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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my channelsorry sorry I’m filling this right nowin the middle of the night so this meansI kind of messed up with my challengebecause I tried cooking two meals in oneday took me so much longer also I didn’tknow that this year my body I cannotpronounce that this amazingness I’m sosad that I messed up that yeah anywaysI’m here to show you how I made this Iam so happy that I can do this cuz Ilove this so much this I would eat likeas a dessert with iftar with honey orwith buttered so if you want to know howI did this year then stay tunedI hope I can do this I really hope socuz I love this I’m going to tell youwhat you will need and that is you needflour you need some semolina semolinapowder find that a weird word I justsearched it up how you say that’s anEnglish never heard of that semolina sodebts that’s what you needcrystal sugar baking powder vanillasugar and this one yeast powder let’s dothis by the way again this book here islife goals this is just going to save mein life to be I don’t know somethingbetter as that I am right now this bookhere is saving me you know you know whatI mean it’s saving me so I watched herYouTube video also guys I think sheuploaded that actually today oryesterday oh my god but this is myfavorite okay let’s do this I’m going toadd 250 grams of this AlohaI don’t know I don’t know I can’tremember hundred grams of flour 1teaspoon of salts do if these bags ofbaking powder in here you will have 15grams so that makes it like 30 grams ofbaking powder one bigger spoon ofvanilla sugar smells so good and thenone spoon of this yeast now I’m going tomix all the powders together I forgotthe sugar we also need 1 spoon ofcrystal sugar now I have 600 millilitersmilliliters haha sorrylisten to this yeah just think that Iwas saying thatokay thank you neighbor’s dogs I loveyou now I’m going to add half of this600 milliliters now I can finally use mynew tool I’m going to mix everythinguntil everything is all mixed togetherand all smooth[Music]and now I’m going to add the rest of thewater I’m going to mix everythingtogethernow I’m going to mix it a little bitlonger until you’re going to see allthat air coming out you know that’s theimportant thing with making this and nowI’m going to close it with this and thenput a towel on top of it like this nowyou’re going to leave this for sixtyminutes to rise and to do it’s magic youknow okay I’m going to tell you that I’ma little bit nervous for the next partby the way this is for tomorrow’s videoso don’t mind this year I’m nervousbecause I don’t know if this one here istoo small or too big I don’t want tomess this up oh this is so scarylet’s see how we are doing here I hopethere are a lot of bubbles yeah I cansee a lot of you see that oh oh itsmells so good here is a close-up howit’s looking this is good I think I hopesookay okay my heart is bouncing right nowI can’t believe that I’m actually doingthis it looks like this and I’m going toput it on oh okay yeah this place okayWow I feel like a new personjust a new personCharlie forgot to tell you that this panthis one is anti burn that’s how youname that I don’t know but you don’thave to use butter in here you can justuse it on its own and it’s not burningor sticking onto the plates the pan thatyeah oh my god I love I’m starting tolove cooking I’m starting to love itso I find found out that you need tomake sure you do not put too much ofthis mixture in here because then belowit will be baked enough and then the topwill not be ready yet make sure to notput too much I think it will also gofaster if you do not put too much of themixture this is this one is justactually not good I don’t love the endresult I’m really proud that I can dothis I am so proud I’ve been showingthis to everyone like my family inMorocco I’ve been sending dads to themlike and to my father because he’salways telling me that I cannot cook Ishowed him this and he said to me OhLila haha so I’m proud I’m very proudright now so anyways I hope you guysenjoyed today’s video make sure to turnon no okay I mean two thumbs up and toturn on the notification well so thatyou don’t miss out on the rest of thecooking videos here are going to eatthis today then AHA and thank you guysfor watching and I will see you guystomorrow

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