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Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hi, I am KidwithATie, Shout out to my sister go follow her on tik to and go follow her on Instagram
I am a 10 yr old who loves to make videos. I also love to cook & bake. Today I am talking about how to make the softest, chocolate chip cookies. It is an easy recipe for anyone to follow and it only takes around 25 min to make.

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello then I’m keeping the tie and todaywe’re gonna make the softest chocolatechip cookies so first off we gotta meltsome butterso let’s go hi guys we’re backso first then we just have to first weput one stick of unsalted butter orsalted so when you’re melting the butterthis is gonna take at least five to sixfive to eight minutes for it to become aspicy brown color you add another halfstick of butter of your choice and thenyou gotta melt it until fully combinedand after that we’ll tell our progressand hi guys welcome back so after that’sdone melting with the one and a halfstick of butter we go ahead and put itinto a bowl okay gotta stir that upafter you put the sugar stir that untilfully combined and we put 1 and 1/4 cupof granulated sugarI have two riester it we put 2 egg yolksand 1 egg white we put that in togetherthe mix ardilla fully combined see younext time so after we stir it it willkind of look like this and then afterthat so we have to do this kinda weirdbut you should squeeze a half of theorange like the citrus on of it sorryso after with that I’m gonna put one anda half cups of all-purpose flour withhalf a tablespoon and a pinch of salt ofbaking sodaso I just poured 1 and 1/4 cup ofsemi-sweet chocolate chips and mix itall alright and I want to show you howit looks since maybe you want to seewhen you make it of how it looks ifyou’re doing it wrong or right I justwant to give you a little heads-up onhow it looks there it should be coveredall over with semi-sweet chocolate chipsand every single bite is you fun mixingthis so I will see you in another minuteor so so when we mix that for at leasttwo minutes we have to knead the doughwith your hands so you’re gonna get alittle bit messy hi guys so we have astrainer with aluminum foil and I amusing a ice cream scooper because ahandle to bring the dough down on to thepan so I’m gonna just demonstrate onefor you guys well you don’t want thatmuch so you want at least this much onyour thing one cookie nownow after that’s done we have to let thedough rest for 10 minutes I’ve moved upwritten up on in the teaser fridgewhatever you havejust keep it set aside with this littlevideo that you should have so whilethat’s resting we should preheat theoven to 375 by the time this are donethat should be done so just stop readingit and well so the next step that’s donethe 10-million to 375 preheat all wehave to do is justcooking time will be around plus 13 to15 minutes runu 14 right now start itwill give you updates in 14 minutessee units on your back – as a kid withthe time well as you can see it’s out ofthe ovenit looks so crispy chewy on inside thislittle delicious all right let’s give ita trythe salt and anointed Chris it reallytake it compassion to it this is hardlyI mean a huge I give me cookie rightherealthough heat let’s give that a tryreally goodwhat’s in about like one thing I likeabout the big cookies that I really likethe big cookie but ruin inside notreally like everybody likes go you needto be a little crispy plus justextremely chewy that was kids with theThai make sure to subscribe read forsignificance on make sure to LIKE thevideo thank you for more recipes[Music]

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