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making cookies because i’m bored

i’m bored in quarantine so i made cookies

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey we’re making cookies I’m reallybored and Quarantine so I went to publicsector that and I was like let’s getcookies but let’s make them so I’mactually productive I have so manythings I could be doing that are moreimportant with this but like see whywould I do that okay so I have my bigbowl here and mixing wait my measuringball and I’ve never baked in mine timewell I baked with help but I’ve neveractually things by myself no one’shelping me doing it by myself freakingbig girl and we’re making minis and me Ithought they were separate and like ohyou can make them from scratch it’s acute or whatever but no it’s all in onething but I guess it just makes iteasier rightmy friend so they should we should dothe vlog don’t hurt yourself anyway solet’s get this started because I havewasted five minutes of this so let’sread the directions heat oven to 375Fahrenheit okay I don’t well actually Ido I’m not stupid okay so we’re gonnapreheat the oven how do we do thatI think bake rikes we’re baking 375start okay so my bowl is here[Music][Applause][Music]all right that sounds so good all rightI need one egg so I have pasture-raisedgrade a eggswhenever I just like knock goodoh yeah oh my god I don’t think I gotany shower that’s pretty freakin awesomeOh buddy needle where are you keep alist do you even have a list I’ve seen awisp before my house I swear I’m justgonna use this spoon because I havenothing else it’s disgusting wait okay Ineed something else to itoh my order to hear my there’s hair inmine oh my godI literally can’t see this is goingreally well as we can tell okay half acup of butter Wow oh my god okay Iliterally have no idea what to my Ican’t find it that’s spectacular anywaylet’s continue making this so I have Ican’t believe it’s no butter because Idon’t use real butter pan that’s likeenough type of wait it’s how you do ityeah so that’s like a towards a cup ofbutter right there alright let’s let’slean 1/2 a cup of butter I don’t knowhow to measure thingsall right let’s can keep oh my god youknow I just licked a butter off my handI don’t assassin oh um are you supposedto hand this this or like okay this thisis time but I’m going to wash my handsfirstno corona for my cookies okay we’regonna start we’re gonna go in this so Iam just that’s fun to do I don’t know ifthis is what you’re supposed to do butI’m doing it onlineoh yeah really nice this is a really bigmistake Jesus this is just not good atallJesus oh my god I’m really gonna getthis on my handsgood um my hands are clean my freakinswear on it Oh Zoe wait does he likefreakin cat look at her she loves me asyou can tell okay so we have the batterready not spun any parchment paper in Ohlike are you supposed to do that[Music]baby directed it below okay I’m guessingyou don’t cuz but it would probably meltlet’s do this we make little balls rightthat’s how you do it right scoop it allout geez is this what it’s supposed tolook like I don’t think sowell that was good wait no[Music]right now they look really weird and badmy camera died so I’m going to just letit charge well I don’t know how long Ikeep those cookies in there but I’mgonna be guarding them trying my cookienow it’s hot wait no it’s hotwhat’s really good[Music]it’s so hot mm-hmm okay so yeah thecookies turned out really good reallyyummy it was really fun to do duringquarantine and yeah thanks for watchingokay bye

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