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How to make fortune cookies

Hello, here is a fun recipe I wish I could make with all of you but maybe you can find a way to try to make it with your family until we can all be together again !

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Video Transcription

so first step is to about 1 inch andthen for those who don’t have one ofthese fancyguillotines you can always use scissorsand then just cut them like however longyou want them try to make them a littlebit longer next after you cut yourstrips you’re going to want to writefortune preferably in a red pen ormarker to make it look more authentictoday I’m gonna be showing you guys aeasy fun recipe we’re going to be makingfortune cookies okayin order to make fortune cookies you aregoing to need some sugar flourwater of all mix Xsalt vanilla something to measure withand a spatula okay let’s move on to thenext stepare you starting you should preheat theoven 425 and remember to always ask anadult for helpalways always you got okay guys guysthere’s a video going on okay Carly okayfirst we get half a teaspoon of vanillaextract and pour it into the poll andthen and then we get two egg whites Ilike okay Thank You Joey speed I threwthe egg whiteokay all that let’s do that just hold onto the yoke and like that professionalvery smartyeahand you have to do that twice just likethat and then we have to whisk it sureabout one minute until it’s nice andfrothy like it has to the next stepwe’re going to get flourhalf a cup of sugar hey make sure it’sall gone before you move forward gettingthe sugar as you can see all gone thenyou’re going to gethalf a cupsugarand you’re gonna shake shake shake shakeshake shake shake shake shakeand you’re just going to get a pinch ofsaltjust a little tiny man’s fault probablytoo much all right so now we are goingto mix this up mix mix xxthe faster you do this the faster you’llbe eating fortune cookies no real secretto this you just gotta go round andround and round and round around we gookay so that looks to be ready afterthat you are going to get tablespoonyou’re gonna get you’re gonna put threetablespoons so we’ll do one at a timemix it upafter each tables butto mix xxxxX tricks[Music]and here’s number three our finaltablespoon[Music]it smell good alreadyall right that looks about ready to goand now we’re going to be moving on toour next step we hang on to the nextstep and then pour it and the placewhere you’re gonna make it cookieI just smooth it around like so untilit’s in a circle shape and slowly addmore and more until you have the fortunecookie size then once done the oven thenwill hold it into fortune cookie sizeand put about three or four in each panya don’t want to do too many at a timebecause once they’re done then you haveto move quickly to put the paper in themfor about five to eight minutes untilthey’re golden brown is itokay it’s been about eight minutes nowyou gotta take them out of the oven verycarefully because every and then one ata time we put the paper in there foldthem in half and fold them in and thenwe just put them in here until they dry[Music]okay guys so the reason we decided tomake orgy cookies over other trees it’ssimply because kind of expresses closeno I’m just kiddingnot batteries it is just we wanted to doa Chinese sweet treat just because wewant to let you guys know that China hasbeen getting a bad rep and it’s reallynot that bad of a country the people areawesomethey’re really nice they have greatculture everything about China is reallygood so now we are going to do the bestpart of all we’re going to eat ourfortune cookies Thank You chefall right so you guys pick your tunebefore you guys dig in make sure youguys pulled out your fortune my saysyou’re going to get a catch you are verysmart[Laughter]

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