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Making Cookies At 1am!!! (Cooking With Bella Part 2)

link for the cookies I made:

Thanks for watching! hope you enjoyed my video! Yah I know its really cringy but that’s my personality 🙂

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]because I’ve been craving chocolate chipcookies so that’s why I’m gonna makethem into the ingredients I’m making 12cookies so for 12 cookies you’re gonnaneed 1/2 a cup cup of soft butterGoldilocksagain 1/2 a cup of white sugar if I sayhehe one more time I swear to god I’mgonna heat out of this world 1 teaspoonof vanilla extractmm-hmm 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda 1teaspoon of hot water well I have mysink right there so I’m just gonna getit when I need it1/4 a teaspoon of salt this is for 24cups so you need one and a half cups ofall-purpose flour oh my god why is thisrecipe not working I’m pressed right nowI’m really pressed[Music]of cookiesokay one and a half cup cups ofall-purpose flour flour 1 cup ofsemi-sweet chocolate chips unfortunatelyI do not have 1 cup of semi-sweetchocolate chips this is all I have halfa cup so I’m gonna be breaking up Eastereggs and then 2/3 a cup and a tablespoonof chopped walnuts I’m not using walnutsbecause that’s disgusting ok step 1preheat your oven to 350 Fahrenheit sowhat you’re gonna do if you don’t knowhow to pre-heat your oven but no likeseriously are we the only families thatdoes thattwo hours laterexcuse my dog oh there he’s slurping inthe water like there’s new tomorrow tohold up my phone and how you do thatokay okay don’t even know if you can seeit but whateverthen you press Start[Music]I just do but he’s mine I’m sorry tellme you like boys and girlsoh wait who is it don’t think it was mytía somebody did that okay anyway steptwo cream your butter white sugar andbrown sugar until smooth I don’t knowwhat creaming it means okay creaming ittogether means you basically you knowget this better all soft one cup of it Ithinkoh my god oh no half a cup of thisyou gotta soften it up and then yougotta beat it together with the brownsugar angle and the white sugar so I’llsee you when that’s done I just realizedthere’s no microwave dance so we’regonna do okay anyways quick side note Ijust realized you’d need an entire stickof butter you know I didn’t want a hotgirl summer anyway it was fineI just realized I should probably showme[Music]my piece of cake and now it’s[Music]okay that was my oven at 350 butunfortunately I am sure have you seenthose tick tock weights likecan you please give me my Hamburgkillers or something like that likethey’re so funny no cabinet anyway Ineed a new whiskI am gonna leave I’m not gonna leave[Music]you know I’ll come back when I find awhisk I found I went to my littlecupboard recovered and I found those awhisk and measuring cups so I’m happynow this is halfway in the middle ofshowing you guys my process because I’vedropped my phone like four times I’mscrewed I’m gonna crack it so I’ll justshow you the finished productokay the cookies were really good yummybye[Music]

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