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In today’s video my husband and I bake Eat Pastry’s Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies!

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Video Transcription

hey guys it’s Peter and welcome to mychannel Peter boom-boom-boom-boom-boomreview stuff in my boom and my husbandis my husband my husband Alex Alejandrois here today because we are going toreview each pastry cookie dough vegannon-gmo chocolate chip eat it raw orbaked mmm are you gonna eat it rock Ialways like it raw oh okayanyway this is a family friendly changein the container okay so anyway this iswhat it looks like we found this at weneed a thumbnail you ready okay so wefound this at Costcowe just happened to be like going up anddown every aisle this was like what amonth ago some very unhealthy actuallyand so I said hey I said you wanna getsome chocolate chip cookie dough cuz Ithink you said it yeah doesn’t matteranyway one of us said it so anyway we’relike let’s get this cookie dough andthen alex is like we could do a videoabout it I’ll be really care you didknow and so let me put this in thefreezer Mike said what we’re gonna do avideo about this then you probablywouldn’t take it out of the freezer andput the refrigerator so it’s been in therefrigerator for like a little bit of aweek now so we are gonna make these andthen we are going to do the whole reviewthere’s a little bit of confusion beforewe start the video because Alex wastaking everything our process is aCooking Channel now so we’re gonnaactually cook the cookies bake thecookies I guess and then we’re gonnafunny this one has been cooking a lotI’m so proud of him like what have youbeen making so share some of the thingsyou’ve made nothing out of the ordinaryoh come oneven basics the avocado toast uh-huhcheeseburgers that I have like all kindsof stuff in it like just cheese milemile-high nachos she made the other dayI chose what goes on your nachos beefand cheese and black beans and pico degallo and cheese and chips all kinds ofstuff he’s been cooking like crazy Ihave just been eating onion death andI’m very proud of americano choices thatyou’re making choices that’s what we’rehere talking about a reactive choicesokay so let’s look at this here it’svegan and non-gmo it was non-gmo meanhmm I don’t know like this is the GMOstuff what’s also like it’s not good foryou it’s not good for it’s not bad it’sjust this broth it’s just processedingredients did you think there’s GMOsand there’s GMO and your breath rightnowwell there’s GMOs in your breath to backup I’m one I think it’s actually thedefinition of GMO alex is so aware ofthe camera it’s funny because like I’vebeen doing this for so long that I’mlike completely unaware that the camerais even there you guys are even there hibut like Alex I like a look at it andhe’ll be like he’s so aware of thecamera probably because you’re anInstagram star I’m not a star thatfollow Alex’s Instagram Alex J PerezI’ll link up yeah okay so it says onhereno dairy no eggs no artificial flavorsno hydrogenated hydrogenic native oilsGMO okay and then it says 60 caloriesand that is servings of what cookie is60 calories oh my god we ate okay so wewent out you can’t judge me when I eatlike the whole bucket well you know likewe did get two big huge containers witha little mini chocolate chip cookies andI went in there one day we had like oneof them laughs but the other one I saidwhat happened to the container of cookieisn’t he goes what are you talking aboutwell I mean like he opens the like thepantry and he sees it that it’s gone andyou guys have two stupid questions likewhat happened to that I’m like I don’tknow that went shopping from her groceryguy that’s a stupid question I go whathappened then the next day half theother ones brother oh yeah so anywaythen there are two point five grams offat and zero grams of cholesterolthere’s a forty five milligrams sodiumeight carbs not too bad and less thanone gram of protein so you probablywouldn’t want to eat this if you’re onthe Atkins diet that’s probably wouldn’tbecause every because when we getteens okay how to WoW him try addingwalnuts for delicious nutty crunch inthe mood no like when you do the oh wecould open fortune cookies I was gonnaactually get these fortune cookies onAmazon anyway that are say real funnystuff but when you open up fortunecookie you know you’re supposed to sayat the end of it in bed did you knowthatwell anyway okay but I don’t likewalnuts do I mean I like them but Idon’t love okay so we’re gonna do whatwe do have nuts in there we do haveanother okay you want to pass in thenight okay directions we have like theisland the kitchen islands usually inthe middle we haven’t like pushedforward like look I feel like if I’mwhen the end of Titanic what does shesay okay I just said push her on thebeach does not what you said towards thebeach listen okay directions preheatoven to 350 do we do that yes radiantbaked who scooped hmm have you had abreath I was thinking of that song butwhen you use the I am out of breath skitteeth man-sized balls of dough and ontoa greased or lined baking sheet bakeeight to ten minutes let cool orimmediately eat them all by I’m linedwith what like a cooking sheet yeah Iguess aluminum shakes out here aluminumor like the paper one yeah we can do noaluminum foil we want to put thatplastic would you like your review thispaper foil as well I mean we kindaseventy but looks good doesn’t happen- you think you couldn’t wait no oh it’sreally good hmm yep that’s really goodenough I had a problem with like you’rea Latino mama huh you’re allowed in thebar no no no no okay what you have aproblem with cookie no it’s an aspirvideo Joe joke blended ask mark okaywhat did you have a problem with cookiethere why because I will eat it allwell you like you’re his favorite kindof ice cream is cookie dough I expectyou oh you are you cooking I’ll we eatenwe’re cooking okay did you watch her youstart down there I did wash my hands asyou wash worse yeah I just got out ofthe shower okay I watched more than myhands okay now I like I’m kind of big sothey only run late all right but I meanyou did take that spoon in your mouthand then you’re just sticking in thecontainers well we’re the only oneseating and it’s not like we’re havingneighbors ever or someone I guess knowin the comments people just go about itoh no they’re all 80 they hate usbecause we’re gay not me oh that is nottruebut I will tell you we were at the poolone day and there’s one neighbor downthe street the one I talked about myblog all the timeand we’re actually kind of friendly nowbut she said she was looking over us andshe goes now there was a period of momshe goes and as a husband she goes tothe nicest summer festivals I’ve evermet in my life that’s a true story heheard the whole thingI don’t know why she thinks I’m nicethough kiss you are to look at just goodI understand chef and I to thatyeah look at that we did a good jobalright so you are only allowed to eatthe ones that you not bad consideringwe’re almost professionalsthat’s from Dolly Parton that’s notChristmas did I ever have you watch thatmovie you force me I kindly forgot youlove that okay so is our oven preheatingour oven is preheated and is ready to godo you see that oh my god I thought thatwas a letter I thought that was likethat what’s a call that one they theletters like the spooks it’s the spiritsand stuff they write letters do youthink they would write a letter to us onthat the oven it’s clean yeah clean mewhat’s that called automatic writing sothere we go that is our cookies for awhile and we’re gonna compile and wehave to put it on a number eight to tenminute sometime set the timer eight tenminutes our oven always was a little hotwhat are you just doing on your phoneare you gonna eat all the cookie doughyeah there’s no one we got it for yeahbut like maybe I like to have a couplemore not the vélib okay look at how muchis gone for happy all right you guyswe’ll be back in two in two see thatokay they’re done we had to put a coupleextra minutes on it are you ready I’mready to pull out AlexEmily Breslin come on okay oh my godwhat happenedwill they grow so we are dumb it’s likea cookie cake it’s like a cookie cake wedidn’t so good okay so I already havethe plate here and they’re literallyare they soggy yeah but there’s no GMOthat’s probably why there how about wejust cook make get two out for us in theplate and try those so that we could geton with the videowe don’t mean them while we were liketalk but the people like to see theprocess I think mmm I’m kind of worriedabout seeing the bottom of these cookieswhat’s going on nothing’s going on youneed to learn some mannersyou the part not wanted to be teachingme about me an artist okay that’s twothat’s good we’ll try those two okayhere we goah they have to wait more like how longdid it say does that eat them right awayhmm okay it doesn’t say how long justsays eat them look let cool orimmediately eat them off let gold howmuch of this have you had because youbecause he finally goes like this okayoh my god now you’re gonna wait for yoursack or you’re gonna eat George rightawayI’m so proud what happened there wereround balls thanks good another flatokay I know they flatten out which onewould you like to have doesn’t matterokay I’ll take the smaller one kind someon a diet okay with your diet coke[Laughter]those are really good mm-hmmI mean I’ve never had to talk aboutcookie I didn’t lie but what doesweren’t really good compared to likedoes Costco ones that we have that youloved you don’t think what the littlechocolate chip cookies that we havedoing these are betterreally mm-hmm I think the other ones arebetter because somebody else made themwhat would you give these I will getthose rod dough stall at five climb fiveinches and then the cookies I mean maybeit’s because like our skill of cookingis like awful they take it’s too tighteither great I mean I think like theirchocolate chip cookies how can you havethat up I would definitely give themokay you need to stop just oh I’mdancing hey thanks it’s funny becauseyou guys feed him on in the commentsections and then he comes on here andit gets all you know what all right edand we don’t need that no one’s eatingme anything I would give it I’ll go toanother puppy Carol we got 50 of them onthe back oh then here we’re making thefaces and being rude about it anyway Iwould give it the boogie down in thecookie I would give a 5 out of 5those are really good I think yeah but Ilike hot cookie straight out of the ovenwell then at eat pastry tell me what youthink anyway thank you for being on thevideo I appreciate it you’re welcome mmmanyway anyway it stop stop okaysay goodbye to everybody thank you allright you guys we’ll see you guys laterwhat am i doing anyway say goodbye loveyou guys bye and thanks bye

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