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How to make an oreo fried pancake??

How to make a oreo fried pancake??

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]fried Oreosso I make a fire you need because me Inever made from oilI never had so just gonna be like thefirst time I started yo[Music][Music]all right the box it isas you can see this guy don’t know howto make fried Oreos he told me you knewhow to make it I don’t know what go getitI said I already know what time it isman we ain’t trying to make the flourOreos like I said before our person youdon’t know how to make this I never madeit before bro say he know how to make itbut no here here not to make you sooften is he what he is matter of factI’m gonna look up look at this freakinno reason what oh what are you talkingabout manclose I’m out man huh nigga stripper[Music]yes our right[Music]so when I’m doing right here you know inthe holaalmost oh you’ve been sick nothing we’regoing we’re going we’re gonna whoop thatif we don’t want that batter up in thatbowl your meeting orhe milk together our babeOh[Music][Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Applause]come on why not playing a reallycharming video you know 3/4 of a cookiewhen the first house to sunny whatbefore it’s no more than that once againso they got a seed grow 3/4 quickly forjust wood finishing it’s a cup and ahalf is it going outOh see see the whole cumin 1 tablespoonis this attachment cheese politicbut what do do i watching does not knowall right so we’re gonna put the egg inthe milk in there nice and so whenyou’re stirring it up and then put thispancake batter in there how much of thiswe need huhwhat we’re actually what a thing itshould be all right and get awayshe’s a fork a fork I bet you’ve usecookie you know where was it actuallyjust talking hey I really can use this Iknow what it is Margie retorted I do itfrom you this message it is potato bakedpotato so you can’t you can’t smash thisoh yeah no yes no exactly[Music]there isthey meanwhat Artie you start talking and oncecared about which is the only good waydownto go brown need some better anglesstill just all up in my motherguru-murthy kidding me you just looklike mmm they really like knitting andfrequent Ohsinging buttonso he hasn’t no we got fourth Ohchocolate chip or that’s how good we gotfor pornos in there right nowhey looking pretty pretty going becauseI get to youthis right here is a little sprinkle[Music]sugarI mean Papa sugar house view of it socheck that out check this out check thisoh yes sirokay don’t do thatwhoo now spot my godlet’s bow right[Music]

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