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You guys are going to love this cookie recipe!!!
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If you are looking for a vanilla sugar cookie recipe this is a great one to try! These cookies are soft and chewy and they stay soft even if you decide to have one tomorrow!! ENJOY!!!!

Music: Ryan Little

1 stick of butter

1 cup flour

1/2 cup+ 1 table spoon sugar
2 egg yolks

1 tea spoon baking powder
1 teaspoon vanilla

Salt a pinch

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Video Transcription

[Music]Ryann little hi guys welcome to mychannel so this video is going to be avideo that I think you all will love I’mpretty sure that everyone loves sugarcookies and this recipe is justspecifically vanilla sugar cookies butif you have like chocolate chip cookiesor sprinkles you definitely can throwthem in there I just didn’t do that dayI’m going to be sharing with you guysthese delicious soft chewy vanilla sugarcookies and I hope that you guys enjoythese cookies are so easy to make andthese are the cookies that everyoneloves they’re the cookies that actuallystay soft even after they have cooleddown even if you decide to go grab onetomorrow it’ll still be nice and softand you will love it so this recipe thatI’m gonna be giving you guys is going togive you 24 regular-sized cookies but ofcourse if you guys want to double it upand you want to make them a littlebigger then they’ll give you 12so I hope that you guys enjoy this videoI was gonna let you guys know exactlywhat you’re going to need for thisrecipe but you’re going to need a onecup of flour you’re going to need onestick of unsalted butter you’re going toneed half a cup and one tablespoon ofpure white sugar you’re gonna need twoeggs well actually you’re good you’rejust gonna need the egg yolks for ityou’re going to need one teaspoon ofbaking powder you’re gonna need oneteaspoon of vanilla extract and you’realso gonna need salt and you’re justgonna add a pinch of salt these are allof the ingredients that you’re going tobe needing this is the butter this isthe salt the sugar the eggs the flourmixed with the baking powder and thenhere is the vanilla and just make surethat if you aren’t wearing gloves towash your hands so I’m just gonna startwith some softened butter and I’m usingsoft butter because it just makes it somuch easier to break it down and mix itin you’re gonna add your sugar to thebutter and you’re also going to add yourvanilla and all the ingredients againwill be in the description box so youjust want to mix everything untileverything is combined really well[Music]and then to this I’m going to add in thetwo egg yolks so now when theconsistency is like this you’re going toadd in your flour with the baking powder[Music]I’m gonna mix everything untileverything is well combined and like Iwas saying before if you have anychocolate chip cookies I mean if youhave any chocolate chips or anysprinkles you could add that in here sonow this is basically the consistencythat you want your dough to be for youcookies so at this point you couldactually separate your cookiesindividually put them on a pan withparchment paper and then put them in thefridge or you could just take the doughlike this and put them and you could putit in the fridge for at least 20 to 30minutes for them to chill before youactually put them in the oven so that’swhat I’m gonna do I’m gonna put this inthe fridge to chill for about 20 to 30minutes and then I’m gonna separate themput them on parchment paper and thenthey’ll be ready to bake these are howthe cookies look now they are chilledand now they are ready to go in the ovenso after I put them in the oven I’m justgoing to put the timer on for 10 minutesI’ll take it out and then I will showyou what the cookies look like[Music]so this is how the cookies should lookafter you take them out the oven it willlook like they still need more time theyshould still be a little soft like thatwhen you poke it so now we’re gonna waitfive to ten minutes for them to coolbefore we actually eat them and I’llshow you guys the texture so here wehave it guys these are the cookies theseare super soft now let me show you howsoft these are look at that I’m not eventalking because they’re so good so Ihope that you guys enjoy this recipe andthank you guys so much for watching[Music]

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