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Making Pancakes with Camila Cabello

Happy Easter everyone! 🐰 We hope you’re all keeping safe! Wanna know how to make pancakes? Camila will show you how!

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Find Camila Cabello Here:

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Video Transcription

hello everybody while I’ve been homeI’ve been trying to a 102 guys oh so Idid not I ride a bike I didn’t know hiright arrived and I didn’t know how tofolks before before this before theclass came up so I know I ride a bikenow and I’m learning how to cookso today I’m going to take you throughmy pancake making morning all right soyou can summon flour some pancake mixtoday we are using pancake and lavamakes good music pancakeswe put pop of that in there a cup ofmilk a cup of vegetable oil vegetableoil 1/2 teaspoons of cinnamon this isnew to meyou put a whole egg in there and this iswhat it looks like then you are rightbefore you put it by the stove to eat upyou just do a little dance take a littleof a little love to the pancake make itsomething it takes thirty five percentbetter scientifically um cookinginspiration because you know chefssometimes need muses we’ve got HarryPotter in the background I suggest thatyou do the same while making yourpancakes it’ll make them taste 15%better scientifically proven all rightso now that we put a little bit ofbutter in we get a little ladle then weput the pancake mix in pancakes areactually I hope that this turns out goodbut pancakes are actually pretty easy tomake I found in cooking everything looksa lot a lot harder than it actually isI mean this is gonna look like butit’s gonna taste great okay we have toput a little bit more milk because whenyou see that that batter looks a littlebit too solid it has to be nice andliquidy for two point you know when thepancake is ready to flip I didn’t showyou that before but you put the batterin it once you see the edges start toget a little bit round and you see thebubbles starting pop that’s when youtake it and you just you just you justflip like you know what you’re doing youfake it till you make it with pancakesbecausethe Pandavas how when you’re scared soif you flip scared it’s gone thebathroom my only looks likely back drugson a little bit stir this ones make withit without sound[Music]okay this is our second pancake by theway last time we watch this movie calledonward so cute it strongly recommends[Music]guys so this I’m showing you rightbefore I flip this is when you know it’sready to flipalright alright we’re flipping livesyeah yeah we have a big final productyes nice sac pancakes we’ve got a littlebuffet here and we’ve got Harry Potterokay

14 Replies to “Making Pancakes with Camila Cabello

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  4. is that a pancake or scramble egg 🙂 hehehe pretty sure Shawn would love it no matter what it looks like

  5. Cool Camila is a queen (she really is a queen ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️)now promote “My oh my” the song is almost In the top 10 her team should do something drop a remix, anything, her team should do their jobs for oncemy oh my is a bop with potential… DON’T FUCKIN’LETITGO WASTE

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