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Cooking with Niko: Banana Pancakes

Another week of isolation and lockdown and something else to try in the kitchen. Today I show you a recipe for banana pancakes which are not only easy and delicious but a little more on the healthy side.

1 banana (mashed)
1 egg
1tbs flour (plain/gf or whatever you like)
1/2 tsp baking powder (don’t use if you’re using self-raising flour)
1/4tsp bi-carb soda (dont use if you’re using self-raising flour)
1 tbs dessicated coconut
Vanilla essence

1. Mix all of the ingredients together, ensure mixture isn’t too runny, add a little more flour or coconut if this is the case.

2. Heat butter in a pan and cook like you would regular pancakes.

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Video Transcription

hi everyone welcome back this isknickers kitchenI hope you all been well I’ve beenreally well latelyjust you know look at my life throughodd sir you know doing I know it’s beenlike five wait I don’t know where thetime has gone but yes lots of lots ofcats observing video work Netflixla I’ve been doing a bit most studyliving which is really nicesir I’ve been getting up the companystudy and my great sites or funny thingI wanted to do this year was actuallystudy great bubbly that’s kind of beenfun bit a little bit nerve-wracking yeahanyway so yesterday I made some pancakesthat I always make it really really easyand quite healthy as well pancakesserve what they are is they’re like abanana pancake it’s like the mainingredients of banana and egg like avery small amount of flour so I thoughtI’d show everyone how to make them todaybecause even if you don’t have much onhand you can still make these you canmake them really Fuji you can make themreally basic it’s totally up to you themain ingredients most importantingredients of banana egg and some kindof flour sorryit could be plain flour but you need toput a bit of raising agent in there orif it’s self raising flour that’s fineyou could use rice flour that’s totallycool as well but yes sir today I’m goingto show you how we’ll make it so whatI’ve done is I’ve got one banana one eggand pop dominium soarI’m going to then you just mixeverything together by the way sorry I’mgonna get a tablespoon sir it’s gonnadepend on the size of the banana but Ifind kind of like a cake table Streetlentiso fine if you need more laid up justhurt for it like you couldn’t wait torun just add I’m gonna add a tablespoonof desiccated coconut I find it kind ofreally eats it up and has a little bitof fat content which is nice keeps youfull of palanca I’ve also got somebaking powder sir I’m gonna put abouthalf half a teaspoon of baking powder inthere and I’m also going to put somebike hops are dots or Mike hops it hasvarious pieces I generally use it forpainting I got that yes sir just at arelatively small amount I find a badquarter of teaspoon is fine and then I’mgoing to add a little bit of vanillaessence because these mix it up so thisquantity is gonna make about threepancakes so keeping in mind that thebulk of this is the egg in the bananacircle you will feel quite full but youpretty much just had an egg in a bitoniclike a little bit of flour in it andsome coconuts or woodcinnamon I really love doing cinnamon inpancakesyes I think that’s looking about Rileyyou want to kind of planar runny but notlike water moneyI mean if it’s anything it’s gonna doit’s like a thick gummy kind of textureconsistency I don’t know you can kind ofsee it but it’s just you know like thatkind of sticks to the sides a bit nowI’m gonna show you how to cook them I’mreally gonna fail sir let’s see how thatgoesall right sorry wait discouraged youcook the pancakes now hopefully you cansee but if not just use your imaginationso what I’ve done is I’ve put some fatout and you can use whatever you likebut but it tastes better just gonna meltthat make sure it’s nice and hot I’msorry turn this on before a little bitand then it started melting buttons he’swhen I prepare Delia um or I’m sorrythis has kind of well and truly startedbubbling so if it’s quite deep so whatI’m gonna do is I’ve just hadn’t gottenlike a spoon sighs like a ladle that’skind of an appropriate size and I’m justgonna kind of make I’ll try and make itout the readyso when they start bubbling on the topjust like a normal pancakes that’s whenyou can flip them or evolve and that’swhen the fun beginsyeah yeah has been really interesting Ithink just in terms of yeah movingforward or like how you spend time andpeople and you know the kinds of if youspend time because well yeah it’sinteresting who you may be like youreach out to when he reaches out to youor how people carve in these times Imean everyone reacts differently understress that is yeah there is still thereis still kind of a I don’t know I kindof say this element of like people willstress and you’d be like oh my god thisis the worst but then you know theremight have been other times where youmight have been stressed out but thenthey haven’t necessarily ever thought toreach out to you yeah it’s I don’t knowI mean it’s not a criticism of thosepeople or anything like that I thinkit’s more just you know it’s it’s it’sinteresting to see I guess maybe howthis may change people’s perspectiveabout things this is our younger by theway I just I absolutely you can also dothis we pumpkin so mum he’s not gonnahave to leave me sir she does that withrice flour coconut flour I think andshe’s made them with mashed pumpkinbefore and it basically tastes like apumpkin spice latte it’s it’s so goodsorryno but in fact had a pumpkin spice latteI like the idea of them I’ve had pumpkinpie before anyway sorry these are kindof bubbling I might attendOhas you can see I use two things so I’vegot this spatula and this rubber spatulathe silicon won’t because I don’t havethe ability to do it with one Oh with afrypan for that matter all right sothese are probably gonna be about doneso I’m gonna turn them off and let’s goto the decorating station all rightsorry pancakes a quote successful theykind of you know they look pancake IIthey’re not as cute as the ones theymade yesterday but welcome you do nowthe way basically put on I’m going to doyes sir of course making syrupsorry something might honey some of mychocolate sauce it’s up to you justbecause the pancakes are healthy itdoesn’t mean the topping has to behealthy you know you wantI’m also going to put a little bit onedesiccated coconut because it’s we won’tlike that and if you’ve got some condomson handthey’ll bring like a really nicechocolatey turn to its bubble anywaycuring pancakes you can put some allfree don’t bag you could do it any youlike you’re getting boob up and go awayI’ll pull the date and just like butterevery layer of it up I don’t come to youagain here we go you’re the pancakesthey are absolutely amazingso give them a try I’m gonna cook therecipe in that you know description arealike I always do I’m so please try itout let me know how you Gert bye

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