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Sugar Cookies

Join me as I show you step by step to making the best sugar cookies ever. You will not regret it!

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– 2 1/2 to 3 cups of flour
– 1 cup of sugar
– 1 cup of butter (2 sticks)
– 1 egg
– 1 tsp of baking powder
– 1 tbsp of vanilla extract
– 1/2 tsp of salt

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Video Transcription

hey guys so today I want to show youguys how to make sugar cookies if youguys have seen this has become kind of abig thing for parties now like insteadof cake some people not just havecookies so I’ve been trying to make thisrecipe for a while I’ve tried differentrecipes and I finally found one thatworks for me so I want to share with youguys what I do and hopefully it worksfor you so ingredients you’re gonna needflour I use all-purpose flour sugarvanilla baking powder salt and egg and acup of butter so I use two sticks ofbutter you also need an mixer or actualmixer this doesn’t really matter in theend you kind of have to do it with yourhands if you don’t have one of these butyep so you also need your measuring cupsyour spatulateaspoon so let’s get to it so okay sowhat you’re gonna do first is you’regonna put the butter so about the butterI usually take it out of the fridge andleave it out for about an hour so it’sjust so it’s not cold and that helpswith holding on your ingredients andyour cookie will not spread so much andthat’s important to sure if you wantthem to keep[Music][Music][Music]we blend[Music]so once I’ve creamed itit’s gonna be a little soft okay you’regonna put inI like I think it’s like two tables butI meant to over the tops of the vanillaKen[Music]they’re putting your egg so today I alsotake it out with the butter a little bitahead of time just so they’re not socold and I mixed it so nowI’m going to add one teaspoon of bakingpowder and about half a teaspoon of saltmaybe even 1/8 it all just depends onyour butter its saw Tim it’s not saltedthis it’s it’s salted I don’t recommendanything[Music]but this office just so it tightens thesweetness so explore play we’re goingyou don’t have to use it too much sureokay so I put that it and let’s find it[Music]okay so now I’ve got two and a half cupsof flour and I’m gonna be adding thisslowly because sometimes either yourbutter is too runny or it’s too hard andyou don’t need the same amount of flourso it’s kind of between two and a halfand three cups sometimes that I use itall depends on the temperature whereyou’re at the consistency of your buttermixes and you’ll go from thereso I like to add a little bit at a time[Music]so with this I like to add a little bitat a time and not allthen you get lots of[Applause]so as you can see it’s kind of startingto lump up a bit so when it gets likethis I like to stop it and scratch theedges with a spatula so you’re gonnastart to see it’s already lumping up alittle more and that’s where you’realmost getting to the end of your flowerso if you see it’s still kind ofsticking to the edge you add a littlemore flour at a time and you’ll begetting to your right consistency okayso after having mixed it for a while youstart to notice that the dough is nolonger sticking to your bowl so that’swhen you start getting a consistencywhich is kind of like play-doh you knowit’s ready so and then I get a plasticwrap or a plastic bag I put it in hereso it’s almost better once I recommendedto chill your dough so it’sthere are an hour to about eight hoursit has to be in the fridge basicallygood this is so your dog locks in andyou’re able to roll it out and when youactually put it in the oven it won’tspread if you don’t really care about itspreading and you can you know just wantto have some cookies let’s just roll itup put them in your pan 350 for abouteight minute depending but I need you todo 8 to 10 minutes at 350[Music]okay guys so I’m back I went ahead andleft the dough in the fridge for aboutan hour and a half or two so just wentif you leave it that long you’re gonnasee that once you take it out it’s gonnabe like hard as a rock okay so I let itdefrost a little so it gets a littlesofter what I like to do is I like tocut it into pieces I like to cut intopieces because me and Markos are theonly ones in the house so we don’t needthat much cookies but just so you get anidea of how much this makes you can makeabout 36 cookies with this match so I’mgoing to use this circle and this is amedicine cup if you don’t have cookiecutters or any of the sort you could usea cup or anything that has a shape thatyou could cut out your cookiesso I’m doing that when I set the oven to350[Music]I’m gonna use these to cut into it sothey look like doughnuts okay so nowthat I’ve got them here I’m going to putthem in the oven and now we wait[Music][Music][Music]they’re pretty good yeah just came infrom working[Music]

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