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Video Transcription

hey guys what is up is Leo welcome backto my channel if you’re new here playhive itself it’s Lia please subscribeand follow me it’s romantic talk downbelow at glue neck tyrion and if youlike this concludes on anything it’s alldone below so in a couple of seconds orso you’re going to see me in my kitchenbecause for today’s video i’m gonna bebaking vegan banana chocolate chipcookies and yeah it was the time solet’s get into it so unfortunately Ibasically recorded this without anyaudio which cut was sad but basicallywhat happened here it was that I wasjust peeling the disgustingwell not disgusting but the overripebananas because that’s what I needed tobake the vegan cookies so okay so now Ineed two cups of oh so this is theoatmeal that I’m using creamy peanutbutter because it’s like known as afamily eats it and I don’t really eatit’s like we normally just eat likealmond butter oh so I don’t know if Itold you guys this but I honestly don’treally like bananas that much like atall like I love banana bread but likebananas and like banana milkokay this is what the concoction islooking like right now I really hopethis is good it’s all I can saythe texture of bananas is just not greatguises favorite youtubers to watch I’mlike what are your favorite shows sorecently I saw an interview with SteveCarell and in that interview the HOSevery I would show he was on but he saidlike offices most watched show beatingFrance over a lot like dang I had noidea oh also ways okay when this videosgoing up I have no idea we know thatlike editing in a timely manner is justnot really my thing I should change thatI know I’m sorry but so thank you guysso so much for like almost 800subscribers like I’m so like thank youyou guys are really really sweet and youmake me so happy and I’m just I’m soincredibly grateful thank you it’s somuch not to be really really sappy butthank youoh so oily okay so we’re first gonnajust like mix it up so it’s not like -or lit up at all also for some reasonthe self peanut butter really reminds meof chocolate I feel like it’s justbecause I associate with like Reese’sPieces[Music]also if you guys are having like fruitsor vegetables but like they’re notrotten but like they’re not they’re notreally that fresh like you don’t reallywant to eat them like raw or anythingyou can definitely bake them especiallyfor fruits like use them and like a cooklike a cake or cookies or rubber becausethat way it’s like people eating themand you’re training them into somethinglike really yummy and also it’s likeyou’re not wasting it so I’m just reallyhoping that this tastes good honestlyI’m like low-key kinda scared that itwon’t but I’m like you know what it’sgonna be good it’s gonna be great gonnabe fine we’re gonna add in chocolatechips as well because if it just doesn’tturn out well then it’ll eat thechocolate will salvage it I hope if itdoesn’t that will be sad also I’m sorrymy face is like oh like half and halfout for all of us it’s just I don’t havea tripod or anything so you know oh soI’m just really hoping this tastes goodbecause it’s like if it doesn’t thenit’s like I wasted oatmeal and thepeanut butter and the bananas and thechocolate and the honey that I’m gonnaadd to sweeten it I feel like it mighttaste like a knockoff life Clif Bar atthis point or like a knockoff likegranola bar I like peanut butter now Iused to hate peanut butter so I don’tknow what’s going on oh did I use a bigenough hole this is what we’re workingwith right nowoh my god this is honestly really funthough like why don’t I I may not be todo this earlier Oh[Music]or maybe just one yeah this is a lie andthe honey is not part of the recipe I’mjust adding it for extra sweetness and Ihope I regret it Salford spatula mybrother called these spatulas becauselike you can like snap them we’re gonnamatch all this together I mean I liketilt it toward you guys you can see whatI’m doing a little bit but I also reallydon’t want it to spill for obviousreasons but do you guys like to be andif you do like what are your favoritethings to be I okay okay put that downokay this is actually kind of heavytell me about how you guys have beendoing like I will probably build it uplike emotionally mentally I’m reallyhoping these cookies turn out wellthough well then we’re gonna add thechocolate chips in but I’m gonna do thatoff there must’ve been in a little moremy arms are getting a workout or my armis getting a workout because oh mygoodness also I don’t know if I saidthis earlier but I’ve been watchingAngela Kinsey and Jenna Fisher’s podcastthe office ladies and guys I love itI love them I listen to the episode withKen Jeong and I thought that was reallyfunny I didn’t know he was in the officelike day I haven’t kriti she was likehis first like acting gig or whateverbut like sir you have comealso I realized why people use likebananas instead of like flour and thingslike that just because like it does kindof have it has like a very similar likeconceal extra I guess to like if I uselike flour and stuff okay we’re gonnaswitch arms just to be even but so so sofar this morning I have meditated takinga shower be in a little bit of rockbecause I had orange because that’s allI was really hungry for and oh this ispretty the oven with the other mildlybroken which is why I made sure I likecuz I could eat this like without bakingit technically it’s just I don’t want todo this contingencies not great but it’slike like health-wise negative that makesense also you guys have to watch me toomany like videos of like jennxpenn itwas my family like baking and stuff orlike Bugattis manner because it’s likewhen they do it I can get more fundsit’s like they’re not really telling youit’s not really good how food is justkind of tell me which I really likewhich technically is what I’m doing butI feel like my stuff isn’t necessarilyinteresting you know I think I told youguys about the Harry Styles you mighthave we’re basically like I had thisdream also like four years ago mind youI didn’t still show that it’s me cuzlike also I’m sorry if I told thosestories before but I’m just gonna tellit again with a slight bow but basicallylike in the dream I knew Liam Payne andlike I knew that wonder I can be big andlike I knew that they would be onedirection but none of them knew exceptfor the up and so we go into New YorkCity me and Liam and Harry’s working atthis cafe and inside the Walter like anavy blue and it’s super cute inside andall that and we go in and like he’shelping me see the grease in there andI’m likelike hi lykan system example the bossand Harry no joke gives me this lookhe’s like and I’m like he’s like can Ihelp you as a man is literally laughinghis butt off because he’s like oh my godlike he doesn’t sell bubble box and heknew likelihood that like Harry wouldn’tknow it no like Mike you put me throughthat and he was like you wouldn’t listenwhich was true and also I just thoughtit was really funny and the later in thedream I became friends with all of thatand we were like hanging out at thehouse but the house I was in was like inreal life it was like down the tripwhere I used to livethat was funny and then lovely all has ahigh command it for some reason but alsolike Louie with my uncle but also likeit was weird but yeah that was how’s thedream I have okay now breathe eatchocolate chips we’re using the darkchocolate aren’t gonna be thatchocolatey though because only when Ilike me when I used to be Mormon I wasyounger by me I need my mom um like Iwas beg her to like I would pour puddingso so many chocolate chips it was noteven funnyoh okay here’s your thing I feel likewith like youtubers and like sick peopleor whatever like Instagram what likesocial media in general I feel like alot of the times people follow more forlike the personality of the person ifthat makes sense like even if they’renot like particularly like interestingor like knowledgeable in areas like Ifeels a lot of it’s just like you’refollowing them for their personalitywhich I didn’t realize before but nowI’m kind ofI don’t know it also just might be likethe time does that even make sense okaywe’re gonna look at the directions againand then I will get back to you guys sothis is what she looks like right now bythe way a few moments later oh thatmight be too much I’m just trying toboil up the pan so it doesn’t stick eventhough they said use a cookie shape Idon’t have that used olive oil by theway just so like it doesn’t stayI feel like this entire video is likepeople who actually like know how tobake and stuff again if they’re going tobe watching this and my cookies andcotton ingredients they’re gonna be likeLea no oh so I don’t know how to use myoven and I don’t know because they needokay so it’s been also slightly flowerman I don’t think we have that eitherso also can’t adjust a camera nowbecause I yeah okay so just kind of likemash it up at this point not massive butlike wallet oh this is so not smart so Idefinitely should have used flour but Idon’t okay they don’t look that bad ohmy godanyone who knows me in real life iswatching this we don’t oh my godah okay all I can say is olive oil thankyou no this is not me trying to bedramatic I’m just okay maybe I shouldshape them firstbecause there’s a sizeable differencebut I don’t want to show you guysbecause my hands are like this and Idon’t mix much like okay we’re just notgonna touch that one anymore okay so Ido need to like shape than we put ballsfirst so this is probably why I don’treally bake also because I never reallyhave all the ingredients I need okayyeah this is just noso I’m probably gonna bake like six at atime if that even in the workssorry well I’m gonna show you guys thedifference after I like that honestly sonervous for how these are gonna turn outthough because I might surprise myselfand like these might taste good but fromthe looks of things I mean aren’t thehoney to make it more palatable but likethis isn’t telling you how things aregoing I mean okay also I’m pretty suremy oven is like kinda broken cuz lotsermon we made salmon it wasn’t cookedall the way but it did cook which meansthat this should be fine like maybe theinside of this will be like gooey butthat’s because I just prefer my cookiesyou know I like it when they’re gooey sodoing the accent well is basically likelearning another language like we needto like know how to like say it andeverything I’m really just hoping youdon’t know mashed together and if theydo that’s gonna be sad state of affairsbut it’s gonna be okay cute this is whatthey’re looking like right now I don’twant to tilt them too much but we’regonna put these in and see what happenedI’m nervousthere was most definitely a smarter wayto do this Oh[Music]so I guess now we wait uh yeah um alsoanother thing I’m thinking of though I’mlike okay I can maybe Friday’s andtrainees into like hard pancakes whichsounds so unappetizing when I where’d itlike that but I’m actually gonna trythat because I think that could be goodtheir bacon they’re baking they’rebaking something really sad because Ireally underestimated how much timethese no I overestimated how much timethey needed to be in the oven theyunderestimated the like how well theoven was working and so I don’t think Icould scrape out the inside I don’t thisis so tragic literally sticking to thisokay sookay we’re gonna okay I think what’sgonna happen at this point is you guysare gonna laugh at that I hope and I’mgonna get another cookie try and do thatagain and keep it in for 10 minutes as Iwas advised instead of like 1520 whichis what I didyeah we’re gonna see if it works betterthis time you know 2,000 years okay guysso awkward outro but here we are so Ihope you guys enjoyed this videoyeah I it was it didn’t turn out as wellas I wanted it to but I hope this wasmod entertaining for you and if it waslike and subscribe and follow me inchairman tik-tok down below at glownectarine and please remember everythingis going to be ok and you are full oflove you are worthy you are enough allright I’m sending you so much love andpositive energy and please stay safe andhydrated and L see you tomorrow bye

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