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How To Cook Pancakes, by Jaeden!

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello I’m Jayden welcome to my cookingshow in shape today I’m gonna bethinking pancakes first I’m gonna putthis egg in here got it okay Darrin haveflour sugar and baking pup first I’mgoing to put the flour in and in it goesand next I’m going to put this sugar in[Music]now for the baking powder nice time tomake a well next step is to make a wellhere I go now I’m gonna add in the woodingredients for example this egg timefor the milk time for mixing it’s reallythick if you want you gonna haveblueberries or chocolate chips set thisstep but I’m gonna nah I’m not gonna gomix stuff take it to the oven but giveme a sec I need to put this in the sink[Music]time to take it to the oven turn yourpan on medium heat and then I’m gonnaadd some coconut oil you can use athinking use anything but I’m afraidcoconut oil now you want you now youjust want to take a bowl and pour[Music][Music]little bubbles will start forming on thepancake and and because they’re allpopped when they’re all popped you canflip it[Music]ow ow ow my fingerOh my finger that was not planned oopsthis is kind of complex I got it nicenow for the other one do not touch thepants you’ll burn yourself like I diddid I actually did that intentionallychilling to just show how dangerous apan is[Music]okay time to put toppings off startingwith butter this is really messy manykids watching this gameadults permission because this isdangerous really dangerous time for thenext topping some maple syrupwhen you’re done your pancakes shouldlook as beautiful as this have you doneeverything correctly and now thanks forturning into my cooking ship come backtomorrow for waffleswhat Oh berries chop this up dump it Ichop my pancakes up testing testing 1 23 just burn just for the aesthetic I’mjust gonna put a rolling pin thereperfect the factory does the rolling pinthere for no reason it’s just there forsetup[Music]

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