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Ninjas Make Cookies

Even ninjas in quarantine need cookies

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey guys hello people hey so we’re gonnamake cookies right that’s the planwhere are the ingredients I thoughtwhile he was bringing them I detectchocolate this looks tastywait where’s Lloyd can I get a hand herewell here’s a mix but we don’t haveanything to mix it in you Oh first ofall let’s move first we need get toassume enjoy food both hey guys how manyis this better now I need a softenedgoodbye des we need heat on itwell that workedtime for me let’s launch it one twonext shall use the mixture from thiscontainer well that’s so sad problemlet’s dump it now be fusedNinjask oh coollet’s move this over here so then thenwe’ll have first waves and out guyswhat are you supposed to bake these onhow will we shred from the dough[Music]thinning ninja magic okayso what are we going to do for nothingninja magic right you know what ninja goI can’t move me Eva to full enoughlaying around ninjas we have cookingmonsters to conquer[Applause]you[Music]can yo it

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