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Making Cookies – Part 2 (3/17/20)

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Video Transcription

more for me live yeah yeah oh that’sdeliciousokay now what does it say what’s nextfor ounces of coconut put it in themixer holealright so we are going to use our scaledata this is fun we need a special extrabowl yeah we’re gonna get in theresettle settlealright we need a special bowl so we canmeasure our coconut let me open thiswith scissors real quick actually youcan help with that too hang on just asecondokay we need to open the coconut bag andJonathan knows how to use scissors soJonathan can help let me put the phonedown again so we can focus together herealright get the scissorsyeah come on your fingers correctly weare gonna cut right across the bag herewe’re gonna cut this way you got to openthem up open are you folding these toopen a second are these backwards that’spart of the problem here we go put yourfingers in now open open open thescissors you gotta open your scissorsopen your fingers down then open what’sgoing on here open your fingers thereyou go then turn up herecut keep goingthat’s right keep going keep going it’sgoing you got it you got it you got ityes excellent job yes very nice workokay we need four ounces for ouncesthat’s right you got four fingers greatjob we’re gonna push this and let’s seeif we’re on the right one round ouncesso watch when this says four up herethat’s when we know we’re in the rightspotlook it’s onetoo much you got a little too much seeit’s in the fives now some God takesthem out let’s drop some on the flooradorable like that Nader we want it tobe four point zero zero there look fourpoint zero zero that’s exactly theamount of coconut that we need seeperfectso now very carefully dump the coconutinto a bowl it’s all glass so we got tobe carefulgood yeah very niceokay now we’re ready to mix it all upalright hit that low nice and low not tothat’s that’s good I’m gonna do it realquickokay now our cookie dough is readyunplug the mixer we can open it take alook look at that good stufflucky for us there’s no raw eggs inthere so we can have a taste my tastesome no only your mother’s disgustingenough for that mmm it’s really tastyall right now we are ready to scoop andbake our cookies look it here’s thiscookie pan that one’s tricky see if Ihave a better one all right ooh did yourfinger get pinched buddy are you okayokay you can check out the mixer or thescoop yourself that’s a scoop super coolscoop all right wait a minute we’regonna take off the paddle and I cannotdo this with two right hands either waitjust a second let me get all this extrastuff on with the spatularemember the spatula that we usedearlier for the canolathis is I feel like I’m making it worseit’s very sticky stuff but it’sdelicious if we didn’t like a coconut wecould always do this with oatmealinstead I got this recipe from meMel’s kitchen cafe these are reputedlyreportedly I don’t know which wordreportedly I’ve good repute Wow no weneed cookie sheets on greased cookiesheet but let’s take a look at what ourinstructions say what’s that say wellthen we are gonna need several cookiesbecause it makes a lot of cookies nowI’m gonna have to reorganize a littlebit make it easier to get to everythingthat we need right now we’re gonna worktogether okay all right I changed my ownwords question cuz that’s how I roll nowwait just a minuteokay let’s get this on it add a flipover here and we’ll just scratch itright out of the wayall done mixer okay now here are somecookie sheets it’s such a large spacethough it’s gonna be tricky I think weneed to move your well we’ll move yourpad over a little I think it’s this hereand scooch this closer so that you canreach everything okay now let mama showyou once and then you can try okay Ireach in here with the scoop and scoopsome dough like this and then I just getoff the extra which that part you’re notgonna like cuz your fingers will getsticky and then watch what I docome over here watch my hands look at myhands right here I’m gonna go squeezegoodlike that now it’s your turn you want meto do it you want me to help you thegood tryalright let’s try again we’ll do ittogetheroh yeah yes yeah ready scoop oh that’spretty good okay ready and we’re gonnasqueeze our hands yeah Jonathan yeh lookat your perfect little scoop fantasticsee it through the camera whoo can youscoop this one on there squeeze you guyssqueeze it got really use your handsthere ah good job all right you want meto do this scooping and squeezing okay Ican do that and then we’ll bake themhome okay versus let’s count them howmany cookies twelve cookies yeah mm-hmmall right now there’s two cookie sheetstogether so I’m gonna lift this thing upand over all rightlet’s push our instructions and see whatwe have to do next what does this saymom we’ll put the cookies in the ovenand then you just push that one for goodmeasurepush this last instruction right herebecause we’re gonna need to know itright we’re gonna set the timer foreight or ten minutes are you ready momwe’ll put the cookies in the oven butyou can help with the timer do you wantto help yeah Mama’s gonna put thecookies in the oven do you want to setthe timerhot hot hot so we don’t ever do thatourselves we wait for mom or dad okay doyou want to do the timer John it thenyeah okay you do need help you’re rightwe are gonna hit timer T IME our timerhit that button right there Jonathanlook how you push this button nope notthat onetry again timer and we are going tostart with eight minutes eight zero zeroeight minutes start okay when that goesbeep we all know we should check ourcookies give me a high five mister areyou doing a countdown what’s stuck nowdid you like helping me make cookiesJonathan did you like helping did youhave fun helping me yes or no Jonathandid you have fun helping yes or no yesyou did I’m so glad I had fun with youtoo

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