablespoons ofsugar here’s half a cup of heavywhipping cream we whisking it all we doitwe do it I wanted everybody to see thatI am in fact wearing a pastel rainbowunicorn slippers that’s fur runninglet’s see if it texture almost likewhipped cream this is what it looks likeafter whit and yet for like what tenminutes you would say you’ve got a damnalong it also just say that you can addcrew of your choice on top likeblueberry strawberry that kind of thingthe stores are looking for this Eric’sright now so I didn’t even try to getany fruit it’s really good actuallyI love whipped cream so so as maybefancies heads up you guys can focus onmine I put the maple on bot and I’m justgonna dig right in because I’m a fatlittleyou’re very good my opinion a littleleggy so this is what the pancake andthe whipped cream looked like up close Imean it’s nothing like the Instagramphotos that I’ve been seeing in thememes that have been going viral aboutthese fluffy souffle pancakes monthsI mean from my first time as we’remaking anything like this I have to saythat I think they look pretty goodI hope they taste great because it wasso much work it was so much work I neverknew homemade whipped cream wassomething moment of truth I’ve got mypancake I’ve got my whipped cream I’vegot my syrup you got her man not reallygood it’s really eggy but like I don’tcare I love itthe excessive egginess might be ourfault I don’t know if they’re supposedto be a little on the edgy side butthey’re really sloppy they’re so fluffythey are out of all of this I’d highlyrecommend making your own whipped creamhow do you want to be introduced therandom dudeokay so introducing the random dude thatlives in our house he kind of justcreeps around the walls and everythinghe’s here to try what is it uh Japanesesoufflé pancake with homemade whippedcream and maple syrup I was going to sayif you cook it’s over really yeahhonestly what do you mean by not thatman do you mean it’s good or like it’s ahomemade yeah not bad at all for likehomemade so do you know what Japanesesoups like pancakes are supposed to looklike this is the first search result onGoogle they’re supposed to be thickeryeah they’re supposed to be super thickand really fluffy and like really Airy Imean it’s not bad it’s not like a badegg you taste we’re like are you youjust eat it raw hey honestly what wouldyou guys made it out of one being theworst ten being the best how would yourate your recipeI’m gonna go seven and a half becausetwo losers made this we had no idea whatthey’re doing exactly so me not knowinghow it tastes it’s a bottom eight yeahin my opinion I don’t think we did toobad I really good actually for a coupleof white Americans who never cook neverbaked I’m gonna say that we did ten outof ten maybe nine out of ten since wedidn’t use the sifter that I boughtspecifically for this video dumb beachenergy all the time what can I say atleast I had the brain to know that itwasn’t a macaroni strainer asalways thank you so so much to all myreturning subscriber it means so muchmore to me and you could ever know thatI have a little bit of support in thisworld if this is the first video of minethat you’ve seen please please pleasefor the love of God subscribe to myyoutube channel and follow me over oninstagram under the same name minnie mayleave me a comment down below letting meknow what you thought about the recipewhat did you think of our renditions andhow you felt about the video in generalthank you so much for watching thisvideo todaysince you liked it and I hope to see youin the next one bye[Music]you[Music]

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