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Ugly Delicious Low Calorie Orange and Peanut Butter Cookies- Quarantine Cooking

Recipe for Orange Cookies and Peanut Butter Orange cookies

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome to quarantine cookingand I am here to teach you how to makethese beautiful ugly and beautifulcookies from basic simple ingredientsthat you’re most probably will findaround your pantry stay tunedenjoy okay so welcome to episode 2 ofquarantine cooking today we’re gonnacook cookies we’re gonna bake cookies sowe’re gonna do orange cookies you don’tneed a lot of stuff you don’t need a lotof ingredients pretty straightforwardyou need flour you need sugar I’m gonnause brown sugar just because I’m gonnaput in yeast and the way yeast works onsugar and converts it into alcohol andthen the taste very so normal refinedsugar versus brown sugar there’s a casedifference and I like brown sugar andthen we don’t have white sugar becausemy wife doesn’t let me buy refined sugarcan bad for youwe’re gonna add a little bit of milkbutter 1 egg yeast and salt from k-rodon minds of Punjab Pakistan for theorange this is just orange rind this ishow the orange looks after I got it offof 4 small oranges your ratio for sugarto flour should be I usually put 1/3 butpeople some people go up to 1/2 peoplewho like sweeter food but since I amunder dietary regulations from thecamerman I don’t love you like that sowe’re gonna warm this up a little bitjust so the yeast kind of starts workingits magicwe’ll just put in a small spoon a yeastin there so it can start workingactually just a little bit more maybe alittle bit more just a tad bit more andwe’re gonna get this kind of justworking its magic slowly and steadilymix it in slowly and the good thingabout the yeast is if you want to everbaked eggless cookies or egg less Katethis is what’s going to keep your cookieor cake together it’s going to help keepit or bind it together and the otherthing about yeast is this also isresponsible for the gluten so you haveto be careful if you’re using thisnormal baking sort of might work betterif you include another juice orsomething like that and yep see you inthe next video okay so I mix them thissugar with the milk it looks like theyeast has started working its magic it’sbubbling now you can smell it now whatwe’re going to do is is if you’re everwondering about what the amount of milkshould be amount of butter should bepeople put up to a whole cup of meltedbutter because eventually the piecefactor of butter is always awesome butthe consistency in this versus a cakewould be this is more this is after youput everything together thicker it’s notsupposed to be runny I guess the onlydifference between this and the cakewould be essentially if you put moremilk in that would be the cakeconsistency but we’ve already put inthat one egg I don’t like to put in toomany eggs we have that east here as welland what we’re gonna do next is is justadd that little bit of saltbecause the soul will always be thattaste in the back which you won’t reallynotice but it will definitely make adifference and again this is beautifulsalt which I hope the cameraman approvesthe quantity but we’re gonna mixeverything together and I think that’sthe boring part of me putting everythingtogether but we’ll come right back aftereverything’s together hey so we’ve mixedeverything and essentially we got to theconsistency where it’s a little toughI’m holding this upside down because Idon’t do things that normal people dobut this works a lot better for me butthis is the kind of consistency as goingfor it would have been great if I didn’tput in brown sugar just because youcould see the orange better in that casebut I just love the combination of brownsugar and yeast and just because of thatcombination I’m going to let this be formaybe a couple of hours maybe close tothirty hours just to kind of let theyeast work its magic and then we’re justgonna go in and bake it but for likearound three years three years no threehours we’re just gonna kinda keep thisjust so it’s it stays and rests theyeast works its magic and the cookiesbecome something very very specialciao okay so this has been resting fortwo two and a half hours now we’remaking some ugly cookies that’s okaythey just need to taste good that’s allwe want for them the amount of flourexpectations but we’re going to put themin 375 400 for 20 minutes give and takebut we’ll confirm that andthe really good really nice fantastic[Music]corn peanut butter be used use two bigspoons and then I’m gonna mix this inand then the second batch is going to bepeanut butter orange okay so we went twobatches of cookies plain orange this isorange and peanut butter cookies at 375for 24 minutes cook these at 400 for 20minutes so they both turned out greatthey’re ugly but they’re beautifulif you know what I mean anyways hope youhave a good quarantine time stay safestay inside

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