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I Gave Him a Quarantine Haircut! + Making Cookies

After several weeks of quarantine, I finally gave Matt his first haircut at home! How did I do?!? We also make chocolate chip gluten free cookies! Thanks for watching and hanging out with us! SUBSCRIBE to never miss a video:

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Video Transcription

time for a haircut the time has come forMatt to get his first Quarantine haircutit’s very long overdue so I thought thatwe would film this for you guys in caseyou need to give a quarantine haircut Idon’t know what I’m doing though I willbe honest I watched Carson Daly son givehim a haircut on The Today Show so Ifeel like I kind of have an idea of whatto do with the little flicking motionaffair you used to wear razor as agoyeah but never was a razor deliciousherb yeah that’s what we have so I’venever done it with that I’ve only doneit with scissors and back then I didn’tknow what I was doing either we onlyblogged it years ago I think we didplease don’t ever do anyways we are boththe drapes to see in our Hollywoodstudios t-shirts because today isHollywood soo is 31st birthday so wecelebrated by wearing the t-shirts thatrepresent one of our favorite rides uhunfortunately there’s no longer with usthe great movie ride if you guys havebeen on it then let us know in thecomments and we have not been onMickey’s runaway railway quite yet thatwas honorless to do when the parks openyeah we’re gonna do it I mean yeahprobably by now but obviously thatchange has changed was the first time inat least three years where we haven’tbeen at the park on this day on May 1stooh so sad but it’s okay yeah time foryour cut so we’re gonna do this here wego as long as I don’t make it longer Idon’t think you can screw it up allrightI’m using these Clippers okay so we havethe half-inch we don’t I don’t havenumbers online so anybody who’s gotten ahaircut with Clippers knows that youlike a one two or three but I’m on thisside start on the bottom and go up andthen when you get to like here just goand see what happensI’m nervous I’m scared all right staystill okay just but wait you didn’t cutHurley I know but it you could hear itthat’s the point okay is just do itthough what if I mess upI start in the back if you make itlonger you would have messed it up andthat was utterly impossible okay so Ipress it against your head mmm does yougot it because you’re not gonna cut itall off because this is as short asit’ll goso it’ll only get to above it don’t Iget my hair cut a lot shorter than thatlike this wait is that what you do justlike this it’s a very small yeah wellyou got to do it evenly you’re gonna goover it you’re gonna have to go overmultiple times to get all of it cuz it’snot going to all get caught up so dothat same thing same thing you got to doit probably over and over but it’s okayit’s so uneven boy yeah did you juststart it yeah you kind of do the flickat the end yeah see now start below myhairline and then go all the way up soyou get all of it get your ears I cut myear oh my god it already feels betterit’s really sure it’s my confident facehow am I taking it Wow okay I feel likeat this point you got to do what you gotto do the handy dandy little brush yeahnow these Clippers are probably like 10years old to the allows for you so thatall right other side[Music]okay I think we’re getting there Ireally do not know what I’m doing but Iwas just telling her I think I’ve paidfor worse haircuts so I’m happy youdidn’t make it longer that’s good nookayso here’s what I did let’s see it fromtheir friend it’s good yeah yeah thosekinks uh I can hear the arrow yeah Idon’t know yeah yeah we have changedbecause there was hair everywhere andMatt is about to come back he took ashower washed off this hair so that youguys can see how I didI’m kind of nervous because I feel likeI couldn’t really get the back well okayI’m standing in the chair so you guyscould see the end resultturn around yep keep turning keepturning this part was really hard to geton the part but I mean I’m happy you areyeah okay are you sure yeah okay betterthan I hoped it would be really yeah I’msorry I feel so much lighter now I feelthe air looks good it looks good yeahyour head looks smaller it does italways does it’s weirdalright now time for cookie cookieswe’re getting ready to make our cookiesnow I wanted to show you guys for makingthese simple Mills these are gluten-freeand I have to eat gluten free because Ihave celiac disease not because I’mtrying to be trendy if I could eatgluten I would I feel like a goodcomment about that though so I like thisthese are made with almond flour andthen we’re using the only milk becausethis stuff tastes so good especially incoffee I like the full fat but theydidn’t have that last IRA made in orderto Publix but yeah mixing bowl and justuse coconut oil so we’re using coconutoil instead of butter this has alreadymelted because it is hot oh you alreadymelted yeah it’s still hot and then whatelse we need look at our measuringspoons aren’t these adorable they’refrom Food & Wine Festival last year Isaw them and I had to have them I feellike we showed them in the world thankyou yeah but[Music][Music][Music]and they’re ready to go in the oventhese tennis ready yeah all right whichone oh one with the most chocolate chipsinteresting Cheers these are really goodso all right we have our cookies and allthese are mine and we’re gonna watchprop culture in busy putters because itjust released today and I’ve been dyingto watch it it’s all about props andmovies and behind the scenes and I lovestuff like that and the first episode isabout Mary Poppins so we’re reallyexcited or I’m really excited to watchyour very topyeah nose what did you do Mary Poppinsis one of my favorite movies but we alsohave our friend Max his surprisebirthday party is in an hour so we haveto get ready for that so we will goahead and say goodbye to you guys and ifyou don’t know who max says he’s mr.cheesy pop here on YouTube so definitelygo and check out his channel if youdon’t know who he is you should know whohe isso a link it down below but yeah that’llbe fun absolutely we’re so excited thereit’s all a zoom party yeah pandemicparty pandemic birthday party yeah yeahbut thank you guys for hanging out withus and let us know in the comments ifyou’ve had to give anyone a quarantinehaircut yet I’m sure lots yeah but yeahthank you guys for hanging out and wewill see you soon bye guys[Music]

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