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Make Cookies With Me & My Daughter

Hey guys this is a “Make Cookies With Me & My Daughter” I really enjoyed making this video because my daughter made this video fun and enjoyable. Please don’t forget to like, subscribe, share, hit the bell icon for everytime I upload a new video. Thank you for watching and may the Lord continue to bless you. Byeee!!!

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Video Transcription

have this feeling to me[Music][Music]Oh[Music]what are you doing I am making them letus take either them so we’re just makingcookies yes to see how they know heyguys it’s Linda welcome back to mychannel in today’s video it’s mydaughter Maya in the kitchen okayI think she loved cooking just like hermotherguys if you enjoy don’t forget to give abig thumbs up like share and subscribeand hit the bell icon for every time Iupload a new video like this then if youalready subscribe I want to say thankyou for this for your support thank youfor all my new subscribers and returningsubscribers thank you very much Mayayeahthe oven is ready so you’re not readyyet so what are you makingwell I’m making some chocolate chipcookies huh you know what did you getthis pre-made cookie for meoh so yesterday we went to BJ’s andespecially if they have a unicorn hornon them okay I need a parent or guardianokay gooduh-huh but isn’t it yeah be careful withyour handsyeah and then for for a long 12 minutesyeah told me well big cookie yeahthey’re gonna be nicely baked anddelicious and you can eat them withanything you want hot chocolate icinganything you want except for in theirmodel of coffeeyes it’s especially coffee but for thekids you should get hot chocolate okayI’ll come and clean your mess okaythat’s itoh yeah but for this okay you you canput it back in this thing I’m gonnaclearly for us a king Alan yesand put it back we’ll put it back in thefridge yeahhey don’t don’t forget to follow me inmy tic-tacyeah don’t forget to follow me on mytech-talk is my baby my beautifulwe’re not chocolate without chocolatemaybe or I say Susheela later peace outokay guys come back they wanted a friendso they decide to enjoy yeah I feel okayso guys this is the final results yeahit was really good and I tell you Iactually am gonna take one or maybe amillion I don’t know and gobble it upbefore tomorrow who knows yeah oh yeah Iremember saying I might Hudson when youfinish eating those because it’s alittle bit late so you can eject see mytomorrow you can uncheck it eat it withawesome milk Jackson milk reallydelicious and guys this is Louis he justjoined right my godremember snatched about lifetime everytime we upload a new video I also createthe subscribe comment down below shareto your friends and family also share tounicorn you have less likely inaccordance with the best you like youcan’t be stoppedokay guys see you next time in my nextvideo if you guys want to see more videoof my kids making cookies or I don’tknow doing something let me know in thecomment down below okay and don’t forgetto follow me on my Instagram I alwayslike it in my description box below andFacebook stay tuned guys for my nextvideo daddy I sleepy now so okay make atoastsee you next time guys in my next videobye[Music]

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